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Working Women Of The NYIAS 2014

autoevolution has a small photo gallery of the lovely working ladies that appeared on opening day.

The Difference Between Driving The New Cooper And The Cooper S

gulfnews.com Wheels column correspondent Dejan Jovanovic explains:
The Cooper S is like a suit that throws on a fedora and purple socks at night. Tomorrow morning, though, he’s still a suit, in a boardroom full of other grey suits and a pie chart on Powerpoint.

The three-cylinder Mini, on the other hand, ferries its owner to a co-op bakery specialising in gluten-free cupcakes. They’ve got a community wall with adverts for second-hand bicycles and harmonica players looking for band mates.

A Cooper S just runs that chicken over. A Cooper stops and chats, maybe plays a little tag with the dog.

How Many Flux Chairs Fit In A MCS Countryman?

[Source: via Curtis Lancaster @ YouTube]

New MINI, Can It Twerk?

This is MINI's response to the question, "Can the new MINI twerk?"

[Source: MINIvideoCH @ YouTube]

Motor Verso Reviews The F56

Sam Siswick reviews the new F56 MINI for Motorverso. Siswick concludes:
The Mini is starting to grow up, its still fun and funky at heart, but now seems it has to bother itself with the more mundane aspects of life too. It can be frugal, as well as involving, and may be just big enough to make it a practical choice.

MINI Cooper Subway Entrance

[Source: Brilliant Ads @ Twitter]

That Ain't No MINI

That about summarizes Jalopnik's take after seeing the X-Raid Team's Dakar winning Rally Car at the 2014 NYIAS.


That is the single word conclusion of Matt Kimberley in his first drive review of the new MINI Cooper S for U.K. Yahoo! Autos. Kimberley's epilogue:
If this car was a pudding it would be vanilla sponge cake: infinitely customisable to individual tastes and extremely easy to get on with.

Interviews With MINI USA's Product Managers

MotoringFile provides audio interviews with Pat McKenna (Head of MINI USA Product) and Chris Potgieter (Product Manager) at the New York International Auto Show wherein they discuss:
  • The Dakar Countryman
  • Countryman LCI details
  • The end of the R55 Clubman
  • The state of the R57 MINI Convertible – when will the last cars be built
  • Is MINI happy with the Roadster and Coupe?
  • The F56 launch – how’s it going? How’s the press?
  • What’s Next? If you listen carefully there’s a big hint of both what it is and when it’s coming

The 2016 MINI Clubman

MotoringFile says about the revealed concept in thIs photo:
Take away the 19″ wheels, inset door handles, trick side mirrors and a few other exterior pieces away and you’re looking at the 2016 MINI Clubman.
It also discusses what to expect from the amazingly redesigned interior. Expect the vehicle to go on sale in the summer of 2015.

MINIs Have Best Residual Value In U.K.

The Oxford Times reports:
BMW Minis hold their value better than any other brand of car, new research has revealed.

The car, made in Cowley, came top out of 34 manufacturers surveyed by industry guide Glass’s, with an annual depreciation of just 16.4 per cent.

26 Cars To Participate In 2014 ADAC ProCar Series

TouringCarTimes reports among the BMW 328si's, race-built Ford Fiestas and Peugeots:
Dombek and Besaplast will run a pair of MINI John Cooper Works cars in the Division 1 class for Reinhard Nehls and Franjo Kovac respectively.

Raindrops Can Destroy Your Windshield

That is if, as Gizmodo discusses, you drive at Mach 1.5, approximately 1,000 miles per hour.

Long Term Test Review Of The 2014 MCS Paceman

WhatCar?'s Emma Butcher provides this long term test video review of the 2014 MINI Cooper S Paceman.

No TSA Inspection Required

Fly the MINI Clubman!

[Source: Brilliant_Ads @ twitter]

Jalopnik Provides An Animated F56 MINI Outfitting Guide

Jalopnik goes through the design lines and MINI accessories recently announced by MINI for the F56 and provides its MINI outfitting suggestions.

