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MINI Goes Completely Green With Innovative MINI Cooper T

According to Car and Driver:
A new model Mini says enhances “the company’s sustainability credentials” is making its internet debut—and it’s as silly a joke as you might expect from those cheeky chums over at Mini. The new ride is called the Cooper T, and it is claimed to be the “first vehicle to be powered by tea-leaf biofuel composite.” A British car that runs on tea? How has no one thought of this before April 1, 2014?

Mini boasts the Cooper T is capable of 40 miles on a single cup of the new fuel, and to ensure “peckish owners and opportunistic passersby” from dipping their biscuits in the T’s fuel tank there is promising-sounding Dunk Avoidance Technology standard. When it is offered for sale to no one ever, the Cooper T will not be available in Chamomile Yellow, Red Bush, or Earl Grey colors. We also hear that Mini wanted to build a hotter version of the T—served at a piping boil, no less—but Ford took umbrage with the name “Cooper ST.” Way to dampen this technological breakthrough, Ford.