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Well, Isn't That A Fine Howdy Do?

A pink MINI "F.U." MINI Countryman spotted in Shanghai, China and posted by CarNewsChina.com.

New MINI JCW Concept At Goodwood Festival Of Speed

mab01uk @ mini2.com has posted a series of photos, including this one.

The National Road Tests The 2014 MINI Cooper S

Kevin Hackett road tests the 2014 MINI Cooper S and writes about it in the United Arab Emirates publication The National. Hackett has his "quibbles," but, finds:
These are all minor quibbles, however, and the Cooper S, while not really worthy of its asking price, remains a mighty fun – sorry, fine – car that still makes me grin like a buffoon. We need more irreverent cars like this – they show us that, despite all the progress in design and engineering, a car can still have a big personality and turn every drive into a mini adventure.

California! We're No. 1 (In Car Theft)!

While U.S. vehicle thefts are down 58% from their 1991 peak, cars.com's KickingTires Blog points out that 9 of the top ten cities for vehicle theft are in California:

1. Bakersfield, Calif. (3)
2. Fresno, Calif. (2)
3. Modesto, Calif. (1)
4. San Francisco/Oakland/Hayward, Calif. (6)
5. Stockton-Lodi, Calif. (4)
6. Redding, Calif. (10)
7. Spokane-Spokane Valley, Wash. (9)
8. Vallejo-Fairfield, Calif. (8)
9. San Jose/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara, Calif. (7)
10. Yuba City, Calif. (31)

". . . An Improvement In Every Department"

That is part of the headline to Top Gear's Richard Hammond's review of the 2014 MINI Cooper for the United Kingdom's Mirror. Hammond writes, in part:
. . . The new engine sounds a bit grumbly when it starts, which it would do having three cylinders, but once you’re going it’s a gem. . . . .

MINI Featured Marque At Mid-Ohio

The Mansfield News Journal has a feature on The Mechanics Bank Vintage Gran Prix at Mid-Ohio which will be inundated with MINIs as, this year, MINI is the featured marque.  If you are going say hello to NORCAL MINIS member Doug Bennett!

Almost 80 Percent Of MINI Owners in China Are Women

Bloomberg reports that MINI will direct marketeing efforts in China toward males.  It asserts in China the MINI is a status symbol among women.

Motor Trend's 5th Update To Its 2013 Coupe Long-Term Test

Motor Trend offers its fifth update to its review of its 2013 MINI Coupe long-term test vehicle and focuses on entertainment options.

MINI 1.6L Engine In Class 2014 International Engine Of The Year

The 1.6 litre engine used in the MINI received kudos as the 2014 International Engine Of The Year in the 1.4 to 1.6 litre clas and, according to the charts at CARSCOOPS, came in seventh overall. The awards are given by a panel of automotive journalists.

What Went Wrong With Chicherit's Countryman Long Jump Record Attempt?

Watch this video and find out:

Nine "Nuggets" Car Learned From Driving The MINI Superleggera Concept

Georg Kacher got the exclusive opportunity to drive the MINI Superleggera Concept at its unveiling at Villa d' Este. He discusses "nine nuggets" he learned fron the test drive in Car, a UK motoring magazine. One of these "nuggets":
. . . The dashboard was crafted from a single piece of aluminium . . . .

South Africa's The Citizen Reviews The 2014 MINI

Mark Jones reviews the 2014 MINI for South Africa's The Citizen. Jones advises, in part:
The new Mini sure offers plenty on all fronts, but this privilege comes with a price tag that has also grown over the years. The cherry on the Mini pricing cake is that the car will now be offered with a five-year/ 100 000km motorplan versus the previous three-year/75 000km motorplan offering.

Say Goodbye To The Roadster, Coupe And Paceman

YouWheels.com says it has received insider info that MINI is cutting the Paceman, Roadster and Coupe from the MINI line-up.

carwitter Takes A Closer Look At The 2014 MCS Paceman

carwitter closely focuses on the 2014 MINI Cooper S Paceman. Among its observations:
Despite the fact that the Paceman has a sporty shape, the interior is actually pretty roomy – even a six foot plus passenger can fit into a seat with some space to spare. The boot also has up to 1,080 litres of space, which isn’t far off the Countryman’s 1,190 litres. A slight problem is the fact that you can’t get a Paceman with any more than two individual rear seats, but let’s face it, this was never going to be a family car.

What Are The Hottest MINI Colors?