Suddenly Everything Else Seems Old

[Source: AOTW]

Stash The 'Stache

Here's why -


[Source: via Cartoons]

DIY: Install Coilover Suspension On A R50/R53

[Source: Mod MINI @ YouTube]

New Class Action Alleges 2007-2010 MINI Timing Chain Fault

A new class action has been filed against BMW of North America, LLC that alleges BMW knew of a timing chain fault in 2007-2010 MINI Cooper causing thousand of dollars in engine repairs as early as 2008.  According to Top Class Actions:
[Plaintiff] Kahn is seeking several remedies from BMW regarding the alleged MINI Cooper engine defect, including an advertising campaign regarding the issue, damages and restitution for all necessary repairs, as well as damages based on the reduced value of the following vehicles for the class constituting all New York residents who owned or leased the 2007-2010 MINI Cooper hard top, 2008-2010 MINI Cooper Clubman, and 2009-2010 MINI Cooper convertible.

MINI Paceman Pick-Up

A BMW MINI product, street legal, and created by BMW/MINI interns. autoevolution has a short, descriptive article and a photo gallery. Unfortunately, it is a project car and, according to the article, there are no plans for mass production.

Test Drive In A 2014 MCS Countryman

[Source: BramanMotorGroup @ YouTube]

Trip Planning Comes To MINI Connected

MotoringFile reports on the introduction of MINI Connected XL Journey Mate that now permits in-cockpit trip planning. Here is the official MINI press release:
Official Release: The new MINI comfortably accommodates four passengers, however now there is room for a fifth up front – the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate. This clever new app not only helps the driver with navigation but also supplies individually tailored information on the road, adapted to suit the current driving situation, making every MINI trip even safer, more comfortable and more exciting than ever before. The system knows the driver’s preferred route, reminds him when it is time to refuel, messages him about impending appointments or planned telephone calls, reports traffic information in real time, assists in locating parking spaces, and directs the driver on foot to his final destination. The MINI Connected XL Journey Mate is available for the new MINI from April 2014. To use the system, the vehicle must be equipped with the Wired package, which includes the Professional Navigation System.

The diverse functions of this innovative travel companion have been merged into an app, which evaluates data from various sources and uses this to generate a range of useful information for the driver. Full use is made of the unique possibilities afforded by the intelligent networking between driver, vehicle and the environment resulting from incorporating the Apple iPhone in the operating system of the MINI. For MINI Fans who spend a lot of time in their cars, the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate quickly becomes a trusted companion, and one that quickly shows its usefulness not only in the vehicle but also on the smartphone.

MINI Connected XL Journey Mate

Apple iPhone users can plan a trip on their mobile phone, taking into account calendar entries and any appointments they have at their destination. As soon as the smartphone is connected to the MINI at the beginning of the journey, the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate calculates whether there is enough fuel for the trip and highlights service stations en route, it indicates the expected time of arrival and gives weather information for the final destination. All this and Real Time Traffic Information is displayed on the MINI’s 8.8-inch on-board monitor. The system is navigable via the new MINI Touch Controller and multifunctional steering wheel buttons and is intuitive and simple to use.

In the course of the journey, the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate guides the driver when required to a petrol station that can be reached without any major diversion, assists in selecting intermediate stopping points, and suggests possibilities for parking in the vicinity of the destination. In addition, the virtual travel companion can remind the driver of particular activities by emitting audible or visual signals. Upon request, the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate can also remind him of calendar entries from his iPhone. Self-composed memos can be stored and then called up at the appropriate moments. The app also includes a useful pedestrian navigation service that runs on the smartphone, designed to show the way from the parking space to the destination and back to the car.

Completed trips can be stored, and then later amended. The MINI Connected XL Journey Mate will reliably update the trip with any new information.

