A-MINI-zing Race - April 24, 2021

Hi Everyone,  Will we have repeat winners for 2021's a-MINI-zing Race on April 24th? Who's up for the challenge agains...

A-MINI-zing Race - April 24, 2021

Hi Everyone, 

Will we have repeat winners for 2021's a-MINI-zing Race on April 24th?

Who's up for the challenge against 2017 a-MINI-zing Race San Luis Obispo Winners,  Brian D and Crystal T. 

or Team Stitch&Co from 2018 Solvang a-MINI-zing Race Winners.

What is a-MINI-zing Race? 
As a lover of  'Amazing Race' on CBS, I created 'a-MIN-zing Race'. However, the point is NOT who gets to the finish first, but who captures the essence of the clues the best.  There are various types of clues just like Amazing Race.  
  • Route Info - Tells you how to travel, by foot or by MINI, and what your team needs to accomplish to complete the clue
  • Detour - All team members participate where you have a choice between two tasks, choose the one you think you can complete quicker, if you can't complete it, you will need to complete the other option
  • Roadblock - A task that only ONE team member must perform. 
  • Pit Stop - Find "Phil" at the mat to end the a-MINI-zing Race 

RVSP by April 17th is required - no exceptions to this rule.


Since we have some really competitive club members, I've tried to up my game for this year's a-MINI-zing Race.  Before each clue is opened, you will need to solve a Cryptogram.  

What is a Cryptogram? 
A cryptogram is a type of puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text. Generally the cipher used to encrypt the text is simple enough that the cryptogram can be solved by hand. We will be using a substitution ciphers where each Number is replaced by a different Letter. You will be given a few number/letter combos to get you started and the same key will be used for all clues. After you'd solved a few you pretty much have the answers for the rest of them.  You will use information from Cryptogram to get address locations of enclosed clue.   

Christine & Michael Toibin

Meet Up Location:
Parking Lot
2505 Riverside Blvd,
Sacramento, CA 95818

There's a Starbucks inside and a Valero gas station across the street.

Meeting Time/Departure Time:
10 am/10:30 am

RVSP by April 17th is required, as your hosts need time to prepare all of clue envelopes.

https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/a-mini-zing-race-2021-norcal-minis-596817 _________________________________________________________________________________


NorCal MINIs is committed to providing events that place participant safety as the number one priority. In light of the current COVID-19 situation, every attempt will be made to minimize risk of exposure to the virus. Therefore, the club is following new processes and procedures for events going forward.

  • Be for paid members ONLY at this time
  • Not offer day passes whilst under restrictions
  • Follow state and local guidelines in relation to COVID-19
  • Require all participants to wear masks, for not only their own safety but for the safety of everyone on-site when not in your own car
  • Ask participants to stay at home if they are at higher risk for severe illness, or if they are sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath
  • Conduct drivers meeting in open air with face masks with social distancing and might be conducted via our radios on channel 7/21, if need be for everyone to hear

The following guidelines are our best attempt to secure your safety given what is known at this time. They are by no means comprehensive, and we cannot predict every circumstance. Therefore, we are counting on you to exercise your best judgment throughout the event. Please have an awareness and understanding of the following COVID-19 safety protocols:
  • NorCal MINIS asks that anyone who is at higher risk for severe illness, feeling unwell, or who has been in contact with anyone that is sick in the last two weeks to STAY HOME
  • ALL participants are required to wear cloth face coverings or masks when outside their car
  • NorCal MINIs will encourage everyone to wash hands regularly (with soap and water for at least 20 seconds), especially after using the restroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • NorCal Minis will NOT share Club Radios during this time; we suggest purchasing your own radios and can provide you with recommendations on compatible makes/models
  • Physical contact is discouraged. Please refrain from shaking hands, high-fives and hugs, except with family or those you have been quarantined with
  • Participants are required to bring their own personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant. NorCal MINIs will NOT have any PPE items available
  • Participants will be required to Sign Waivers Electronically
  • Be cautious when sharing/posting event photos. Even photos of groups maintaining proper social distancing can be mistaken for an inappropriate gathering.
  • If necessary, remind each other gently and respectfully to observe these guidelines

Anyone who continually or willfully violates these guidelines will be asked to leave by a club officer or director.


  • Any participant that falls ill within 2 weeks after the event MUST contact NorCal MINIs and share a description of their symptoms, related test results and movements during the event
  • NorCal MINIs will make every effort to alert affected participants privately of the situation

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to assess the risk to you and make a responsible decision on whether or not to participate. You assume all risks and agree the Club holds no liability if you or anyone in your party should develop any Covid-19 symptoms afterwards by attending a NorCal MINIs event. Participants are required to follow these guidelines; any participant may be asked to leave the event for non-compliance.

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Recap - Highway 1 Coastal Run To Big Sur - March 27, 2021

Your Hosts For The Event - Rick and Dolores Sanchez

What a beautiful day it was to start this 88-mile trek to Big Sur. Our day started at Peet’s Coffee in Morgan Hill off Cochrane Road. We had 30 cars attend this event. A few new faces joined us on this run. Jenna Dexter and Adam Shook were a few of the new member that joined us as well as some old members that had not been in a run for a while. Kerry Bonner with her Yellow Mini, and John and Caroline Mifsud. The Mifsud’s brought a newer Red Clubman for today’s run. It was good to see Jim and Kim Cunningham who were on the Mainland for today’s run. A big shout out to Alison Lee for her handmade face-masks that she offered to all of us at no charge. Thank you, Alison! 

Welcome to the club Jenna!!!

After the driver’s meeting we lined up to start our run. Pat and Michelle Lewis were mid car and Vickie Casacca, Mick Brown and their dog Dirk were caboose. So glad to have support from our fellow Directors on these events. It makes the event go so much smoother and gives our members confidence that we won’t abandon them when we get separated. Our run took us south on Highway 101 to San Juan Bautista. We continued onto Highway 129 West and proceeded to wind through the farmlands of River Oaks, Chittenden and Logan. We eventually reached the city limits of Watsonville. We separated in Watsonville as we had to go through 7 signal lights to get through town. To make it worse, the signal lights were not timed. After traveling through Watsonville, we merged onto Highway 1 South to the city of Moss Landing. It is here were we regrouped at the Power Plant Coffee. We just barely all fit in the back parking lot. 

It was fun to see all the Minis parked side by side like you would see at a car show. Our planned stop took longer than expected as a lot of Bio breaks were required by our members. We had a drawing at this stop and we had one of our new members pull the winning ticket. The winner was long time member, Gary Chin. He won a Big Sur T-Shirt and seemed surprised to have won. Congratulations Gary! 

After about 45 minutes, we left the Power Plant Coffee parking lot and merged back onto Highway 1 South toward Monterey. As I said earlier, the day was gorgeous and those that had a convertible definitely took advantage of the weather. We hit traffic in Monterey and Carmel due to signal lights. Once we passed Rio Road it was a 2-lane highway to Big Sur. As expected, there was much pedestrian traffic at Point Lobos Natural Reserve. 

Once we reached the Bixby Creek Bridge, we slowly crossed the bridge so photos could be taken by those who had navigators. We did not stop and park as we had too many cars to be able to park safely off Highway 1. The coastal view was wonderful. 

The hills were green, the ocean was very visible and the beaches looked very welcoming. In about ten miles south of the Bixby Creek Bridge we reached our final destination at the Big Sur River Inn. There was plenty of parking on both sides of Highway 1 for all to park. This was the official end of our run. Many members decided to stay and patronize the local Deli and River Inn Restaurant. There was outdoor seating for those that stayed. 

All in all, it was a good day for a run.

Rick and Dolores