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AutoMedia.com Calls The Coupe JCW A "Noticeable, Memorable Car"

James M. Flammang writes glowingly about the MINI Cooper Coupe at AutoMedia.com and recounts:
On an ordinary day of test-driving recently, I pulled up to a branch bank in a quiet Chicago suburb. Moments after settling into a parking spot near the entry door, a woman practically ran out of the building, toward our vehicle. Oohing and aahing to an extent that we’d not seen in a long while, she quickly proclaimed that the car in which I’d arrived was the cutest ever.

Nearly all the other employees also took the time to enjoy a long look, soon prompting a bank manager to unravel a few stories of his own car experiences.

Focal point of all this attention was a MINI Cooper Coupe: the new two-seater model. Not only that, this MINI was the John Cooper Works edition with a more potent turbocharged engine than a regular Cooper S.