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Registration For 'Surf's Up' Rally Closes Tomorrow Night !

 10:00 PM ON AUGUST 1, 2012
 for the  

'Surf's Up' Rally 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Meet up at 7:30 a.m. at 
4201 Stevens Creek Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA

Morning  meetup
Free MINI Technical Clinic
A run to Half Moon Bay
 to catch some waves and rays
 then return to 
MINI of Stevens Creek
for a BBQ lunch

There will be plenty of surprises so
come hang ten with us on Saturday, August 4, 2012


Please provide at least two, unexpired canned goods at the time of check-in for the registration fee. All donations go to Second Harvest Food Bank.

It will be epic! 

That's What We Call "Go-Kart Handling"

[Source: autoXTv @ YouTube]

MINI Racer Races On Everything Except The Track

An unfortunate loss of control  and hit barrier during the MSVR Blast in the Park at Oulton Park, UK.

[Source: ferrarimandan @ YouTube]

You May Never Need To Wash Your Car Again

Jalopnik reports on researcher Catarina Esteves of the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the Technical Universtity at Einddhoven, Netherlands who has developed a coating that could mean never having to wash your car. Ms. Esteves team advises that the coating is actively self-healing so that anything that damages the outer surface causes molecules to actively re-orient themselves to the new surface. Water allegedly simply rolls, off, taking dirt with it. Thus, Esteves claims an "occasional rain shower" is all that's needed to wash the car.

Puerto Rico's MINI West Coast Rally

[Source: catorres960 @ YouTube]

The Auto-Show's In Depth Review Of The 2012 Countryman S

[Source: Gurwazer @ YouTube]

Videos Document The Development Of The MCS JCW GP2

[Source: MINI via Motor Trend]

MTTS Cake From The L.A. House Of Blues

Just one of the photos in Motor Trend's gallery from MINI Takes The States 2012.

Halim Ateş' Rallies MINI JCW At Ankara, Turkey 2012

[Source: Rallivideocom @ YouTube]

MINI Admits Error Rewards JCW Owner

Read a blogger's "MINI Nightmare" and how it ended in a MINI smile that included half leather half Alcantara Recaro seats for one, now satisfied,  JCW owner.  All customer service should be this good.

An Australian Video Review Of The MINI Roadster S

Mini Roadster S Review from Ash Davies on Vimeo.

A MINI Makes A Busy Day Better

[Source: lyonwaugh @ YouTube]

South Beach Barbie's Pink MINI Limo

[Source: AutoSpies.com]

MotoringFile Reviews AMVIV 2012

MotoringFile reflects on its AMVIV 2012 experience. Its attitude is best expressed in this passage:
The best thing about AMVIV, aside from the fun people who attend, is just how a la carte it is. There are official runs (group drives to particular destinations like Hoover Dam or Death Valley), and official events like the car show and the vendor party. Go to all of those events, or go to none of them. It kind of doesn’t matter. It’s choose your own adventure with Las Vegas as your playground and fellow MINI enthusiasts as your playmates in the Mojave sandbox. Best of all, this casual approach lets AMVIV be in practice what it is in name: a vacation. You can go to AMVIV and just hang out by the pool if you want to. Read a book. Watch the Discovery Channel in your hotel room. Pull a slot machine or two. Go for a drive. Have a cocktail. (In that order!) It’s whatever you want it to be — four days of play time carved out of the normal routine of life, with leisure and indulgence your only priorities.

Adweek Venerates MINIs' "Win Small" Ad Campaign

Adweek makes BSSP's MINI "Win Small" advertising its Ad Of The Day for July 24, 2012.  It says, in part:
. . . Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners—which recently kept the business after a mandatory review—is playing up the vehicles' diminutive stature with an attitude-driven, Olympics-themed montage about the upside of being outsized by the competition. "Small is a long shot. Small is fearless. Small works harder," argues on-screen copy. Punk band Living Things' "Bombs Below" revs up the ad, directed by Tool's Geordie Stephens, another in the long tradition of car commercials that maybe wish they were music videos.

The visuals are quick cuts: A short boy faces off against a tall boy on a dirt backyard soccer pitch. A short mixed martial arts fighter faces off against a tall one in a dark cage. A short basketball player faces off against a tall one. Those sports-themed shots are interspersed with footage of Minis, naturally, and clips that allude to the time-honored underdog mantle Mini is assuming: David vs. Goliath, Popeye vs. Bluto, and … Beaver vs. Bear? "Small wins our hearts," says the copy's punch line, the ad's real point. Translation: You know you love us, even though (or perhaps sometimes because) we're pint-sized. It's a fun, confident execution of a fittingly defiant strategy for the BMW-owned brand, which has earned iconic status despite selling relatively few units.

