Gold Country Run & Annual Picnic Saturday July 24, 2021

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MINIs Get Resident App To Help Find Parking Spaces

The app Just Park is the first parking application to be built into a new vehicle. According to Telematics News:
BMW said it’s putting JustPark into its connected Mini cars in the UK and plans to do the same for its whole range later this year. The German car manufacturer put £250,000 into JustPark in 2011, when the app was known as ParkatmyHouse.

JustPark is all about privately owned parking spaces whose owners want to make them available. In the UK, where London-based JustPark has so far focused its efforts, it already has 20,000 locations ranging from schools and churches to private driveways and commercial carparks, with 100,000 spots on offer.
The app will first be available in the UK with plans to introduce at a later time in Canada, Australia and the U.S.