Mystery Run Details - March 24, 2019

Hi Everyone,  Sunday, March 24th is our Mystery Run. We'll be driving North, South, East & West.  Get your Sunday projects c...

MotoringFile Reviews The R56 MINI JCW

MotoringFile reviews the new F56 MINI JCW and provides a plethora of pictures. Its judgment:
. . . . This is not a perfect car mind you. The runflats continue to be unfortunate and the size of that nose (dictated by EU governments or not) is a little more pronounced than some of us would like. But there is so much to love about the 2016 MINI JCW. The combination of performance, feedback and daily livability makes it simply the best MINI has created to date. For those wondering if the $30,600 base price is worth it, just look at what it replaces. This new JCW offers 20 hp for $500 extra. Plus new technology, safety equipment, and improvements mentioned here. We believe the real competition is the MINI Cooper S itself. Costing $6,500 less the current Cooper S is an outstanding feat in almost every aspect. Yet the new JCW makes the case for itself the second you hear the engine fire up, depress the clutch and move away. It immediately feels special without feeling tiring. This is a car that brings a new level of total performance to the MINI brand while not eschewing an ounce of the technologies or refinement we’ve come to expect in modern cars. . . .