"Win small," says the ad's less-sensical, less-resonant tagline. Actually, Olympians—and the fans they represent—don't really want to win small. They want to win big, even if Mini is trying to sell little cars.
If you have not yet seen it here is the video -

MINI In London Olympics Opening Ceremony

Mab01uk @ North American Motoring has posted a series of captures of the MINI during  the ceremony.

"The Lady Gaga Of The MINI World"

That is what Richard Augustin partially sub-titles his review of the MINI Cooper S Coupe in The Malay Mail.  He concludes:
As far as driving goes, the Coupé scores top marks for being a bonafide tarmac hugging overgrown go-kart. It goes as well as it looks but other than that it’s essentially a MINI Cooper S in a hotter, sexier dress that shows off some newly acquired naughty bits. Sometimes, that isn’t such a bad thing after all.

A Film By Chris Cropper

[Source: skapatic @ YouTube]

The Mirai Itasha MINI Countryman

From Japan. It is anime-licious!

[Source: culture japan]

MINI Paceman To Cost More Than Countryman?

Henny Hemmes at The Auto Channel tells all he presently knows about the upcoming Paceman with a surprise that, at least in the U.K., the two door Paceman will be more expensive than the four door Countryman.

A MINI Glossy Black Vinyl Tony Wrap

Tony Wrap is located in Thailand.  What do you think of the material being used?

MINIs On Tour 2012

German Autohaus Reisacher leads hundreds of MINIs on an auto tour of the Allgäu (Southern Bavaria).

The Place Where A Stop Sign Became A Suggestion

Check out this local news report on a Stop sign in Belmont, CA brought to our attention by Jalopnik. We suggest that you all abide by the law, especially now since Stanley Roberts at KRON 4 has called you out.

MINI Cooper Beach Castle Edition

[Source: MINI Of SF @ Facebook]

The Motor Report Reviews An Automatic 2012 MCS Coupe

The Motor Report reviews an automatic transmission 2012 MINI Cooper S Coupe and provides this ultimate verdict:

Would you buy the MINI Cooper S Coupe for its willing engine and keen handling?

Damn right you would. But you could buy a MINI hatch, or, if you needed the extra carry space, the Countryman five-door to the same effect.

And, while the Coupe’s boot is ok, you can’t fit much inside that tight cabin (so choose your friends carefully).

It’s pricey - especially if lined up alongside Toyota’s new 86 - but what makes the case for this little belter is its unique looks and roller-skate charm.

Strangers won’t understand it, and your Mum definitely won’t. But, take the wheel of the Coupe and you’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear as soon as you barrel it into a corner.

Santa Ana's Crevier MINI Largest California Dealer

Crevier MINI in Santa Ana opened its new facility on July 2, 2012 and claims to now be the biggest California MINI Dealership with the features of the facility include:

* Over 200 New and Used MINI Coopers in stock allowing customers one place to find their unique car.

* One of the largest/State of the art facilities in the country (has room for 13 display MINI’s in the showroom)

* 12 Motoring Advisors

* 4 Service Advisors

* 20 Total Service Bays

* 3 Wash Bays (courtesy washes 6 days a week)

* 50 Dedicated “MINI” service loaners

* Relaxing Customer Lounge (Has Cable TV/Vending/Gourmet Coffee)

* Xbox gaming area (Great to let your children hang out while you take care of purchasing or servicing your MINI Cooper)

* Sales is open 7 days a week

* Parts is open 7 days a week

* Service is open 6 days a week

Camouflage Couture

A personalized "Gucci" pattern.  What do you think?

[Source: Vadi999 @ YouTube]

Long Jumper J.J. Jegede Prepares For The 2012 London Olympics

. . .  by jumping over three MINIs!

[Source: gaur1982 @ YouTube]

Caught Cheating In Her MINI

Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, a married man, at the gym in the parking lot in her MINI.  A fictionalized account of the umm, session,is available at A Twilight Kiss.

You would think with all the money these B and C listers have they could at least afford a motel room.

