Friday, September 7, 2012

Toro Magazine Test Drives The 2012 MCS Roadster

Mark Hacking posts for Toro Magazine a test drive review of the 2012 MINI Cooper S Roadster. Hacking gets it.  He says:
More fun than the proverbial barrel of monkeys — that’s the 2012 MINI Cooper S Roadster in a nutshell. This convertible boasts all the driving pleasure of the 4-seater MINI Cooper S, minus two of the seats. So, sure, it’s less conducive to the mundane, everyday driving duties that occupy much of our lives. But once the weekend rolls around, this MINI scores big in a let-your-hair-down-forget-all-your-troubles-and-punch-the-accelerator kind of way that few other cars can match — at any price. Acceleration is swift, the handling is sublime, and the cabin has plenty of buttons, switches and gadgets to keep your co-driver occupied.

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