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Vancouver Sun Delighted By MINI Cooper S Roadster

Zack Spencer reviews the MINI Roadster for the Vancouver Sun. He especially likes the S Roadster, prefers it to the Mazda MX-5, and says, in part:
What this car has going for it is a freshness and attitude, where the MX-5 is old and also has that “chick car” stigma. However, this Mini Roadster might also be saddled with that label too one day. The reality is neither should be, they are both fantastic driving cars for any man or woman. Here is some good news if you are single and don’t need a back seat. This Mini Roaster is cheaper than the 4-seat Mini convertible, but just slightly. This car looks fantastic; BMW has done a great job of staying true to the original design but always keeping it fresh. Outward visibility is a real problem, especially for taller drivers, but if the looks and size of this car are just the thing you have been looking for, most drivers will easily adapt. The fact that there is another two-seat roa[d]ster on the market is exciting for all four seasons of the year.