The Power Of The ProDrive MINI WRC

Watch and listen as the MINI Countryman WRC starts the 62 Trento Bondone hill climbing race. Wow!

[Source: francesco636 @ YouTube]

A Little Over A Minute With The MINI Cooper JCW GP

[Source: MINI Macedonia @ YouTube]

Ten Minutes Of Racing From The Scottish MINI Cooper Cup 2012

[Source: munky2k @ YouTube]

India's CarTrade.com Reviews The MINI Countryman

Aditya Chatterjee thoroughly reviews the MINI Countryman for India's CarTrade.com. Chatterjee provides an extensive photo gallery and has loads of observations. Here is one:
Coming to the tastiest part of the review is the drive. Slide in the key and press the Start button. Behold as an orchestra of tunes from the engine and the exhaust start rolling in tandem. Even if you have the most matured approach towards life and like the calm and serenity of surroundings, this bad girl will lure you to do things against it. At an age, when one should be behaving in a composed manner, I lose it every time I step in such maniac headed machines. This was first observed when I had driven the AMG series of cars and then now in the MINI Countryman.

MINI Tops Two 2012 J.D. Power APEAL Study Segments

J.D. Power and Associates says:
The J.D. Power and Associates Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study examines what consumers like about their new vehicles after 90 days of ownership. Often referred to as "things gone right," APEAL is based on eight categories of vehicle performance and design: engine/transmission; ride, handling and braking; comfort/convenience; seats; cockpit/instrument panel; heating, ventilation and cooling; sound system; and styling/exterior.
MINI walked away with top honors for the 2012 Countryman in the Compact Crossover SUV segment and the 2012 MINI Coupe/Roadster won the Compact Sporty Car segment. MINI is not classified as a premium brand by J.D. Power.

Roadster Is Aaron Gold's Favorite MINI

As About.com Car Guide Aaron Gold finishes a week-long test drive of the new MINI Roadster he posts:
. . . . I've found a MINI I really like, mostly because it's just so straightforward: Two seats, moderate trunk, removable roof, and let's take on the Miata. I'll have my full review next week.

One In A Thousand And It's At East Bay MINI

East Bay MINI posts on Facebook that it has a 2012 MINI Cooper Inspired by Goodwood in Rolls-Royce Diamond Black Metallic in stock and in its showroom.

Autocar.co.uk Reviews The MINI Cooper SD

[Source: autocar @ YouTube]

Definitely A Road Made For MINIs

[Source: Just A Car Guy]

A Look At The 2012 MCS JCW Dual Pane Sunroof

[Source: AutoscaCanada @ YouTube]

Digitally Enhanced Spy Shots Of Next Gen. MINI Interior

German website auto motor-sport has digitally enhanced spy photographs of the next generation MINI.  The close up shot of the MINI's upgraded center stack, shows  a "flip switch" Start button? Also, the speedometer has now been moved to the steering wheel.

London MINI Fire Brigade For The Olympics

[Source: Jerome Hansen via Milwaukee Minis @ Facebook]

How Do You Like These MINIs?

Bond MINI Diary from Japan explains these two wildly customized MINIs are on display at the "BMW GROUP STUDIO" and that the vehicles were designed as collaborations between MINI Japan and Tomoyasu Hotel.

Now You See It Now You Don't

Watch as Kuwait Illusionist Yousef Al Kandar makes a yellow MINI vanish in the Desert.

[Source: via iTricks magic news]

Kelley Blue Book Reviews The 2012 MINI Roadster

Kelley Blue Book reviews the numbers on the 2012 MINI Roadster and also directs the reader to a comparison with the Mazda MX-5.

MINIs Take Gavia Pass In The Italian Alps

[Source: Vaclav Machalek @ YouTube]

Maxwell's MINI Adventure

Maxwell Truth posts this video synopsis:
Maxwell gets a hankering for authentic German food and begins his search for Scharfs restaurant navigating his MINI Cooper through the streets of Buffalo encountering a few notable characters along the way

Car Coach Reports On MTTS

[Source: loveyorkies314 @ YouTube]

Sordo Excites At Las Ventas Red Bull X-Fighters 2012

[Source: DaniSordoofficial @ YouTube]

Motor Trend Recounts MTTS JCW Countryman And Roadster Experience

Jason Udy recounts for Motor Trend his MTTS 2012 experience as he traversed the route in a "German-spec Mini Countryman S ALL4 John Cooper Works" and a Roadster JCW. He also recalls some interesting thoughts expressed by MINI executives along the way.

