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Packing Heat In A MINI Clubman

[Source: Gabby Marcuus @ YouTube]

Doug Higgs' In Car Perspective Of MINI Thunder IV

[Source: Doug Higgs @ YouTube]

Clandestine Video Of 2014 MINIs Testing

[Source: automobilemagazinefr @ YouTube]

Kelley Blue Book Reviews The "Maximus Of Minis"

That's how Kelley Blue Book characterizes the 2013 MINI John Cooper Works GP. Its impressions after its first drive:
We had a chance to take this hot hatch for a quick spin in the hills high above Puerto Rico and were impressed overall with the GP's performance. While its off-the-line performance is similar to that of the lower-priced and higher-powered MazdaSpeed3, unlike Mazda's deviant the 2013 JCW GP doesn't have torque steer that demands a gorilla grip on the steering wheel during hard acceleration. Most impressive is the GP's rock-solid stability in corners and its tenacious braking power.

A Little Italian Track Time

In a MINI Cooper S at Magione, Italy posted on YouTube by Marco Mando.

Let's Drag! MINI Cooper S Versus JCW GP

The MINI Cooper S is modded with a Milltek Cat-back, K&N Typhoon and Alta 15% pulley. The JCW GP is stock.

[Source: Daniel James Day @ YouTube]

MotoringFile Profiles MINI's Head Of Exterior Design

Marcus Syring is profiled by MotoringFile.  Syring is responsible for the exterior design of the MINI Clubman, Coupe and Roadster.

National Post Likes The Paceman

Calling it "not normal," Brian Harper of The National Post provides a favorable review of the 2013 MINI Paceman. He opines, in part:
The Paceman is seen as a unique blend of hatchback, coupe and sports activity vehicle that is a sportier, less family-oriented and more youthful counterpoint to the popular but practical four-door Countryman

Nice Clubman Kyle!

[Source: SooperCoopers @ YouTube]

Would You Choose This Shop To Set Your Car's Camber?

[Source: via Hooniverse]

MINI Of Concord Does The Harlem Shake!

[Source: miniof concord @ YouTube]

Castro Street Auto Erotica

According to sfist.com says:
Right in front of the Castro Theater this [February 22, 2013] morning, a baby blue Mini Cooper ended up slightly on top of a red Toyota Prius in some sort of traffic mishap. Our tipster on the scene tells us the Prius was (ahem) pulling out, while the Mini Cooper was trying to hang a right.

What Do You Think Of These Extensive MINI Mods?

[Source: ALEX TUNING @ YouTube]

Carlex Previews The MiniRoy

Carlex Design, known for its awesome steampunk Countryman, is creating the "MiniRoy" that, according to autoevolution, is purple and gold inside and out with leather, metal and wood accents.

Philip Casper's MINI Snow Drift

[Source: Philip Casper @ YouTube]

A$$hole Crashes MINI

A PRANG short film posted by SooperCoopers @ YouTube.

Auto Express Reviews The 2013 MINI Cooper S JCW

United Kingdom publication Auto Express has Luke Madden review the 2013 MINI Cooper S JCW and only gives it three out of five stars due to a change in exhaust tone: 

This latest MINI JCW isn’t much different, so buyers shouldn’t expect to be blown away by a completely new driving experience. Instead, it retains its fun and playful character, but now has more of an eye on economy and emissions. It’s just a shame the engine doesn’t sound as good as it did before.

Merciej Halatnik At Wroclawska Liga Time Attack 2013

[Source: RRVTeam @ YouTube]

Wrapping A MINI Cooper S Roof

[Source: guerrerastyle @ YouTube]

Another Look At That MINI Backflip

[Source: Johnny Bravo @ YouTube]

MINI To Celebrate 100 Years Of Making Cars At Plant Oxford

This year MINI will celebrate 100 years of car production at its factory in Oxford. It is where the first ‘Bullnose’ Morris was manufactured and completed on March 28, 1913. The celebration will include a commemorative exhibition punctuated by photos and memories of ex-employees and families.

