Hwy 49/ Sutter Creek Run Details

DATE CHANGED TO: JUNE 10, 2017 During our run to Avenue of the Giants, Ken Altman told me about the fun he had at the Scottish Games in ...

Autoweek's Review Notes On The 2015 MINI Cooper S Hardtop

Autoweek's staff provides their review notes on the 2015 MCS. They include some discouraging comments, such as:
. . . The steering, on the other hand, is heavy without a lot of feel. It’s not super direct, either -- probably better than most cars on the road, but I want a Mini to feel like a go-kart.

* * *

. . . Maybe the price is immaterial because everyone simply leases these things. But for me, this is awfully rich for an admittedly decent front-driving compact that leans heavily on style to make a case for its existence.

. . . Would the Mini be my choice in the mid-$30K price range? Not necessarily, but viewed from the perspective of, say, a single person or empty nester considering a perfectly nice loaded Fusion or even a Mercedes-Benz CLA/Audi A3, it begins to make a lot more sense. The Mini has a ton more personality than any of those options, and it’s a better driver than any of the entry-level German cars (setting aside the fact that the Mini IS an entry-level German car). . . .