Race A MINI On Your iPhone

CRS Racing is not a new game, however it is still very popular, always updated and its free. It is a drag race style game with Nitrous Oxide and street racing. Here is a "MINI" preview:

[Source: MRIOSdevices @ YouTube]

Hey Dog, I Can See Right Through You

[Source: Design You Trust - Design Blog and Community @ Facebook]

A Little MINI Ride On Conifer Mountain, CO

[Source: YetiProductions99 @ YouTube]

A Look At The GP2 And Its 8:23 Official 'Ring Lap

MotoringFile directs us video of the official 8:23 lap of the GP2 at Nordschleife as well as video of final testing of the vehicle.


MINI Motorsport provides a short exposé on the third round of the MINI RUSHOUR clubsport series where, at night, 18 racing MINIs took on the Misano Racing Circuit in Italy

Scare The Sh%! Out Of A Sleeping Car Passenger

If you were his wife would you forgive him?

[Source: TheMannyChannel @ YouTube]

Vicky Van de Walle Fulfills Childhood Dream

MINI Motorsport highlights Vicky Van de Walle's story.  The Belgian driver wanted to race rally cars since she was four years old and is now in the driver's seat of a black MINI Cooper S. In just her seventh start she secured eighth place at the Leptines Rally in Belgium in May.

Dani Sordo Prepping For Madrid's Red Bull X-Fighters

[Source: MINI @ Facebook]

Film Short: "Batman Got Hit By Cooper S"

[Source: fahdrock88 @ YouTube]

Peterhansel Takes Baja Spain; Al Mutaiwei Second

MINI Motorsport reports this past weekend Stéphane Peterhansel won the Baja Spain and team-mate Khalifa Al Mutaiwei finished second driving for MINI ALL4 Racing.

McPherson Reviews The Roadster

Writing for the Hartford-Courant, Jim McPherson reviews the MINI Cooper Roadster.  His ultimate perspective on the vehicle:
My bottom line on the Roadster: It's a fun car, but so is the regular Mini convertible, which I think would be more practical for most folks.

Hot Aloha Rally Da Kine

Thank you to all those who participated in NORCAL MINIS' and MINI Of Concord's 4th Annual Aloha Rally.

Here is a movie of photos taken by our own Chuck Jefferis at the NORCAL MINIS' Big Island Funkana!  More videos and photos will follow in the days to come,.

Motor Trend's Sixth Updated Review Of 2011 MCS Countryman

Mike Floyd of Motor Trend for the sixth time updates the review of Motor Trend's long term 2011 MINI Cooper S Countryman tester. Floyd brings along photographer Melissa Spiering.  Spiering loves the vehicle but, after a long Arizona road trip, Spiering gripes about the side-view mirrors being placed too far down on the door for her tastes since the bottom of the passenger side mirror can be cut off depending on driver height and seating position. Floyd provides this "bottom line":
The biggest Mini can haul the mail, and haul butt at the same time. Despite what the purists may say, the Countryman is a car Mini had to do, and by all accounts, they've done it pretty well.

MINI Canada Delivers Its 40,000th MINI

Steve Ambeau (right), MINI Canada Brand Communications Manager, 

presents Jeremy Burge with the keys to his brand new MINI Cooper S Countryman. 

The Countryman is the first four-door compact SUV in MINI's history, and was aptly

the 40,000th MINI to be delivered on Canadian soil. Mr. Burge took delivery in 

Toronto on Thursday, July 19, during the brand's 10-year anniversary in Canada. 

(CNW Group/MINI Canada)

Canada Newswire reports MINI Canada delivered its 40,000th vehicle to a Canadian customer on Thursday, July 19, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario. MINI Canada said about the milestone:
"Our 10th anniversary is turning into a year of significant accomplishments," said Adam Shaver, Director, MINI Canada. "Our retailers are investing in an unprecedented way in their facilities, our sales continue to climb, and our model line-up is expanding. And more exciting products are coming, which means we're looking forward to more achievements to celebrate in the future."

MINI has enjoyed tremendous success in Canada during its 10-year history. After selling more than 5,000 units in a single year for the first time in 2011, MINI Canada's sales momentum continues in 2012. The brand is up over 27 per cent for the first half of the year, and secured its second-consecutive best-ever month with its June sales results. Having started with a single model and just over a dozen retailers, the brand has grown into a family of six unique product offerings and a retailer network of nearly 30 facilities across Canada. Models range from the original and much-loved two-door MINI Hatch to the all-wheel drive, four-door MINI Countryman. The Countryman represents the first true four-door compact SUV in MINI's history, and was aptly the 40,000th MINI to be delivered on Canadian soil.

