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Cars.com Reviews The 2012 MCS Countryman

Carrie Kim reviews the 2012 MINI Cooper S Countryman for Cars.com. Kim  starts her review with her assessment:
The 2012 Mini Cooper S Countryman might just be the way to bring both fun and practicality right to your household's driveway. After all, this Mini has four doors and is bigger than a Mini Cooper, so that helps already, right?

Even though the Countryman is technically a crossover, it's still a Mini. If you have a family that's larger than four people, the Countryman won't accommodate the whole gang. If you're the type who regularly shops at warehouse stores and carts around lots of equipment, the Countryman might not be a good fit for your family, either.

But if you're the type of family who is looking for an enjoyable driving experience, reasonable gas mileage and values a little personality on the road — the 2012 Mini Cooper Countryman will deliver.

Driving the Countryman was a thrill on many levels. Its agility and handling is not only precise, but also fun. Parallel parking is a snap — squeezing into tight spaces is a non-issue — and U-turns are virtually stress-free. It felt nimble and connected to the road, and since my test car was a Cooper S model, it was quick, as well.

One thing not so small about the Countryman is its price. A base model starts at $26,050, including a $700 destination charge, but you'll need to pay extra for many amenities. Even the armrest in my test car was a $250 upgrade! My top-of-the-line Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 model with navigation and a leather interior (and yeah, an armrest) cost $36,850.