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Wheels Says "New JCW Mini Is A Crazy Coupé"

Wheels says,
"Dejan Jovanovic gets to grips, or tries to, with the tail-happy Mini Coupé John Cooper Works on the winding roads of Bavaria"
Jovanovic's verdict, however, is,
It's the popular kid in school, it's the jock, it's the nerd, it's Ken Block, it's whoever you want it to be, it's a part of you. The Mini Coupé JCW shrink-wraps itself around its driver and tags along for a ten-tenths joyride you can't find anywhere this side of a street-legal go-kart. And let's not bring roofless Caterhams or bodywork-less Ariels into this, please. We're talking about front-wheel drive funboxes, and this one packs the most entertainment in a two-door body.
Talking about packaging, the interior doesn't even feel cramped despite having no back seats and a much lower roof. Mini designers did a sort of double-bubble roof, but on the inside, so that you have more than enough headroom. And because you perceive it as a small two-door, two-seater car, the space actually surprises.
So am I still stumped by the impossible question? Unfortunately, yes. This thing is way too good to be me.