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Autoblog Takes Its First Drive In a 2012 MINI CS Roadster

autoblog starts its review with a direct assertion that the Roadster will "[c]annibalize" MINI Cabrio sales. Steven J. Ewing writes, in part:
Mini is intent on growing its brand even further throughout the next couple of years, with new additions like the John Cooper Works Countryman and two-door Paceman coming within the next year. Sooner or later, this gaggle of Mini models is going to start cannibalizing each others' sales, but if it keeps money within the walls of the same dealership, we suppose it can't be all bad. This new Roadster certainly strikes us as a more rewarding purchase decision than the Coupe, though we realize that not everyone wants a convertible. For those who do, however – you can forget about the Cooper Convertible. Trust us: The Roadster is everything you really want.