Thursday, August 12, 2010

MTTS 2010 Eastbound - Tara Reports

MTTS 2010
Aug. 7
Day 3 & 4

So you thought I was kidding when I said there would be no blog because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Actually in all honesty I was having way to good a time and I just forgot. Lots of freeze booze at the Minus 5 Ice Lounge didn’t help either! Well we are currently on the road in Utah on our way to the Bonneville Salt Flats so I can use this time to catch you up.

Our trip out of Phoenix had us out in the Arizona desert with not much to see besides cactus people and roadrunners, but where Us 93 North meets Interstate 40 in Kingman AZ there is historic Route 66. The planned route for the day was to drive Route 66, however we had our own plans in mind.

We made our own route and headed up to see Hoover Dam before heading on into Las Vegas where the Minus 5 ice Lounge awaited us. Desert MINI of Las Vegas had reserved the entire place for us to enjoy. After putting on the provided heavy coat & mittens it was into the Ice Lounge. Everything but the floor is made out of ice and I mean right down to the glasses they pour your drink into!! For our special event the ice carvers even made a MINI out of ice!! After about 20 minutes in the ice we headed back out to the actual bar area where food and an open bar awaited us. ( Open bar!!! This is where the trouble started…LOL ) I think after leaving Minus 5 we cruised the strip and did some shopping, I am not real sure, it’s still a little fuzzy!!!

Leaving in the morning we were now are on our way to Salt Lake City. There were fabulous drives through huge canyons and then on to very long straight highways with some beautiful country to look at and posted speed limit signs of 80 mph!!! Awesome time to open the MINI’s up and let em’ fly!! A quick stop in Cedar City for some lunch and a car wash by the Canyon View High School dance team and then it was on into Salt Lake City. We meet up with everyone at MINI of Murray in Salt Lake for some dinner and the largest collection of cars I have seen yet on this trip.

Well like I said we are on our way to the Salt Flats and we will have to see what awaits us there. Probably a lot of salt!!

Scott, Tara & Chilly

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