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Ten Of The Coolest Great Gas Mileage Cars

[Photo Credit:  Life Is Too Short To Do Without]
Forbes writes about the plight of Zack O'Malley who needed a cool good gas mileage vehicle.  Forbes comes up with ten alternatives.  What did Zack and his parents choose?
After weeks of debating the relative merits of reliability, maintenance costs, safety scores and, most importantly, fuel economy, he convinced his parents to choose a cherry red, black-roofed MINI Cooper. With rally-car handling and an impressive 37 miles per gallon on the highway, the iconic coupe proved the perfect compromise between efficiency and style.
Zack does have a regret or two:
“I’m really thrilled because with the MINI because I get to drive a car that actively excites me,” he says. “But I still wish they had gotten a stick shift!”