[Source: Mab01uk @ NorthAmericanMotoring.com]

MINI Takes On The European Horsemeat Scandal

We're sure you've heard by now of the discovery in Europe of beef adulterated with horsemeat.  Here's a corresponding, tongue in cheek, MINI print advertisement via Jalopnik.

A MINI WRC Backflip

By driver Guerlain Chicherit, posted by Jean-Philippe BOSSET @ YouTube:

This Is Ridiculous. It Really Should Be Electric

The MINI Roadster roof of course.  It is flawed.  You shouldn't have to do all of this at a complete stop on a trip to the beach or due to a passing weather event.

[Source: LIFE87extra @ YouTube]

DIY: Learn To Use MINI Comfort Access

Video from Orlando MINI:

MINI Cheapest To Insure Relative To Sales Price

Motor Trend contributor CoverHound has come up with the new auto analysis metric "IOS" - insurance over sticker -  and explains its calculation as the "average cost of insuring a new model or make for a year, divided by its sticker price." The MINI had the lowest IOS, lower than a Toyota Prius!

DIY: Check The Oil In Your MINI

[Source: Orlando MINI @ YouTube]

When Was The Last Time You Took A Long Shortcut?

You know, got in the MINI and took the long curvy "shortcut" to get home? Like the driver of this MINI in Texas -

[Source: atticuscc04 @ YouTube]

Where Have We Heard This Before?

MotoringFile suggests MINI will introduce diesels to North America when the F56 engine is introduced in 2014.  We will believe it when we see it. 

Happy Valentines Day!

MINI At The Grammys

MINI debuted at the Grammys as the official partner of the Warner Music Group and showed up at the after-party the drew celebrities such as Quincy Jones, Bruno Mars, Alessandra Ambrosio, Neil Patrick Harris and Muse. BMW Group USA PressClub states in its press release:
The focus of attention on the red carpet at Chateau Marmont located on the famed Sunset Boulevard was a MINI Convertible whose bonnet served as a VIPs guestbook for the artists and VIPs attending. Abundantly adorned with autographs from such luminaries as Sean Paul, Flo Rida and Sting, to name a few, the freshly embalmed one-off MINI will subsequently be auctioned off. The entire proceeds going to the charity organisation “MyMusicRX”, which is a charity focusing on soothing and delighting hospitalized children, their families and medical professionals who care for them, by infusing the hospital environment with the healing power of music.

Jumpin' Josafat

A Josafat Aguilar MINI Photo Shoot!

What Competes With The 2013 MINI Convertible?

LeftLane looks at the 2013 MINI Convertible and says this about its competition:
The Fiat 500c is the only true rival to the Cooper Convertible - it's smaller and slower but less expensive than the MINI. The Mazda MX-5 Miata is also worth considering due to its similar price and superb handling, although it only has seating for two.

Given their power and size, the Cooper S and John Cooper Works convertibles really don't have any true competitors. Bigger, more potent but less precise drop-tops like the Ford Mustang Convertible and Chevrolet Camaro Convertible are potential cross-shopping candidates.

MINI's Holland Street And Brick Lane Editions For "Dutch" Market

The MINI Holland Street is for the 'Dutch' market and is available as a MINI One (D), MINI One (D) Clubman and the MINI One (D) and Cooper (D) Countryman. Th edition is outfitted with navigation, air conditioning, sports seats with fabric/leather upholstery, leather-covered multifunction sports steering wheel, MINI Connected, Cruise Control, Chrome Line interior and exterior, 16-inch alloy wheels 6-Star Twin Spoke (Countryman 17-inches) white lights and chromed mirror, and Holland Street Badges on the b-pillars of the car. The Dutch flag is optional.