CarJam.TV Looks At The Interior Of The 2014 MCS

[Source: Car Commercial & Teaser @ YouTube]

MINI Considered A Cheap, Stripped Cooper For The US

According to a discussion between AutoGuide.com and MINI Production boss Pat McKenna, due to the failure of the Roadster and Coupe, as well as a serious sales slump, MINI considered, and then discarded, a strategy to bring a cheap, stripped version of the MINI Cooper to the U.S..  

You Own A MINI And You Play Video Games?

Then you might want to get Ubisoft's The Crew Limited Edition which features an exclusive Mini Cooper S Pack. If you pre-order from Uplay, according to VideoGamer.com, you can get early access to cars and 10,000 Crew Credits.

The MINI Display At NYIAS 2014

love:mini provides photos of the MINI display at theNew York International Auto Show 2014 including pictures of the refreshed 2015 MINI Cooper Countryman.

First MINI Bar Opens In Budapest

autoevolution has an extensive photo gallery of the world's first MINI Bar that just opened in Budapest.  Thee accompanying article reports, in part:
"Nightlife is an essential part of MINI and vice versa – from now on especially in Budapest. MINI is about pure excitement shared with friends, so now there is a cool MINI place for the huge local and global MINI community to meet and share MINI Lifestyle: MINI BAR BUDAPEST,” said Baudouin Denis, Managing Director of BMW Group Hungary.

"Guests will immediately recognise MINI in every detail. Just like any MINI, MINI BAR BUDAPEST is compact in size yet full of charming details creating lots of opportunities for memorable moments with friends and for exciting parties. And, while the DJ plays cool music, we’re serving the kind of cheeky food and cocktails that makes MINI so unique,” added the owner, Mr. Balázs Gubcsó

DIY: Replace R55/R56 MINI Cooper/S/Clubman Thermostat Housing

[Source: Mod MINI @ YouTube]

MINI USA F56 Deliveries Delayed

MotoringFile reported buyers in the U.S. were experiencing delays in delivery of new F56 MINIs. Here is the official MINI USA Statement:
At MINI, our owner safety and confidence is our first priority. Earlier this week, as part of our ongoing quality analysis, our team discovered that certain new MINI Hardtop vehicles could experience some engine coolant leakage from the oil filter housing. This can result in a power reduction and subsequently cause the yellow/red “engine overheating” warning light to light up. We immediately brought this issue to the attention of all of our dealers and issued an immediate stop delivery on all affected vehicles. For the small number of Motorers who have already taken delivery of their new MINI Hardtop, we are working to quickly and effectively replace the needed part at no charge.

New MINI Model To Be Introduced Later This Year

WorldCarFans reports:
MINI's U.S. Product Planning Manager has revealed the company will introduce a new model later this year.

In an interview with Autoguide, Pat McKenna hinted “It’s not a completely new model" but it's "a modification of something" on display at the New York Auto Show. That's a little vague but two possible candidates include the Cooper Cabrio and the Cooper five-door hatchback.

In related news, McKenna said the Clubman will be phased out later this year and won’t be replaced immediately. This suggests the next-generation model, which was recently previewed by the Clubman concept, is still a ways off.

MINI Emasculation

Elliott Rush, LLB, writes The Rush Report at Australia's The Motor Report and pens how he came to buy his significant other a MINI, and advises:
So, MINI it is.

H wants an orange one; it looks like orange but is apparently not. It’s ‘Sunset Buttocks’ or ‘Flaming Goitre’ or something equally ridiculous that some marketing toss has invented to describe plain orange.

But they go like stink. . . . .

Average Joes Review The New 2014 MINI Cooper S

{Source: Average Joes @ YouTube]

AutoGuide's 2014 NYIAS 2015 Countryman Video

No Time To Stop And Fix A Flat Tire

Change it on the run!

[Source: via Sploid]

Coverage Of MINI At The 2014 NYIAS

autoevolution provides a descriptive article on, and a modest photo gallery of, what MINI brought to the 2014 New York International Auto Show by reference to the MINI USA Press Release.

