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Friday, December 19, 2014

MINI Driving Assistant Receives Euro NCAP Advanced Award

MotoringFile provides the official press release of the Euro NCAP Advanced Award given to MINI for the MINI Driving Assistant. Here is the press release:
Official Release: The new MINI in the premium small car segment is the leader not just when it comes to driving fun but also in the field of active safety. This status has now been confirmed by the independent safety testing institute Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme), in particular due to the new driver assistance systems. MINI has received the Euro NCAP Advanced award 2014 for its pedestrian warning system with city braking function. The system forms part of the Driving Assistant option for the new MINI 3 door and the new MINI 5 door and is rated by safety experts as a groundbreaking innovation in reducing the risk of accidents in urban traffic.

The Euro NCAP Advanced award has been in existence since 2010: sponsored by European governments, automobile clubs and insurance companies, it recognises outstanding developments that have resulted in major advancements in the area of active safety and occupant protection. The award focuses especially on novel systems whose impact is groundbreaking in that they go beyond the requirements of the Euro NCAP crash test recognised throughout Europe.

MINI presented the pedestrian warning with city braking function at the market launch of the new generation of the original in the premium small car segment, incorporating it in the program of special equipment features. In the Driving Assistant option available for all model variants of the MINI 3 door and the MINI 5 door, it is combined with active cruise control, high beam assistant, road sign detection and collision warning with city braking function. This functional diversity makes the Driving Assistant a particularly attractive option as it significantly enhances both comfort and safety when driving the new MINI.

The pedestrian warning with city braking function which has received the Euro NCAP award is active within a speed range of 10 to 60 km/h. Using a camera installed on the windscreen in the area of the rear view mirror, the system analyses images and warns the driver in situations where there is a risk of collision with a pedestrian. The driver is initially given a visual indication in the form of a graphic symbol in the instrument panel, while at the second warning level an acoustic signal is added to prompt a reaction. At the same time, an automatic brake manoeuvre is initiated with medium deceleration force. This element on its own considerably reduces the risk of collision. The driver also feels the initial braking effect – an unmistakable indication to take action which greatly contributes to accident avoidance.

The effectiveness of the pedestrian warning with city braking function was subjected to extensive testing and confirmed by the independent Euro NCAP test laboratory. This was the basis for the system being selected for the Euro NCAP Advanced award 2014.

INAUTONEWS Test Drives The MCS 5 Door

INAUTONEWS test drives the five door MINI Cooper S and decides:
Pro: Great chassis, great engine, massive fun overall. The added back doors make it very usable for a small family. The host of systems give you perks that were reserved to the BMW big brother. Good overall fuel economy if we take into account that you’re driving a 200 HP, automated, gasoline bomb. 
Against: Price and price of optional equipment. Functionality sacrificed on the altar of retro-like design. The back doors are very small, making it rather hard to enter the car if you’re a six feet (1,85 meters) guy.

2014 JCW Parts Revealed

Motor Trend reports, in part:
Mini is still rolling out some JCW parts for the F56 Mini in Germany. Performance-enhancing upgrades include a distinct JCW engine tune that increases output (Mini hasn’t released horsepower numbers) along with controllable flaps for the exhaust to make for a sportier sound. Black, 18-inch John Cooper Works wheels are also available, as are other trim pieces like JCW mirror caps, a rear spoiler, JCW floor mats, and more.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MINI Three Cylinder Engine Shared With BMW 2 Series Coupe

BimmerFile reports MINI's new three cylinder will be used in the BMW 2 Series Coupe:
. . . .At 136hp it motivates the 218i from 0-60 in 8.8 seconds. That actually slower than the MINI it came from but equipped with a manual probably just as fun. . . . .

Launching A MINI Into Space

As part of the launch of the 5-door MINI in South Africa, according to 3D Car Shows, MINI South Africa has literally launched a MINI 5-door into space. Viewing is available via a video recording which can be viewed at MINI South Africa is also running a competition where entrants have to guess where the MINI landed.

850 2015 MINI Cooper 2-Door Hardtops Recalled For Faulty Seatbacks reports 850 2015 MINI Cooper 2 door hardtops are being recalled for faulty seatbacks:
The defect is blamed on a manufacturing process performed by the supplier that can cause the teeth of the seatback mechanism to disengage. The MINI Cooper front passenger and driver seatbacks can fold in a rear-end crash, folding an occupant right along with the seats.

The recalled 2015 MINI Cooper hardtops were manufactured August 12, 2014, to September 2, 2014.

MINI will notify owners beginning in December 2014. MINI Cooper dealers will re-align and re-tighten the seatback adjustment mechanisms.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

MINI Space Animates Dakar Rally Gifs

MINI Space offers a series of animated gifs that capture the essence of the X-Raid Team's Dakar Rally assault.

MINI Still Undecided About Producing Superleggera

The MINI Superleggera Vision Concept is the caused of consternation at MINI according to MotoringFile:
No MINI concept has ever motivated so many thumbs to upward than the Superleggera. However MINI is struggling with approving the car according to Autocar. Given its new strategy of less niche models and more emphasis on core models like the F56 and upcoming Clubman it would seem the Superleggera doesn’t make a lot of sense. However it could serve the company well s a halo car helping to get people excited about the brand and into showrooms. Interestingly BMW has admitted for the first time that the Superleggera rides on a rear wheel drive platform. While we knew the concept was powered by an electric engine, that fact that this has once again been reiterated could be a sign that MINI is serious making the Roadster electric if produced. . . .