Mrdi @ North American Motoring.com provides a scientific approach to the question:
Living in Sunny So Cal, we are concerned about color choices because of the heat they generate. At first our choice was the Pepper White, but just as we were about to order the new color, Moonwalk Grey appeared. We like the color, but be aware.....
Moonwalk Grey is as hot as the Black.
I measured surface temp today at the dealer.
The reds, charcoals and dark colors are hot. but the grey is deceptively HOT.
NOTE. the White Silver is very cOOl .
The cOOlest is the bright white on the Countryman.
Fried eggs anyone?

Reply #2
Yesterday 01:09 PM by gtmotor

How did you measure the surface temperature? IR thermometer? Can you post up some numbers? I have a hard time believing there is that much difference in actual temperature between the colors.

Reply #3
Yesterday 03:03 PM by Mrdi

In Doubt?
In direct sun:
Put your hand flat on the hood of various colors and experience the phenomenon.
You can manage this simple experiment in any parking lot.
The Mini dealers lot sampling will be definitive however.

* * *

CraveOnline Reviews The 2014 MINI Cooper S

Lifestyle site CraveOnline drives the 2014 MINI Cooper S. One of its "likes":
That sat-nav is one of the finest I’ve used. The screen is bright, its graphic design colorful and well-planned. The directions are clear and delivered with ample time to make adjustments on course. That’s particularly useful in a city like London or Edinburgh – where the streets are narrow and lead to many one way routes.

New MINI Falls Apart During Test Drive!

Car Crushing reports, in part:
Yup, as the pictures suggest, the shift knob, boot and surround all came right off this shiny new 2014 MINI Cooper S. To make matters worse (for MINI at least) the car itself just so happens to belong to Consumer Reports, which is none too pleased about the issue.

Apparently the shifter broke free during a spirited drive, but not during official evaluation. The site comments on the obvious seriousness of this defect, which has the potential to cause an accident.

While the actual shifter did stay intact, enabling shifting, a less-experienced driver might easily (and understandably) panic in such a situation.

MINI's Plant Oxford Body Shop Goes Solar

Rush Hour features an article on MINI's Plant Oxford Body Shop transition to solar power and other energy efficient technologies.

What The 5 Door MINI Hatch Will Cost

Carscoops provides the numbers officially released by MINI USA. It says, in part:
Pricing is pretty straightforward, with Mini charging a $1,000 premium over the three door models for an extra pair of doors along with a longer (+6.3 inches) and taller body (+0.4 inches).

At launch, there will be two models to choose from, starting with the base $21,950 (*excluding destination) MINI Cooper Hardtop 4 door with a 1.5-liter turbo'd 3-cylinder gasoline engine delivering 134hp and up to 170 lb-ft, which reaches 60mph in 7.6 seconds with a 6sp manual (7.7sec for the automatic) and a top speed of 129mph (both manual and auto).

The other option is the $24,600 (again, without destination and handling) Mini Cooper S Hardtop 4 door featuring a 2.0-liter turbo four with 189hp and 207 lb-ft, which sprints to 60mph in 6.6 seconds with a stick shift (6.5 sec for the automatic) and tops out at 145mph (144mph for the auto).

MINI Hires Dutch Company To Manage Its Social Media

campaign reports MINI has given Dutch agency Kingsday its global social media account, including control of the MINI website.

Need We Ask?

[Source: Laurie Flynn @ Pinterest]

Comparing The 2014 MINI Cooper Hatch and 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost

easybranches.eu thoroughly compares the vehicles and, by a slim margin, gives MINI the win.

MINI Design And Photo Competition Now Open

According to art news blog:
MINI Space is accepting submissions for their “Open Road” competition. Designers and photographers are invited to explore the theme of the great open road. First prize is NOT a MINI unfortunately but there’s a few cool tech goodies up for grabs. First prize is an iMac 21.5” 2.7 GHz, second is a GoPro Hero3+ Camera, third is a B&O H6 Headphones, and the online popular vote prize is a Projector Keyboard. There’s just over 50 days left to get your entries in.

MINI UK Sells Parts And Accessories On EBay

AMOnline reports that MINI UK has launched an eBay store where its sells, kits, parts and accessories.

A South African Review Of The 2014 MINI Cooper

South Africa's SAcarfan offers a first drive review of the 2014 MINI Cooper and Cooper S.  It concludes:
The more modest Mini Cooper impressed the most, with ample power from its new engine to work the chassis and suspension to the point of evoking the element and philosophy of fun, which runs strongly through the Mini brand. The 6-speed manual could do with closer ratios and a more defined shift action, but there’s a John Cooper Works (JCW) version to look forward to yet.

The Mini Cooper is growing up and it’s all the better for it.

