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2K Miles In The Driver's Seat Of A MINI JCW Roadster

The crew at MotoringFile clocked 2,000 miles on the speedometer of their MINI JCW Roadster and up until then:
. . . it’s safe to say the Roadster has been one of the best MINI experiences we’ve ever had. Until we literally hit some issues earlier this week.

What happened? According to Gabe:
Traveling home in the dark, driving rain it happened. I saw it but given the wall to the left, the cars to the right and the wet conditions, I couldn’t make a move either way. So I hit it. What exactly I’m still not sure, but it was massive and immediately blew the right front tire and bent both front wheels. In hindsight I suspect it was something metal and likely freshly deposited off the bed of an 18-wheeler. But whatever it was the Roadster’s run flats immediately became a blessing as I made my way home without missing a beat.