Hike for Hope (with SVM)

Hike for Hope Run Recap

The morning of the walk was a cold grey start – but this did not deter our team members from turning up on time. After the usual Starbucks meet in Livermore – the 9 cars which had turned up for the pre-walk drive set off for a drive to get the event.

Our route took us along the old Altamont Pass Road towards Mountain House. Once we reached Mountain House we headed south towards Paterson Pass Road which opened up some really good clear twisties for us to open up our MINI’s. The wind was blowing super strong but this didn’t spoil the fun for us. As we approached into Livermore – we turned off just before hitting the built up areas of the city to take the final part of the drive up to Lake Del Valle where the hike was taking place.
We pulled into the parking lot in convoy and parked up the cars and got ourselves ready for the walk. Our team of walkers was made up of 15 people and 5 dogs.

The hike was split between an easier 2.5 mile walk and a more challenging 4.2 mile walk. Most of the MINI’s for Hope team managed to complete the full walk. The sun came out just as we started to walk and the wind had eased off a little making the perfect hiking conditions. The scenery at Lake Del Valle was stunning. Upon arrival back at the finishing line – we enjoyed a short picnic before splitting and heading home.

The total raised by the MINI’s for Hope team was $1,775 to go to Hope Hospice. My thanks go out to all my fellow team members for signing up and to all the people who couldn’t make the hike but still opted to donate. For the next time, I would like to think we can get even more support and can raise even more money for the wonderful charity.

Simon Tildesley (Vice President)

Paso Robles/Solvang Weekend Run (w/a-MINI-zing Race 2) Run Recap

by Dolores Sanchez - Run Coordinator

We began our journey to Solvang at Mini of Stevens Creek with Danish and coffee, very apropos.  A contingent of our drivers took a tour of the service area/bays, other talked with our Host Gary Wilson.  The drivers meeting was held since it was a long drive several stops were planned, maps were handed out and the 2 groups lined up (20 lovely Minis).  We headed out to 280 and went slow so all Minis could be grouped together, we regrouped in Morgan Hill.  Our lunch stop in San Luis Obispo had us all going in different directions, but no complaints about the food, it was all good.  This is where we went off 101 and on to the back roads, through Pismo Beach, historic Gonzales and farm lands to Lompoc.  We round the drive with a pass by Buellton into Solvang.   Solvang welcomed us with some other beautiful unique cars “Datsun” from the 60s.  The town square was packed and we mingled with the other car enthusiasts at the Solvang park and we admired their cars.  Everyone had the afternoon to wander and do as they please.  Some ventured to the casino, other wine and beer tasting, or a tour of Old Mission Santa Ines.  All in all a wonderful day was had by all. With good friends and company!  After an amazing day, we had an A-Mini-Zing Race.  We all met at Kronburg Inn on Sunday morning, the rules and envelopes were handed out, as well as a surprise, think “Hagar the Horrible”, that’s right a Viking hat.   The teams were set off on their journey to find Phil!  Imagination and adventure was evident with each group that participated and the winner was crowned, team Stitch&Co, with plenty of honorable mentions, like first to find Phil (team LrgeMini),  and best teamwork shot (team LuxAway).  Rick and I were so happy you all enjoyed your weekend run with NorCal Minis and hope to see you all on many more runs.  Thank you all for joining us! I borrowed some of the clubs amazing photos.

Dolores & Rick Sanchez