Delta Highway 160 - Sacramento Auto Museum Run - Saturday February 19th

Your Host For The Event: Mike Zampiceni We'll be starting on Highway 4 from Concord and will mostly be driving on scenic Highway 160 in ...

Canadian E-Zine DoubleClutch Reviews The 2014 MCS

Adi Desai reviews the 2014 MINI Cooper S for DoubleClutch, a Canadian e-Zine. His ultimate take on the car:
The new Mini Cooper S is a driver’s car through and through. It may be front-wheel-drive, but it’s the best-handling front-wheel-drive car I have ever driven. The Ford Fiesta ST is the only thing that holds a candle to it, and the interior on that car isn’t nearly as livable on a daily basis as this one is. Since I’ve personally owned and daily-driven a Mini for a few years, I believe can attest to how easy these cars make your life. The latest Cooper S may be a bit bigger and a touch softer than the old car, but it hasn’t lost its way. In fact, I’d argue that this latest hot hatch is the best one ever. If I could justify another two-door, there would be one in my garage any day of the week.