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Auto Stop/Start MINIs On Their Way To US

MotoringFile reports the US market will receive 2014 MINI models with automatic and manual transmissions  that have an automatic Stop and Start system in late 2013.  Here is how it describes they way the system works:
On the manual the Auto Start/Stop function switches the engine off automatically when the car stops at junctions and in traffic tailbacks. Additionally MINI will offer a shift point display advises the driver of the most efficiency-enhancing moment to change gear.

On the automatic the system engages (ie the engine turns off) when the driver comes to a complete stop while in “D” and pressure is applied to the brake. To start the car again the driver simply lifts their foot of the brake (as they would normally) and the engine seamlessly engages.

The system protects the engine by not allowing the start/stop function until the car is up to proper operating temperature. Likewise it won’t engage if the ambient temperature is too hot or cold