2015 F56 JCW Exterior Package To Be Released This Summer

MotoringFile claims that is the buzz from the floor of NYIAS 2014 and asserts, in part:
The JCW exterior package will consist of wheels, aero-kit and some new trim. It appears that the package will be purely cosmetic (much like the current pack is) and will likely [be] mirrored by a similar interior package.
It expects to see a full blown F56 JCW at next year's Detroit Auto Show.

MINI ALL4 Racing Sends Four To Qatar

The X-raid Team and the Monster Energy X-raid Team, just a week after thejf success in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge – with four MINI ALL4 Racing vehicles in the top 10 – now are going to contest the Sealine Cross Country Rally in Qatar.

motorsport.com previews the course for the four competing MINI Teams:
Over the course of the five days, the competitors will cover nearly 2,000 kilometres, with the special-stage distance amounting to 1,740 kilometres. The first special stage with a distance of some 160 kilometres will be the shortest. On the following four days, the teams will have to cover an average mileage of about 400 kilometres. Crews and vehicles will have to cope with the most different terrains, in Qatar: the event features sand and dunes on the one hand as well as fast and rocky tracks on the other.

2015 MINI Paceman Debut From Beijing

The Beijing debut of the 2015 MINI Paceman is covered by LeftLane with a gallery of photos. It also observes:
The mid-level Paceman S' turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine gains six extra ponies under the hood, bumping its output to 190 horsepower and 177 lb-ft. of torque. The upgraded mill propels the crossover from zero to 62 mph in 7.6 seconds, and on to a top speed of 135 mph.

The other engine options carry on unchanged, meaning the Cooper model is powered by a 121-horsepower naturally-aspirated version of the aforementioned 1.6-liter four and the range-topping John Cooper Works model packs 208 horses and 207 lb-ft. of twist. All of the Paceman's engines now comply with the strict Euro 6 emissions regulations that will come into effect across Europe in the near future.

Cruising In A R56 Cabrio With Barbie And Ken

This Mattel Barbie MINI Cooper S Convertible is on sale at Kohls for only $45.49 (regularly $64.99). Car specs:
Product Features

Realistic "Ken" license plate
Rolling wheels with silver rims
Racing stripes with matching interior
Black antenna on windshield
Large lights

Product Details

Set includes: toy vehicle & Barbie & Ken dolls
10"H x 17.5"W x 9"D (packaged)
Ages 3 years & up
Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty

MINI Malaysia Goes To Extremes

Check out this promotional extreme stunt MINI Malaysia video -

[Source: via Marketing]

MINI USA Provides Hearst Men's Group Its Largest Digital Ad Deal

MediaPost reports, when MINI USA chose Hearst Men's Group to work with Ray Wert, part of the team behind the viral Jeff Gordon prank videos, to create an online series starring Adrian Simpson, former host of the BBC's "Top Gear," it created the group's largest digital-only deal to date. The article claims:
This campaign represents the next level of consumer-focused content and high-quality production. Half the videos show test drives and lifestyles of real MINI owners, and some highlight the technology, performance, design and efficiencies of the car.

Touristenfahrten Nordschleife Un MINI Cooper S R56 JCW

[Source: Krumm RSR @ YouTube]

MINI's Official NYIAS 2014 Press Release

From BMW Group PressClub USA:
Woodcliff Lake, NJ – April 17, 2014… The British premium brand MINI clearly signals the continuation of its success story at the New York International Auto Show in 2014. The main focus here is the world premiere of the new MINI Countryman. The latest version of the first MINI with four doors, a large tailgate, five seats and optional all-wheel drive system ALL4 will ensure that hallmark brand driving fun and distinctive style become even more sought-after in the premium compact segment. Fresh accentuations in design, refined premium characteristics in the interior and innovative equipment features hone the profile of the new MINI Countryman as an all-round talent for versatile mobility and an active lifestyle.