"Our model line-up is growing in such a way that we resonate with more Canadians than ever," continued Shaver. "Customers can grow with the MINI of today; when their lifestyle changes - with the expansion of their own family, for example - we have a product to meet their needs. And no matter the model, the common denominator across the line-up is the irresistible MINI performance and handling. On top of that, our sales are strong and we've just delivered our 40,000th vehicle since we started doing business in Canada. For a brand of small cars, that's a pretty big accomplishment."

A Parallel Parking Cheering Section

Drunken German footballers following Germany's win over Argentina in Euro 2012 root on a parallel parker:

[Source: via autoblog]

MINI Rocketman Concept London Edition

Pocket Lint discusses in detail the MINI Rocketman Concept vehicle, a London Edition of which can be seen at the BMW MINI Pavilion at the 2012 London Olympics.  The vehicle is packed with forward looking innovative features but, at its essence it is:
" . . . a 3+1-seater, with its three doors and an exterior length of just over 3 metres.

It's made from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic, enabling a lightweight construction and the colour scheme helps the concept really stand out. If you don't like red, white and blue, and the Union Jack, stop reading now.

One Lap In The MINI Trophy 2012 Series

This is Franjo Kovac of the Besaplast team Dombek at Sachsenring in the MINI TROPHY 2012 series race.

[Source: Dombi1906 @ YouTube]

Wheeling Out The MINI London 2012 Edition

[Source: via East Bay MINI @ Facebook]

Kristen Stewart Leaves Comic-Con In Her MINI

Just Jared has a photo gallery of Twilight star Kristen Stewart with her MINI after being spotted leaving Comic-con in the her Cooper.  She was at Comic-con talking about the production of the last Twilight films, "Breaking Dawn 2."  She is reported to have said:
“The ratings, man! [It's] a tricky thing … because we’re supposed to have mind-boggling, otherworldly…sex,” Kristen said about keeping the last Twilight films suitable for young adults at the 2012 Comic-Con panel the previous week. “In the first one, Breaking Dawn 1, we really tried to keep the first one sweet….Nothing about this series is raunchy. But in the second one, we just wanted to be animals,” she added.

DIY: Replace Your Car's Air Conditioning System

[Source: Laugh It Out @ Facebook]

MINI F56 To Debut At 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show

BMWBlog citing its source as Bimmertoday, advises that the next generation F56 MINI will debut next year at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Also at the show the article claims BMW will introduce three-cylinder engines for the MINI Cooper and MINI One.

Double Take - Is That? . . . No, It Isn't

Terra, a Portuguese news website, reports the Court of Rio de Janeiro suspended an interim injunction that prohibited the sale and importation of Chinese Lifan 320 car. BMW is trying to get the car off the market because it considers it a "generic" MINI Cooper. In May, the court had banned the sale of the model. Judge Luciano Rinaldi decided that not allowing the entry of the Chinese model in Brazil is only valid when there is a consolidated view on the subject. While the MINI costs 150,000 Real in Brazil, the Lifan 320 costs 30,000 Real.

Six Percent Of Drivers Are "Sadistic Animal Killers"

That is Gizmodo's analysis after watching this Mark Rober experiment video experiment.

Team Octane's Adam Isman

Check out Team Octane No. 47 MINI driver Adam Isman in this cockpit video from a CTCC series race on June 24, 2012.

Icar #47 June 24 Isman R6 from Team Octane - Equipe Octane on Vimeo.

Piero Longhi Is MINI Motorsport's MINI Star Of The Month

MINI Motorsport pays tribute to MINI WRC driver Piero Longhi who has had five podiums in his eight rallies. As for the future:
Piero will line up in his MINI WRC at two more events in this season’s International Rally Cup: the Rally Valli Cuneesi on 24th /25th August and the Rally di Bassano on 28th /29th September. If nothing else, MINI fans should pick up their pens and mark the Rally Valli Cuneesi in their diaries. Why? Because the WRC will be in Germany at the same time and might just distract from Piero’s next stellar performance. Nobody should miss out on highlights like these.

