Christmas 2021 Holiday Event and Walt Disney Museum - Saturday December 11, 2021

 This is a PAID member run only! Your hosts for this event: Gordon and Alison Lee HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!  Meet up location - Option 1 M...

Recap - Dunsmuir Railroad Park Event - November 5th thru November 7th, 2021

Your Hosts For The Event:

Christine & Michael Toibin
Simon & Nikki Tildesley

Our group motored together from Pleasanton with an hour stop halfway for lunch lead by Simon and Nikki. Meanwhile Christine and Michael made their way down from Oregon early to double check the routes planned for the group the next day. We all seemed to arrive around the same time to the Railroad Park Resort.

Potluck Friday day went on without a hitch even with the rain coming down on us. Thanks to Simon & Nikki, and Sue & Rich Bennett we had four canopies covering us along with a couple firepits, provided by the Toibins & Tildesleys, to keep us warm. As you can see from the pictures, there was a feast to be had from all the items everyone brought to share. It was the perfect evening to get to know new members who thought this was the perfect run to jump in on all the fun to connecting with many we haven’t seen in a while.

Saturday morning started early with a short drive followed by a little hike to Hedge Creek Falls. The trail to Hedge Creek Falls was very short, but extremely scenic trail leading to a waterfall you can walk behind with a great view of the Sacramento River. I’m sure we would have seen Mt. Shasta too had it not been covered in clouds. Be sure to check out all the pictures and the video done by Pat Lewis.

After this the group was on their own to gas up for the afternoon run, relax a little and get their lunch before we gathered again around 1pm. Before heading out we had some drawings for door prizes and a group picture.

While the drive wasn’t that long in length, it was huge in amount of fun motoring up Everitt Memorial Highway to Bunny Flats. Bunny Flat lies at 6,950 feet in elevation and serves as the primary spot for winter recreation on the south side of Mount Shasta. Bunny Flats didn’t disappoint on ‘winter’ as the area had fresh snow from the night before for the group (20 cars/37 people) to play in and capture amazing pictures.


Did I mention pictures? Don’t miss lots more of them via the link below!


From playing in the snow, we traveled down to Lake Siskiyou for another nature walk along the Wagon Creek pedestrian bridge. This truly was an ‘over the river and through the snow’ kind of run as navigating down to the parking area at Lake Siskiyou required taking it slow and dodging a few potholes. As I mentioned in describing this part of the run, if I would take Malcolm, our new JCW Mini on it, I think everyone would be fine if they were careful. Luckily no one had a lowered MINI. ☺

It was wonderful to be able to gather in the dining car for dinner after a fun day of exploring the area around Dunsmuir. We had just enough time after dinner to break-down our gathering spot between Caboose 26 & 27 before quite time of 10pm.

And let us not forget Moose and Dirk who enjoyed their road trip as well!!

Sunday was left for everyone to make it back home on their own bringing a close to 2021 Weekend at Dunsmuir. Are you ready for 2022 Weekend at Dunsmuir?

Friday October 21st thru Sunday October 23rd


10 Cabooses are already booked!

Christmas 2021 Holiday Event and Walt Disney Museum - Saturday December 11, 2021

 This is a PAID member run only!

Your hosts for this event:

Gordon and Alison Lee


Meet up location - Option 1

Meet up time/Departure time


For those in SF, East Bay and South - Meet around the corner of the Philz Coffee truck past the reserved parking spaces: on the corner of Marina Blvd. and Scott Street in the Marina. We will take a beautiful drive from the Marina Green over the Golden Gate Bridge and regroup at the entrance to Strawberry Village Shopping Center in Mill Valley. From there we will head over to MINI of Marin.

Route: https://goo.gl/maps/Jay1fYvRroTWNH6V9

Meet Up Option 2 - 

For those who simply wish to meet everyone at MINI of Marin, meet up time is 9:00.

MINI of Marin

5880 Paradise Drive

Corte Madera, CA 94925

The festivities at MINI of Marin - They will be providing us with bagels and coffee for our holiday get together. And to keep in the spirit of the holidays and our visit to the Disney Museum, dress up in your favorite DISNEY character!! Will be a lot of fun and Gordon and Alison will award prizes for the BEST of the BEST before we head into the CITY.

In addition, we will be taking donations to MINI of Marin's favorite local charity which is the            San Francisco Marin Food Bank.

The club will also donate up to $500.00. Dress up and bring your wallets.


Departure time from MINI of Marin:


We will head back into San Francisco and head to the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio. We are allowing about 45 minutes to an hour to get there with traffic and park your MINI.

Walt Disney Museum

104 Montgomery Street

San Francisco, CA 94129

Route from MINI of Marin to the Museum: https://goo.gl/maps/rJhK4jRGwPopBMHRA

The Walt Disney Family Museum is an amazing place with lots of excitement and things to do.  We've seen all the great films of Fantasia, Snow White, Cinderella, Peter Pan and so many more. Here's an opportunity to learn how the great Walt Disney started his career as a creator of magical filmmaking. And his life as a farmer and his vision for the future of Disneyland.

Please visit: https://www.waltdisney.org/tix

to order your reservations at the Museum. There will be a maximum of 6 tickets per household in 20 minute intervals. It is recommended that we order tickets AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This is a very popular museum.

Admission to the main museum is on a timed ticket basis with limited capacities set for each time slot. We would suggest you make your reservation beginning at 12:20 / 12:40 etc. 

Visiting information during Covid19: https://www.waltdisney.org/welcome-back

Mask restrictions:

Handkerchiefs and scarves are not permitted as a mask.

Roaming monitors will keep a watchful eye for the safety of all visitors.

Parking at the museum: https://www.waltdisney.org/visit/transportation

You must RSVP via MotorSportReg:



The following guidelines are our best attempt to secure your safety given what is known at this time. They are by no means comprehensive, and we cannot predict every circumstance. Therefore, we are counting on you to exercise your best judgment throughout the event. Please have an awareness and understanding of the following COVID-19 safety protocols:
• NorCal MINIS asks that anyone who is at higher risk for severe illness, feeling unwell, or who has been in contact with anyone that is sick in the last two weeks to STAY HOME
• In line with State guidelines – people who are fully vaccinated may attend without a face mask. If you are not fully vaccinated – we kindly request that you maintain a face covering.
• NorCal MINIs will encourage everyone to maintain personal hygiene in regards to washing hands
• Club loaner radios will be available at the run. These will be sanitized prior to be handed and out will be sanitized again upon return.
• Any PPE you wish to use must be supplied by yourself. This includes any face coverings or hand sanitizing products
• Participants will be required to Sign Waivers Electronically
• Please be courteous with people who wish to maintain PPE and social distancing. It is their choice to do this and we cannot question their vaccine status
Anyone who continually or willfully violates these guidelines will be asked to leave by a club officer or director.
• Any participant that falls ill within 2 weeks after the event MUST contact NorCal MINIs and share a description of their symptoms, related test results and movements during the event
• NorCal MINIs will make every effort to alert affected participants privately of the situation

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to assess the risk to you and make a responsible decision on whether or not to participate. You assume all risks and agree the Club holds no liability if you or anyone in your party should develop any Covid-19 symptoms afterwards by attending a NorCal MINIs event. Participants are required to follow these guidelines; any participant may be asked to leave the event for non-compliance.

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