With over 66,500 units sold, the USA was the important single market for automobiles of the MINI brand in 2013. And the new edition of the largest MINI model now sees its world premiere in that country's largest city. The new MINI Countryman has everything it takes to continue to attract additional target groups to the distinctive style of the British brand in future. What is more, all indicators are pointing to growth in the small car segment. And the new MINI - also on show in New York - offers the ideal basis for this. The new generation of the original - still the most popular member of the MINI family - provides significant and impressive advancements in the areas of driving fun, efficiency, space, comfort, safety and innovation. With the new editions of the two top-selling models leading the way, the British manufacturer presents the most attractive product program in its history at the New York International Auto Show from April 18th to 27th 2014.

The world premiere of the new MINI Countryman gives an additional boost to the brand's advancement into the premium compact segment. Distinctive proportions and dimensions, increased ground clearance and an interior which is both spacious and variable - these are the defining characteristics of the first MINI, whose exterior length now exceeds 13 feet. The new edition of the MINI Countryman underscores both the hallmark brand properties of the model as well as its specific, distinctive features. Modifications in the area of exterior design include a new structure of the hexagonal radiator grill, striking underride guard elements for the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4, additional exterior paint finishes and the optional Exterior Piano Black. And there are also enhancements in acoustic comfort, athletic flair and premium interior characteristics. Additional accents are provided by weight-optimised light alloy wheels and LED fog lights including parking and daytime driving lights in LED technology.

On the US automotive market the MINI Countryman will be available in two engine variants in future, too, in addition to the highly sports-oriented top model MINI John Cooper Works Countryman. The all-wheel drive system ALL4 specially developed for MINI is optionally available for the MINI Cooper S Countryman. It comes as standard with the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman.

The new MINI once again stands as the pioneer of individual style, premium quality and high-end technology in the small car segment. The latest generation of the original combines evolutionary design advancements with enlarged space and refinements to materials and finish details in the interior. On all four seats there is a tangible increase in freedom of movement, while the luggage compartment has been expanded by around 30 percent. Entirely newly developed engines increase both the driving fun and the efficiency of the new MINI. The car's characteristic go-kart feeling is now enhanced with optimised ride comfort, with adjustable dampers being offered as an optional extra for the first time.

A new display and operating concept, innovative driver assistance systems and the latest MINI Connected features also allow even more intensive interaction between driver and MINI. And the new MINI is the first automobile in its class to be fitted with LED headlamps and a Head-Up Display. There will be a choice of the models MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S at the market launch in the USA. Both can be fitted with either the standard 6-speed manual transmission or the optional 6-speed automatic transmission, according to preference.

The new MINI Countryman and the new MINI are crucial in setting the British premium brand's course for further growth on the global automotive markets. In addition to this, the constantly increasing popularity of MINI in the USA derives from the ongoing expansion of the model program. The current range comprises seven models in total. In the premium small car segment it runs from the latest generation of the MINI to the MINI Clubman with enlarge space for rear passengers and luggage as well as the puristically and athletically designed two-seater MINI Coupé and including the models MINI Convertible and MINI Roadster - which provide open-top driving fun on either four or two seats. What is more, the brand has become well established in the premium compact segment, not just with the MINI Countryman but also with the Sports Activity Coupé MINI Paceman.

The aspirations of especially performance-oriented MINI fans are addressed by the extremely sporty John Cooper Works models. The range of top sports cars now also extends to the small car and compact segments. Here, motor racing technology in the area of engine and suspension, aerodynamically optimised exterior components and a specific cockpit design pave the way for exceptionally intense driving fun in everyday traffic.

First Drive Revew Of MINI ALL4 Racing Dakar Rally Car

Car and Driver got the opportunity to drive the Monster Energy X-raid Team's MINI Cooper Countryman ALL4 Racing Dakar Rally Car and treats the million dollar MINI as if it was a new car review.

DIY: Replace R53 CV Joint Boot

[Source: mITV @ cooperSml @ YouTube]

MINI Presents "Parallels" At Salone Del Mobile 2014

MINI and United Visuals Artists have created a light and sound sculpture called "Parallels" that was unveiled at the Salone del Mobile 2014 in Milan, Italy.  The sculpture is, according to the autoevolution article:
. . . inspired by the design of the new MINI ConnectedDrive system present aboard the 2014 models and will be showing the connection between humans and technology from a different perspective using lights and sound.

