Friday, October 12, 2012

Knit Your Own Countryman True Metallic Blue Wool Scarf's Amy Tokic reports MINI has teamed with "lifestyle knitting label" Wool and the Gang to produce a “MINI & Wool and the Gang” knitting kit that lets you knit your own LULA HOOP scarf in the MINI Countryman paint shade True Blue Metallic.  The kit:

. . . comes with two balls of 100 percent Peruvian “crazy sexy wool”, one pair of 15 millimeter knitting needles, a sewing needle, care instructions, a loop pattern and special MINI/Wool and the Gang logo sew-on badge. The company says its kit is appropriate for beginners or experts and makes a great holiday gift. 
If you think it’s hip to be square, you can pick up a MINI & Wool and the Gang knitting kit for €75.00 (that about $97, making it a pretty expensive scarf). But if you’ve just gotta have it, you can buy it from the Wool and the Gang online shop.

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