Win A MINI, Shop Delhi Duty Free

According to India Blooms, Delhi Duty Free, India’s largest duty free retailer at T3, IGI airport, is running a promotion titled ‘Where’s your Mini?’ that affords its international travelers an opportunity to win a MINI by shopping at Delhi Duty Free between July-September. Customers will get one entry for every $50 of their total purchase. In September one winner will be declared by way of a draw.

Check Out The BMW MINI 2012 Olympic Park Pavilion

[The Tower is not part of BMW's Olympic Park Pavilion]
BMW has provided this press release:
BMW Group unveils London 2012 Olympic Park Pavilion
The final countdown to London 2012 has begun and BMW Group today unveiled their Olympic Park Pavilion, expected to draw thousands of visitors each day of the Games.

Conceived by an award-winning British architecture firm, the BMW Group Pavilion represents a significant architectural addition to the Olympic Park, showing an exciting range of the company’s latest vehicles against the backdrop of the Olympic Stadium and Aquatics Centre. The structure also underlines the company’s longstanding commitment to design and sustainability with an array of individual rooftop pavilions exhibiting current models as well as concept cars of the future.

The Pavilion is light and open, appearing to ‘float’ on the river as water flows down the sides of the structure to create a constantly changing façade, whilst simultaneously accentuating its position on an elevated platform on the Waterworks River. The lower floor exhibition area is dedicated to the London 2012 Games fleet and interactive displays for guests to learn more about the BMW Group’s vision for the future of individual transport, its approach to sustainability and wider London 2012 partnership activities. These include how the Group has helped elite and aspiring athletes on their road to 2012 and brought improvements to the sporting world through technology. Also on display are prototype models including the BMW E-Scooter and the BMW i Pedelec concept – a recently announced concept electrically-assisted bicycle, and a new-look MINI Rocketman Concept, a revised version of the original Rocketman concept, first seen at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Inspired by London 2012 and paying tribute to our capital, the new MINI Rocketman has a Union Jack-inspired colour scheme.

In an intimate cinema space a special film is shown before an opportunity to view the upper floor product displays. The top deck, comprising of nine individual rooftop pavilions, displays current and future BMW Group vehicles including the BMW i3 Concept, the BMW i8 Concept and the new generation BMW 3 Series Touring.

Tim Abbott, Managing Director, BMW Group UK comments: “The role of the Pavilion is two-fold – to explain the support we’re providing as the Official Automotive Partner to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, but also to provide a powerful visual symbol of our commitment to the highest standards of innovation in design and sustainability. We look forward to welcoming visitors and guests to the BMW Group Pavilion throughout the Games.”

Water plays a central role in the Pavilion’s design. The Waterworks River provides the water, which is filtered and used to cool the building as it flows down the walls, before being returned to the river. The upper floor is surrounded by water, reflecting views of the Olympic Park and each of the rooftop pavilions has a distinctive, light roof and slender, straight columns, designed to complement other Olympic Park structures including the Velodrome.

Principal architect Christopher Lee comments: “As a British-based practice, we were delighted to be selected to work with BMW Group for the UK’s first Olympic and Paralympic Games since 1948. It’s not every day that one has the opportunity to work with a brand like BMW on such a global stage and we are proud that the finished result will be seen by thousands of people during London 2012.”

In line with BMW Group’s commitment to sustainability, the environment was a key consideration in the design of the company’s 800m2 Pavilion. As well as the filtering and recycling of the river water, steel with high recycled content provides the structural backbone and use of other carbon-intensive materials such as concrete has been minimised.

The BMW Group Pavilion will be accessible throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games to all Olympic Park visitors and provides an opportunity for members of the public to learn more about the company’s latest innovations and role at the Games first-hand.

Stéphane Peterhansel To Take On Baja Spain For MINI ALL4 Racing

This will be Peterhansel's first race since winning the Dakar Rally in January. Khalifa Al Mutaiwei will also line up for MINI ALL4 Racing at Baja Spain.

