Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park Overnight Run - September 9-10, 2023

Mountains, MINIs, and some of the most massive living beings on the planet...giant sequoias
over the course of not one, but two days of fun runs!

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks' website

Your Hosts for the Event:

Dolores & Rick Sanchez

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Run Overview:

Please note that this is not a normal one-day club run. 

On Saturday, members will drive through the farmlands of multiple central valley counties and through the towns of Keyes, Snelling, Hornitos, Mariposa, and Oakhurst. After having a relaxing lunch in Oakhurst, we will continue our journey through the backroads that run parallel to CA-41 S to the city of Fresno and onto CA-180.  From CA-180 E we will drive to Dunlop Road and drive through the towns of Dunlap, Miramonte and ending at our destination of Three Rivers. Book your Saturday night lodging in the Three Rivers area so you can join the group for a second day of driving on CA-198 into Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park. 

On Sunday, members will drive through Sequoia National Park into Kings Canyon Park via the 46-mile General Highway and exit the park at the Big Stump Entrance on CA-180. From the Big Stump entrance, members will take CA-180 W for approx. 50 miles, towards Fresno, and then onto Hwy 99 N for our drive back home.

Run Details:

Saturday, September 9 Run 1 (Salida to Oakhurst):

Salida Del Taco Meetup Location

Meetup Location Day 1 Run 1:

Del Taco parking lot
4300 Salida Blvd
Salida, CA 95368

Meeting Time / Departure Time:

9:00 am / 9:30 am

Google Route Map - Day 1 Run 1:


Day 1 Run 1 Important Details:

  • Please have a radio tuned to Channel 7-21 CTCSS to hear alerts during all runs! The Club has loaners if you don’t have your own. Leaders will use the club radios to alert drivers to hazards, so please have your radios or borrow the club radios to listen in.

  • Please fill up before meeting at Del Taco. There is an ARCO station right next to Del Taco and a Chevron station at the corner of Sisk Rd. and Pelandale Avenue. Saturday's route can be easily completed with a full tank.
  • We will be driving for approximately 2 hours before we stop in the town of Oakhurst for lunch.  Please take your bathroom break before we leave Del Taco.
  • Upon arriving in Oakhurst, we will drive into the Old Mill Village Shopping Center.  After a 1 hr. lunch break, we will regroup at the Bank of America Parking Lot.  There are several eating options within a 1/4-mile radius of Old Mill Village Shopping Center.  Everyone is on their own for lunch.
  • Lunch Options:

Saturday, September 9 Run 2 (Oakhurst to Three Rivers):

Oakhurst Bank of America Meetup Location

Meetup Location Day 1 Run 2:

Bank of America parking lot Old Mill Village

40032 CA-49
Oakhurst, CA 93664

Meeting Time / Departure Time:

12:30 pm / 1:00 pm

Google Route Map - Day 1 Run 2:


Day 1 Run 2 Important Details:

  • If you did not fill up at the start of the day, please fill up before the afternoon Driver’s Meeting.  Day 1 Run 2 is a 139-mile drive.  Near the afternoon Run 2 meetup, there is a Chevron station at roughly Highway 41 and Crane Valley Rd., and a Sinclair at roughly Highway 41 and Civic Circle.
  • From the Vons Parking Lot, we will exit back onto CA-49 E then make a left turn onto Hwy. 41 N. We will regroup on Rd 426/Crane Valley Road. Rd 426 turns into Rd 222.

  • We will continue south on Rds 426/222 through the town of Fine Gold. As we get to the City of Fresno, we will merge onto CA-41 S and then onto CA-180 E.  We will take Dunlop Road through the towns of Miramonte, Badger, and then into Three Rivers.
  • Upon arriving in Three Rivers, everyone is free to do as they please.  We will not be able to park in a central location due to limited parking in this small town.

    • If you have your pre-purchased National Park pass, you can drive into the Sequoia National Park, which is 6 miles north of Three Rivers, or check into your respective lodging locations.
    • There is no planned location for dinner on Saturday night. The Gateway Restaurant and Lodge is a popular local restaurant in Three Rivers with outdoor dining and a view of the river. (Reservations 1 week ahead are recommended) https://gateway-sequoia.com.
    • Downtown Visalia is about 30 minutes south on Hwy 198 from Three Rivers for those seeking more dining options.
    • Refer to the "Lodging Planner" post on the norcalminis.com website for National Park visitor pass and lodging information.

Gateway Lodge & Restaurant

Gateway Outdoor Seating

Downtown Visalia

Sunday, September 10 Run (Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park):

Foothills Visitor Center
Day 2 Meetup Location

Meetup Location Day 2:

Foothills Visitor Center parking lot 47050 General Highway
Three Rivers, CA 93271

Meeting Time / Departure Time:

9:00 am / 9:30 am

Google Route Map - Day 2:

Day 2 Important Details:

  • Please fill up before meeting at the Foothills Visitor Center. 
  • Please pre-purchase your visitor pass online well before the run! The lines to purchase passes at the entrance can be very long and take too much time. Refer to the "Lodging Planner" post on the norcalminis.com website for visitor pass information.
  • This is a 46-mile uphill, twisty drive through the park on the General Highway. Eating options are limited, so packing a picnic lunch is suggested prior to starting today’s drive.
  • We will meet inside the park at the Foothills Visitor Center parking lot for our driver’s meeting. It is approx. 1 mile from the park entrance on the right-hand side. The Sequoia National Park sign is located before the Foothills Visitor Center. Stop by for a Kodak moment.
    • We do not expect everyone to stay together on this run as there are many sites to stop and sightsee. We suggest you buddy up with other members at the drivers' meeting if you'd like company during the run.  Refer to the online Google map for sights such as the General Sherman Tree, Tunnel Rock, and Lost Grove.
    • Traffic tends to slow down near Kings Canyon Overlook, so watch for slowing/parked cars and pedestrians.
    • Note: Before leaving the park, the hosts suggest you stop at the Kings Canyon Visitor Center and Grant Grove Market for snacks, souvenirs, and restroom access. The visitor center has a 15-minute video on the history of the park that is shown all day. They are located in Grant Grove Village, 3 miles east on CA-180 from Big Stump Entrance.

