Dunsmuir Railroad Park Weekend - Oct. 13-15, 2023

Come join us for an amazing weekend up in the mountains. We have an awe-inspiring run planned for Saturday that will include beautiful sight...

An Interview With Anders Warming, Head Of MINI Design

PaddockTalk has posted an interview with Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design.  Here is what Warming says is the MINI design philosophy:
We at MINI define design as being the dead centre between engineering and aesthetics. These two are represented in roughly equal measure. Our core belief is that design drives enthusiasm. If I’m enthusiastic about something then there is a personal, emotional attachment. It is often said that the attachment a MINI owner has for his vehicle is second to none. There are even MINI customers who see their vehicle as being part of the family. If the customer regards the vehicle as a family member, then our task is not only a privilege but also one we should approach with great caution. The lines, proportions, surfaces and graphics currently work well for the MINI brand, so I would only call them into question if they are no longer contemporary or no longer make a valid aesthetic statement. If I am working on designing the tail light, for example, as was the case with the Rocketman concept, then it is the customer that endorses such developments because we have created a new story. But ultimately we can neither alter nor question the hallmark features of MINI.