2015 MINI Paceman Refresh To First Debut In Beijing

MotoringFile reports the 2015 MINI Paceman will make its first public appearance in Beijing during the week of April 20, 2014. According to the article it:
. . . will debut the same 2015 refresh we saw with the Countryman in NYC

WhatCar? Tests 2014 Cooper, Cooper D and Cooper S

U.K.'s WhatCar? tested the MINIs and gave them four out of five stars.  It concludes its review with an answer to the question "Should I buy one?":
The latest Mini betters its predecessor in nearly every area that matters – it’s bigger, faster, more efficient and has a much improved interior.

Being a Mini, it’s also predicted to hold on to its value extremely well, which makes up for the relatively high prices, while some of the gadgets available put other small cars to shame.

True, there are much more practical cars available for similar money, and it’s a pity the steering isn't a bit more involving. Still, if you’re after something small, fun and stylish, the latest Mini is a great choice – especially in Cooper or Cooper D form.

2015 MINI Countryman With Mild Facelift At NYIAS 2014

Autoweek discusses the "subtle. midlife facelift" for the 2015 MINI Cooper Countryman to be revealed at the New York International Auto Show 2014. According to the article, which provides the official MINI photos provided in advance of the show:
As this first batch of official photographs reveals, there is very little to distinguish the refreshed Countryman from the existing model. Exterior styling changes extend to a lightly modified grille, new range of alloy wheels and revised color schemes.

There are also revised optional headlamps with an LED function for the daytime running lamps and fog lamps, as well as a series of off-road embellishments, including skid plates within the lower part of the bumpers and within the side sills, on all All4 four-wheel-drive variants of the new Mini.

Will The Combo Arm Rest Pup Perch Be A New MINI Option?

[Photo Source: Jonathan Turley]

Paceman May Live To See A Four Door Second Generation

MotoringFile provides this "confirmation" from its "unofficial" source:
Just a few days ago we heard that the Paceman would likely not live on past the current generation. Now we heard from a very reliable internal source that it may do that and grow to accommodate more utility.

Speaking of the Countryman MINIs is planning on making the 2nd generation heavily influenced by the Dakar-winning competition car as a more ruggedly styled crossover. The Paceman on the other hand will be more urban oriented in design and feel decidedly more sporty.

If this news is correct (and this source typically is), the Paceman will join the five door hatch, Clubman and Countryman as the fourth [sic] four door MINI.

DIY: R53 MCS Eaton M45 Supercharger Oil Service

[Source: Mod MINI @ YouTube]

How Many Ways Are There To Customize A MINI?

MINI claims at least ten million ways -

[Source: MINIUSA @ YouTube via autoevolution]

"More Fuel-Efficient--And Start-Stop Too"

Green Car Reports provides a review of the 2014 MINI Coopers that is all smiles.  It points out the vehicle is bigger, faster and more fuel efficient than its predecessor and gets Start-Stop fuel economy engine technology.

A New MINI Final Final Test Drive Goes Medieval

[Source: MINIUSA @ YouTube]

MINI Cooper Diesel Engine "Nothing Short Of Remarkable"

The Irish Times is euphoric over the ride and handling of, and new three cylinder engine in, the new MINI Cooper D hatchback. It concludes:
Still, as I said, on the right road – magic. Fun. Full of character. Better in terms of quality and refinement than before. You do have to dig a little deeper to find the old Mini spirit, but it’s worth breaking out the shovel for.

Old Navy MINI Adventure - Road To Indio

Russian Tuner TopCar's MCS Bully

WorldCarFans looks at Russian tuner TopCar's new tweak, the "Bully," for the R56 MINI Cooper S. According to the article:
It starts out with a full exterior body kit encompassing a redesigned front bumper, front & rear fender extensions, two-piece side skirts, an aluminum radiator grille and a rear bumper apron with diffuser. These add-ons have a lacquered finish and the entire package costs 4,375 EUR.