MINI has also introduced the Brick Lane exterior package for the MINI One Hatchback (D) with Brick Lane brightly colored mirrors, bonnet and stripes, colored side scuttles and a colored front badge on the front. The edition is named after a street in London where, according to love:mini, "neon, 'curry houses' and colourful graffiti predominate".

"Barrels Of Excitement"

The Irish Times' Neil Briscoe got a hold of a MINI Hon Cooper Works GP II and "Works Cooper delivers barrels of excitement" is how his review is titled.  His conclusion:
For all that, I’d be amazed if the GP did not sell out fast. For a select few, those with the right roads on their doorstep and a love for the Mini brand, it is a brilliant little thing, all pumped-up aggression with a bass line of usability.

Yes, it’s silly and overpriced but then so are most Hollywood film stars, and the world would be a poorer place without them too. It’s not quite the best hot hatch around (Renault Megane RS, step forward) but it is just terrific fun, missing seats and all.

Run For Absent Friends 2013

For many years now, most of you are used to coming out to the runs and seeing what has become Norcal MINI's mascot Chilly rabbit. Chilly could always be found hanging around before the runs either with Scott or Tara or sometimes just exploring a patch of grass. Then after the driver's meeting she would hop in the car to enjoy the run along with everyone else, whether it be a simple day trip, overnight or even MINI Takes The States.

It is with great sadness that we announce that Chilly passed peacefully at home with Scott & Tara on Saturday Feb. 9, 2013.

This year's Run for Absent Friends will be dedicated to Chilly. We hope that many of you can come out and celebrate her life. She charmed everybody, everywhere she went, and she will live in our hearts forever.

The NorCal MINIs' Run For Absent Friends will occur on Saturday, March 9, 2013.  Meet up location, time and further information will soon be posted.

How To Be A Rally Co-Driver

Umm, we really don't think this will teach you a damn thing and neither does Jalopnik!

A Little MINI WRC Action From Rally Sweden 2013

[Source: SwedishRally @ YouTube]

[Source: SwedishRally @ YouTube]

Jarkko Nikara Will Drive A Prodrive MINI At Rally Portugal 2013

Autosport.com reports Jarkko Nikara will drive a Prodrive MINI WRC in Rally Portugal 2013 after finishing 25th in Rally Sweden after an early Stage 1 crash.

MINI's New Colors And Options For 2014

In its series on the anticipated 2014 new generation MINIs MotoringFile discusses the new colors (Volcanic Orange and Iced Chocolate Metallic) and options (lighting, parking, Active Cruise, heads-up display,  Tele-Services, MINI Coonect and performance) on the F56.  It also provides the anticipated F56 release schedule.

MINI To Unveil The Next Generation MINI In Finland

Automotive News reports MINI dealers will glimpse the new-generation Cooper hardtop this week at a worldwide dealer meeting in Helsinki, Finland. The hardtop is scheduled to go on sale in March 2014 and is the first vehicle to be built on the BMW UKL platform.

MINI Countryman S NEMO Edition ALL4

[Source: MINI USA's facebook Timeline Photos]

That Foot Well Water Leak In Your R55 MINI

Does it only occur when you turn on the air conditioning? AskTheCarExperts @ YouTube think this may be the problem -

The Engines And Transmissions Of The 2014 MINI

MotoringFile looks at the engines and transmissions that will be available in the 2014 MINI refresh.  Reports are of a radically new  modular engine to be shared with BMW and an 8 or 9 speed automatic transmission as expected options.

A MINI Earns Its Stripes

[Source: pixelboxgraphics @ YouTube]

MINI Cooper S Countryman At The 2013 Mumbai Auto Show

India gets a gander at the MINI Cooper S Countryman, just the thing for that weekend trip to the Kashmir border.

