Coalinga/Highway 198 Run October 13, 2018

Coalinga/Highway 198 Run October 13, 2018

Hello Everyone

Here are all the details for this run hosted by Mick and Vickie.

Don't miss this amazing run through Central California.

Meeting Time/Departure Time
(There are TWO meet up points for this run.)

Location #1
7:30 AM/ 8:00 AM
125 Bernal Rd. #20
San Jose, CA

Location #2
8:30 AM/ 9:00 AM
1186 South Main Street
Salinas, CA 93901


After leaving the Salinas Starbucks we will head south through the agricultural areas of the Salinas Valley on some back roads (River Road and Metz Road in Soledad) stopping for a quick potty break at the Starbucks or McDonalds on Broadway Street in King City. We will get on Highway 101 for a short time before taking Highway 198 to Coalinga and Harris Ranch. After lunch and our drawing we will drive out to the Harris Farm Horse Division for a tour of their facility. After about a 30 minute tour members can either head back to Harris Ranch to hang by the pool or head home either on Highway 198 or Interstate 5.



Approximate arrival 12:15 PM

Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant*
24505 W Dorris Ave, Coalinga, CA 93210


*Members need to pay for their own lunch, but the restaurant will do individual checks. We will have a private room but you will be able to order off of the menu.

This is not an overnight run however some people are staying at Harris Ranch. Details below.

There is a hold on a block of 10 Poolside King rooms for $155 until September 13th If interested please call 559-935-0717 and mention NorCal Minis or Group code 2T88OS.

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