For an additional 592 EUR the tuner is also offering a Remus rear silencer with exhaust tips, while the 18-inch forged wheels with tires are an extra 2,500 EUR. Opt for the Brembo drilled front brake rotors and the bill is raised by 2,375 EUR.

They collaborated with Mansory for revamping the interior with Nappa leather, green carbon fiber accents and crocodile leather and headrests. All these cabin upgrades will set you back a whopping 7,000 EUR.

Live, Life, Drive Reviews The F56 MINIS

Daniel Wong writes about the 2014 MINI Cooper and Cooper S for Malaysia's Live, Life, Drive.  Wong writes, wrongly or rightly:

Even with a short drive of around 60km on both the Cooper and Cooper S each, we can tell that the MINI is a much more grown up car than before. It is more comfortable, spacious, feature-packed, and fitted with an interior that looks mature rather than overly-styled. And yet when driven, it still oozes that charm and character that made the MINI name so endearing through multiple generations. It is still the icon that it has always been.
The new third-generation MINI Cooper and Cooper S made their Malaysian debut last week with prices starting at RM178,888 for the Cooper and RM228,888 for the Cooper S. Both the Cooper and Cooper S would be making its public debut over the “MINI Weekend” which will be held at all eight MINI dealerships nationwide on April 12 to 13

Video Of The 2015 MCS Clubman At Nurburgring

A fastsportscardriver posted this video at YouTube extensively discussed by autoevolution.

MotorAuthority Weighs In On The 2014 MINI Cooper

Marty Padgett provides MotorAuthority with his observations upon his first drive of the new MINI. Padgett concludes:
Priced from $20,745 including a $795 shipping charge, the base MINI Cooper gets a strong nod this time. It feels more substantial despite MINI lopping off a cylinder. It's now a real thing, not just a step on the upgrade launching pad. We've configured a hardtop in the $27,000 range that has almost everything we'd expect or want, including the sport package, adaptive dampers, and the classic white roof.

The sportier Cooper S? It'll only set you back $24,395 in base trim but it's super easy to blow past $30,000. Maybe we'll feel differently once we blast around our favorite home roads with the Cooper S, but it's hard to want to spend more for less of an advantage.

Bigger isn't always better--but it's not always worse, either. We'll know MINI's gone astray when they start talking about building a "city car." That time is not now, and really doesn't seem any closer, either

What To Expect From The 2018 F60 MINI Countryman

MotoringFile takes an early look at the upcoming second generation MINI Countryman, the F60, with an expected 2018 release date. Among its observations:
One of the overriding goals of the new car’s design will be to evoke a more rugged overall look. To do this MINI will make the wheel arches more prominent potentially with notches molded into the design. Gone also are the headlights which will be much closer to the Clubman concept we saw earlier this spring.

A Final Test Test Drive - Vertigo

[Source: MINIUSA @ YouTube]

Pocket-lint Reviews The 2014 MINI Cooper D

Why post a review of the new MINI Cooper D when MINI still has not made it available in North America?  Well, because hope springs eternal.

Pocket-lint concludes:


For £16,450 on the road the third-gen Mini Cooper delivers stacks of personality and style. You will inevitably need to spend more to spec things to your desired level and then the only qualm will be a price point knocking on the door of £20,000. But even for that there's a whole lot of car for the cash.

If you want a small car with personality then look no further. The Cooper D ticks the emissions box that will be important for many but with the new engine and 6-speed box avoids being the dull drive that it could have been.

One of the biggest things of note in the 2014 Mini Hatch range is the BMW technology that's trickled down into its new Mini home. It's the small things that make the big differences. But as that builds upon an already ace interior and comfortable drive it amasses to a Mini Hatch that feels as close to driving a BMW as it ever has. Not bad going for a small car.

The 2014 Mini Cooper is a tech lovers' dream and the most fun small car on the road right now. It may be Mini by name but it's massive fun to drive.