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MINI Countryman Gets Four Star ANCAP Rating

The MINI Countryman was awarded four out of a possible five stars under the Australasian New Car Assessment Program’s (ANCAP) scoring system. Under ANCAP’s criteria, a vehicle must score at least 12.5 points out of 16 in the frontal offset crash test to be eligible to earn a five-star rating. The Countryman scored an 11.89. According to Car Advice:
ANCAP did not physically crash test either car – it used Euro NCAP’s crash test data to compile its own ratings (as it does with many vehicles). . . . Euro NCAP said the MINI Countryman provided “marginal” protection from serious leg injury for the driver and passenger in the frontal crash test, and found dash components were a potential source of injury for the knees of the driver and passenger.

* * *

ANCAP Chair Lauchlan McIntosh admitted the scoring conflicts between ANCAP and Euro NCAP were a little confusing for cosumers. He defended the local program, however, insisting that on most occasions it was tougher on vehicles than the European system.

“We’re a bit tougher than Euro NCAP. We think it’s worthwhile staying that way.

“It may be a bit confusing, but plenty of things in life are confusing. We are in there for the interests of the consumers.”
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