Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

Your Host(s) for the Event: Paige Lane Route: https://maps.app.goo.gl/tGNYaz7VcvVDeXPLA Download the map for off-line use  - in case we lose...

NorCal MINIS Continuing To Give!

Happy Day to all NorCal MINIS Members,

Many of you have seen this on Facebook but I just wanted to post it again. Thank you to all of our members who donated money to lend a hand to the Valley Humane Society in Pleasanton. 

As you all know part of our club goal as a certified 501c7 non-profit is to donate to organizations such as this who need as much help as possible. 

Pacific Coast Run - February 20, 2021 Recap

Your Hosts For The Event - Gordon and Alison Lee

At the startup on the great highway, we had a total of 21 cars. Knowingly, there were 17 traffic lights to the second meetup. We decided to embark with two groups. Noticed everyone seemed to know the route as we were jockeying for optimum position on Sunset Blvd. When we drove up John Daly Blvd., I noticed on the side mirror, everyone was driving in perfect unison growling up the hill, like track-stars on a race course.

At the second meetup, we met with 14 minis at a Safeway and it looked like a mini dealership. Everyone had a great time with the free giveaways.

On Highway 1:
We had one big line of 35 minis on and there were a lot of spectators in awe along the road. My friend; Brian has done a practice run with us and he ended up being the follow car for the second group. There were multiple views of the Pacific coastline, surfers, and scenic trees along the way.

On Highway 92, our members were able to regroup by changing lanes. And we were once again in proper formation.

On Highway 35, there were a lot of bicycles and most stayed on the shoulder of the road. Even a fleeting moment of a baby coyote staring at our roaring cars. We had a glimpse of the ranger pickup truck backed into a pine tree. Felt like he was keeping a watchful eye on our speed. On our way towards the last leg, we passed by Alice’s Restaurant.

On the last leg, there was a smooth 300 degree turn and a lot of folks liked that smooth feeling. Traffic was light and we were able to experience the downward twists as we worked our way towards Lucky’s on Woodside. Instead of dispersing at the end, 15 minis pulled up at the Lucky’s plaza to chat about cars and upcoming events.

All is all it was a great day!

Gordon and Alison