[Source: MINI Motorsport]

Be One Of The First To Drive A MINI JCW GP2

Be one of the first in the world to drive the new MINI John Cooper Works GP. Enter the MINI Facebook Competition here and if you are good, liked, tenacious, on-line and lucky you may be doing this:

TFLCar Reviews The 2012 MCS Coupe

[Source: The Fastlane Car @ YouTube]

Say Goodbye To Nürburgring

Bimmerfile reports the famed track will now close since it could not obtain the financial help necessary to keep it open and in operation after the current season.  The article says, in part:
The current season of events at the ‘Ring will more than likely continue, but the future will depend on the administrators and if any investors would like the venue. It all begs the question as to what will happen if the ‘Ring does go bust- will it just be barricaded off or will it return as a free public street maintained by the German government without any of the sanctioned events? Many car manufacturers have test facilities on the ‘Ring- including BMW and without the ‘Ring they will need to change much of their development process.
It is rather unfortunate. We will miss sanctioned events at this venerated racetrack:

[Source: Bene329 @ YouTube]

"I Believe I Can Fly"

"I Believe I Can Touch The Sky . . . ."  

You probably can, like this motorist, after hitting buckled pavement on a Wisconsin highway.

[Source: Reuters]

Inventorspot Looks At China's 2012 MINI Cooper Olympic Special Edition

Inventorspot publishes an article about the exclusive Special Edition for China. Here is part of what it reports:
As a tip of the hat to their loyal and increasing market in China, MINI is offering a unique paint and graphics package, the “China Olympic Special Edition”, beginning in July of 2012 and priced at 296,000 RMB or about $46,500.

The cars are finished in British Racing Green paint highlighted by five-striped gold banding along the lower sides and over the roof from the left front grill to the right rear bumper.

Once the banding hits the white-painted roof, it makes an oval loop-de-loop on the tinted glass sunroof – the effect approximates the 5-lane running track where many of the Olympic track & field events will take place.

Other features include a numbered “MINI China Olympic Special Edition” grill badge and unique gray-scale Union Jack flag mirror caps. Curiously, there's not a single 5-ringed Olympic logo to be seen anywhere on the car, regardless of the fact MINI is the official partner of the Chinese 2012 Olympic delegation.

There's nothing special under the hood either: buyers will find the same 1.6-liter, 120-hp (88kw), inline-four engine that powers the standard Cooper model. No matter – based on MINI's previous marketing history in China, the China Olympic Special Edition may sell out faster than Usain Bolt can run the hundred.

Give Your Bicycles A MINI Ride

Mini Cooper Animation from DUNEDIN ARTS on Vimeo.

MINI Coupe "Worthy Of The Real Irish Car Of The Year Gong"

Calling it a "Mini Marvel",  Herald.ie reports on Ian Mallon's review of the Coupe:
A car that didn't but probably should have topped the new Fleet Motorcheck Car of the Year 2012 Awards, is the Mini Cooper Coupe.

It is certainly the best small car this year and is far and away the most unique looking new car.

It's the beautiful looking one that's made its way onto my drive for some time even if it looks like a beanbag on wheels.

Take off of 0-100kph of 9 seconds and a top whack of 204kph.

It's held together by a quite exhilarating 122 bhp which throws out an awful lot of power when you demand it.

The Mini is of course also a work of modern art.

Mine had delicious stripes on the outside and the inside was once again unmistakeably Mini - you customise the whole look to your tastes.

The big speed dial face in the middle, the gloriously simple sound system, and the utterly charming dashboard are some of the most familiar features in motoring today.

The Mini Cooper Coupe is simply stunning, even if it does look like a fat woman has been dropped on the back roof of a Clubman.

And how can you not love that pop up spoiler which I'm told can add 80kph worth of performance on the open road.

CSU's White Gives You A Tour Of The MINI Countryman

Colorado State University business major Amanda White helps Fort Collins MINI by giving us a tour of the MINI Countryman as part of her honors student course in marketing.

DIY: Change The Brakes On A MINI

[Source: MrSdways @ YouTube]

Backing Into Looking At A MINI Cooper S

Mini Cooper S 5D Mk II - Short edit from James Holloway on Vimeo.

MINI Took The Coast To MINI Takes The States

NORCAL MINIS' Chuck Jefferis brings us these photos from the Bay Area to the final weekend of MTTS 2012.

MINI JCW R56 And JCW GP R53 Play In The Rain At Nordschleife

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DIY: Replace Rear Brake Pads On A MINI

Although this procedure is done in the video on a 2007 all MINI rear brakes the procedure is the same since model year 2002 on, except the Countryman, according to Mini Mania.

IntelliChoice Award Goes To The 2012 MINI

IntelliChoice.com recommends the 2012 MINI Cooper S hatchback and awarded it the SmartChoice Retained Value award.

[Source: via Finchannel.com]