Thursday, July 19, 2012

Say Goodbye To Nürburgring

Bimmerfile reports the famed track will now close since it could not obtain the financial help necessary to keep it open and in operation after the current season.  The article says, in part:
The current season of events at the ‘Ring will more than likely continue, but the future will depend on the administrators and if any investors would like the venue. It all begs the question as to what will happen if the ‘Ring does go bust- will it just be barricaded off or will it return as a free public street maintained by the German government without any of the sanctioned events? Many car manufacturers have test facilities on the ‘Ring- including BMW and without the ‘Ring they will need to change much of their development process.
It is rather unfortunate. We will miss sanctioned events at this venerated racetrack:

[Source: Bene329 @ YouTube]

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