[Source: Indian Drives @ YouTube]

The Epitome Of The Italian Traffic Jam

[Source: jk zinger @ YouTube]

Auto Express Reviews The MINI Clubvan

United Kingdom's Auto Express magazine reviews the MINI Clubvan and gives it four out of five stars.  Here's its "verdict:"
As the first premium car to become a small commercial vehicle, there’s simply no cooler van on the road. The MINI Clubvan will inevitably be bought first and foremost for its image and the economical Cooper D model is the star of the line-up. While it’s not cheap, it’s incredibly efficient and, as an extra bonus to owners, it’s fast and lots of fun to drive. The only real problem is that the loading area still isn’t all that large.

Hot MINI Action In The Cold Of Sweden

MINI Motorsport discusses the preparations and efforts of Prodrive WRC Team members Michal Kościuszko and Jarkko Nikara who will drive MINI WRCs at the 2013 Rally Sweden.

Here's video of Nikara testing in Sweden:

[Source: Marcus Sundh @ YouTube]

A Little Track Time In A GP At Portimão, Portugal

[Source: Alex Heredia @ YouTube]

MotoringFile Looks At The Technology In The 2014 MINI

MotoringFile looks at the technology to be in the F56 MINI that will be introduced in 2014 including, but limited to, iDrive, highway information delivery and Auto Start/Stop technology.

Test Driven Looks At The MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4

[Source: TestDrivenUK @ YouTube]

Marcus Gronholm Returns To WRC In Motorsport Italia's MINI

Sidelined since his accident during the 2012 X Games, next weekend former WRC World Champion Marcus Gronholm will return to WRC and tutor Michal Kosciuszko, in Kosciuszko's Motorsport Italia team MINI WRC, at Likenas, Sweden in advance of next weekend's Swedish round of the 2013 WRC, according to Yahoo! Sport UK & Ireland.

Araab Muzik Transforms Food Truck On MINI Not Normal Tour

[Source: MINIUSA @ YouTube]

The Interior Of The 2014 MINI

MotoringFile examines the interior design of the F56, the 2014 MINI refresh, and claims:
Sources familiar with the new interior have called the final form a huge step forward for MINI and likely one of the selling points of the new car.

A Quick Spin In The 292 BHP Lohen R56 MINI

[Source: LohenMINI @ YouTube]

MINI Has A "Best Ever" January 2013

BMW Group PressClub, USA press release excerpted as to MINI's January numbers and commentary:

MINI Brand Sales
MINI USA reported the best January ever with sales of 3,682 automobiles, an increase of 10.4 percent from the 3,334 sold in the same month a year ago. 

MINI Pre-Owned Vehicles In January, sales of MINI used automobiles (including MINI NEXT certified pre-owned and pre-owned) increased 70 percent to 1,542 automobiles from the 907 sold in January, 2012. 

  Table 1: Vehicle Sales BMW of North America, LLC, January 2013

January 2013
January 2012
YTD Jan. 2013
YTD Jan. 2012
BMW brand
BMW passenger cars
BMW light trucks



MINI brand




How To Build A MINI World Rally Championship Car

[Source: PolePositionP1 @ YouTube]

A Preview Of The Exterior Design Of The 2014 MINI

MotoringFile checks out the exterior of the F56 via mules and spy shots and discusses its likely final design.

Over The Highest Driveable Himalayan Pass In A MINI

Automobile Magazine drives a MINI to Khardung La -- the Himalayan mountain pass that claims to be the highest drivable road in the world at 18,380 feet, 790 feet higher than Everest base camp. You can read about the entire trip here.

Which Is The Better Snow Slider?

An EVO MR, GTO or MINI? You decide:

[Source: Austin Hoffman @ YouTube]

Look Who MINI Was Hanging Out With In New Orleans

Who else would you want to hang with in New Orleans but Playboy bunnies!  Check out the photos at MINI USA's facebook photo album.

MINI USA Launches Tablet Site

MotoringFile reports MINI USA has set up a site and configurator exclusively for tablets at t.miniusa.com.