  • From the Big Stump entrance, we will continue on CA-180 W towards Fresno.  This is a downhill, twisty two-lane road.  The CA-99 N on-ramp is approximately 55 miles from the Big Stump Entrance.
  • The run is officially over once we exit Kings Canyon National Park.  You are free to head home via whatever route best suits you.  Motor on!

Sequoia National Park sign

Check out our 2023 Run Calendar for a complete list of events for the remainder of this year.

Mountain Run to the Annual Picnic - Aug. 19, 2023

Mountain backroads? Check! Many MINI friends? Check! Your favorite potluck picnic foods? Check!

Join us for a fun run followed by our Annual Picnic!

Photo by Pat Lewis

Your Host(s) for the Event:

Gordon & Alison Lee
Tasha Hudick



Register via MotorSport Registry:


Check out our 2023 Run Calendar for a complete list of events for the remainder of this year.

Run Details:

Interested in a mountain backroads run through the shady trees of the Santa Cruz Mountains? How about ending the run by sharing your favorite picnic dish with your NorCal MINIs club member friends? Well, the August run and potluck annual picnic has been crafted just for you and all of those like-minded friends.

We will start the day by meeting in the Woodside Plaza parking lot near Sushi+Plus (no, we didn't stutter, that is the name!) in Redwood City. After catching up with old friends and meeting new friends, we will have our driver's briefing, hop in our cars, and head out onto Woodside Road toward the Santa Cruz Mountains. Before you say, "Wait a minute! The winter storms washed out Woodside Road just before reaching Portola Road!", our wise and wonderful hosts know this, so we will be splitting off of Woodside Road onto the winding twists, turns, and switchbacks of Kings Mountain Road.

Photo by Pat Lewis

Nearing the summit, we'll turn south onto Hwy. 35 (Skyline Boulevard) and run down the ridgeline with forests and soaring views on both sides of the roadway. We'll pass the famous Alice's Restaurant, showing all the other motoring enthusiasts our MINI style. Continuing south on Skyline Boulevard, we will pass Windy Hill, Thomas Fogerty Winery, Russian Ridge Preserve, and the Jikoji Zen Center. 

Reaching the intersection with Hwy. 9 (Big Basin Way), we will turn right and head southwest towards Big Basin. Use those radios on Channel 7-21 (CTCSS) because this is a popular stretch of road on summer weekend days, and we are likely to get split up with interlopers between us. 

The route will take us down along Hwy. 9 for several miles where we will turn left onto Hwy. 35 (Bear Creek Road) just before we enter Boulder Creek. Those who joined us on the May run will remember this stretch of road, but this time, we will be driving in the opposite direction back toward the summit. No need to worry about the storm washouts on the far side of the summit as Bear Creek Road has been reopened. This stretch of road along Bear Creek will have traffic controls at 3 separate locations due to single lanes past washed-out roadsides.

Photo by Pat Lewis

We'll transition from tight two-lane twisties to the hustling freeway known as Hwy. 17 at Lexington Reservoir, heading north back onto the roads populated with minivans, big rigs, and stoplights. While not as much fun as the mountain backroads, this stretch of suburban driving will take us north back up to Sunnyvale where we will park and enjoy our Annual Picnic potluck-style at Raynor Park.

More information about our potluck and the opportunity to sign up for the side dishes, desserts, drinks, etc. you wish to share will be included in a link in the MSR confirmation email you will receive after you register for the run. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided by Pat and Michelle Lewis and Duane Caldwell. We'll just need the rest of you to bring your appetites and your favorite picnic dishes to share with the other club members. 

Photo by Pat Lewis

Meet-up Time/Departure Time:

9:30 am / 10 am

Meet-up Location:

30 Woodside Plaza
Redwood City, CA  94061

Nearest EV Charging Stations:

  • Kennedy Middle School
    Shell Recharge Station
    2521 Goodwin Ave
    Redwood City, CA 94061
  • Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School
    Shell Recharge Station
    170 Selby Ln
    Atherton, CA 94027

Potluck Picnic Location:

Raynor Park
1565 Quail Ave.
Sunnvale, CA. 94087

You must RSVP using the Punchbowl app link you will receive after registering for the run on MotorSport Registry. The Punchbowl app will have a link to sign up for the side dish you will bring. Plan on bringing enough of your potluck dish to feed 6 to 10 people.

Additional Run Details:

Please bring your radio, fully charged, turned on, and tuned to Channel 7, Subchannel 21 CTCSS before you arrive at the start. If you don’t have a radio, ask for a loaner at the driver’s meeting. For radio recommendations, please see https://www.facebook.com/legacy/notes/728353274556164/.

Be sure to turn the “VOX” voice-activated setting OFF, or we will hear the wind from your AC, your conversations, and any noise in your car broadcasting to everyone.

Make a pit stop before the drivers' briefing. We will be driving for a while through twisty hills before our rest stop up in the mountains, so plan ahead.

Hilly California backroads can be rough, especially after winter storms spawn new and bigger potholes. There are no major hazards that would take out a car, but some of the backroad sections are definitely bumpier than others.

There are stretches where local wildlife may be seen on each side of the road. At some point, these animals may decide to cross the road, so please watch out for deer, wild turkeys, etc. trying to get from one side to the other right in front of your car.

Last year's picnic in Salinas
Photo by Duane Caldwell