You Be The First Meter Maid To Write The Ticket

[Source: Hooniverse]

Kumho Ecsta V700's Are OE Tires For The MINI GP II

According to Modern Tire Dealer, Kumho Tire U.S.A. Inc. reports its Ecsta V700 ultra-high performance tires are original equipment on the MINI JCW GP II in the size 215/40R17 and were "fine-tuned" by Kumho to fit the MINI JCW GPII's profile.

So That's How You Do That

Time lapse photography of installing Megan adjustable coilovers and an Alta rear swaybar on a 2004 MINI Cooper S JCW.

[Source: Kurt Hammond @ YouTube]

Mom, This MINI Cooper S Roadster Is For You

[Source: dkc2lover @ YouTube]

U.S. MINI JCW GP II's To Sport Roof Numbers

According to MotoringFile the second generation of MINI John Cooper Works GP's now on their way to the U.S. will sport car numbers on the roof just like the first GP's.  There will be no numbering on these vehicle sold in other markets and the article explains why.

Dips Plasti-Dip A MINI

It's all the rage and rather nice.  But, unlike these blokes, we recommend that you wait until it is warm out or do this in a heated garage.  Using Plasti-Dip in the cold results in a rough application due to thickening of the flow/spray.

[Source: Cliff Scholes @ YouTube]

Did You Receive A MINI Spam Apology?

According to the Huffington Post:
Recently, a server glitch at Mini Cooper clogged the inboxes of some subscribers with hundreds of messages.
To apologize MINI sent the pictured "spam kit" and an accompanying letter that reads:

"Nothing says 'I'm sorry' quite like flowers and chocolate, so we've combined the two and enclosed a chocolate rose. But if you're allergic to flowers (or chocolate), we hope this duct tape will help fix things up. Or, if you're ever feeling annoyed again, you can de stress using this particularly squeezable can of spam."

AutoGuide's Video Review Of The 2012 MINI Cooper S

[Source: AutoGuide @ YouTube]

Auto Express Gives The MINI JCW GP II Four Stars

The United Kingdom's Auto Express gives the MINI JCW GP II four out of five stars and offers this "verdict" on the vehicle:

The MINI JCW GP is for those who value a pure driving experience. It’s certainly not practical or sensible, but it is huge amounts of fun and feels unlike almost anything else on the road. The near-£29,000 asking price makes sense when you’re behind the wheel and becomes even more palatable when you consider that good examples of the first-generation JCW GP are selling for around £15,000.


MINI and Burton Snowboards sponsor the European snowboard competition, the Burton European Open, in Laax, Switzerland. In addition to the competition, in a MINI Press Release published by MotoringFile, a:
MINI Countryman will be chiselled artistically into a snowy landscape during the event. Hence MINI’s invitation to the PirateArtCrew. Their art has earned them a regular gig with the world-famous Pirate Movie Production, purveyors of epic snowboard films that have made them a big name on the boarding scene. The crew run by Lukas Goller and Tobias “Ludschi” Ludescher will project a gradual reel of thrills and spills from the Burton European Open, along with snapshots of nature, onto a MINI Countryman. The creative process behind their “RE:LAAX – the MINI Countryman Perspective” installation will be on show for everyone to see in Laax. The MINI Countryman will be placed in a glass container in Café NoName at the mountain station and opened up to visitors at various times.

Cuter Than A Mini?

Jalopnik lists ten cars that it considers the "cutest" ever.

Updated Tune For 2013 MINI Cooper S JCW

United Kingdom's Autocar reviews the new 2013 MINI Cooper S JCW tune resulted in improved throttle response and lower fuel consumption via newly designed pistons, larger turbo feed pipe and air intake, a redesigned drive belt and a modified dual mass fly wheel.

MINI Hatchback Versus GMC Envoy Head-on, Each Going 35 MPH

Video from the University of Tulsa.  It is the equivalent of driving into a brick wall at 70 mph.  Admirably, the MINI passenger compartment maintains structural integrity.

[Source: TheTUCRRC @ YouTube]