Airport MINI Of Cleveland's Monster MINI Campaign

In anticipation of its Grand Opening Airport MINI Of Cleveland has come up with its own MINI video tribute series. According to the digital journal:
Airport MINI of Cleveland has created a "MINI Series" featuring the titular vehicle in different movie parodies. Different models of MINI Coopers take place of some of film's most iconic vehicles to highlight the fun and quirkiness that the MINI brand represents.

Airport MINI of Cleveland and The CAG's team (marketing director Jackie Studor, videographer Anthony Zart, digital marketing Ralph Stawicki, and copywriter Ian Marty) stick with four films and four parodies with a fifth film planned. The fifth video will feature the winner of the "Be a Star" contest. The winner will also win a MINI Cooper lease for a year.

The MINI Series films – three aptly titled "Night of the Living MINI," "MINI Busters," and "Cretaceous MINI" – are entirely made in-house from casting to creating make-up. All actors come from The Collection Auto Group along with friends. "We really wanted to make the series personal — but personal in the way that appealed to fans of all ages; fans in both camps," says Zart. "The MINI brand is really fitting for this kind of campaign, and we were ecstatic to run wild and have fun." The MINI Series videos will be released in regular intervals throughout June and July.

The MINI Series cars will be placed around the Cleveland area – including the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the Tremont Art Walk, Fahrenheit, and many other locations – and will allow passers-by to interact and enter a social media-based contest. Weekly winners will receive a $100 gift certificate to Crocker Park in Westlake.

MINI Losing Its Mojo?

MINI worldwide sales for May continued its downward trend, losing 9.6% in sales over the same period in 2013. According to MotoringFile, MINI expected the losses and attributes it to the transition to the new F56 generation of MINIs.

MINI And Dezeen Launch "Frontiers Of Mobility" Design Exhibition

[Source: via car body design]

What Is The Acceleration Like In The 2014 MINI Cooper S?

It's like this -

[Source: AutoTopNL @ YouTube]

An Interview With MINI's Interior Design Chief

MINI Space interviewed Oliver Sieghard, the head of interior design at MINI.  Here is one of their interesting exchanges:
MS: What are some new features in the latest MINI models you're most excited about? With The New MINI hitting the streets, we're especially curious about these.

OS: I'm really excited about our new centre instrument with the new user interface and the multifunctional LED ring, which we designed with the same love as the hardware of The New MINI. The interactive LED ring around the centre instrument supports the driver in typical MINI fashion. For instance, besides navigation and infotainment, a lot of different new themes such as economy and sport driving have found their way into the centre instrument. These features are presented in the LED ring by way of illuminated indications such as the relevant speed: the faster the car goes, the more indications shine.

Another clever and very MINI-like feature I like is the ‘start-stop toggle'. A striking signal with red and white illumination in the dark, the toggle sits in the middle of the centre stack and presents a completely unique and fun solution to starting the car­ typically MINI, with the proverbial ‘twinkle in the eye'.

Automobile Goes "Around The Block" With The 2014 MCS

Eric Weiner reviews the 2014 MINI Cooper S for Automobile Magazine and makes a few interesting observations, such as:
With the 2014 Mini Cooper S, the larger 2.0-liter engine sadly lacks some of its predecessor's zip, even though the new car is faster and more powerful. “I miss the 1.6-liter's eagerness and high-revving nature,” said associate web editor Joey Capparella. However, the 2.0-liter's greater low-end torque makes for less tiresome city driving. Plus, the Cooper S boasts an automatic rev-matching function that eases the pain of driving a stick in traffic.

Hey There Bruce!

Bruce is a uniquely customized 2004 MINI Cooper S that Schomp MINI highlights in an interview with its owner, Corey Kelty.

Manage Your GoPro Camera With Your MINI

In a BMW Group PressClub USA press release BMW has announced integration of control of GoPro cameras with the MINI joystick or controller via a MINI Connected download.

MINI UK Expects Five Door Sales To Predominate

Fleetworld reports that MINI UK expects 60% of its new MINI sales will come from the new five-door model based on these comments by MINI U:
Corporate development manager, James Morrison, said the car will target a similar sales mix to the Audi A1 in fleet, another model which is primarily marketed as a three-door version - which would mean around 60% of fleet sales would take the five-door Hatch.

Ten Reasons To Buy A MINI

Car Buying Strategies offers these:
1. It is Fun!
The car just looks fun. Most Cooper owners will agree, and since it comes in so many variants, the fun factor can be tuned to your personality and bank account.

2. The MINI Cooper gets great gas mileage!
Average mileage for the 1.5-liter base engine is 30/41 mpg. With that kind of mileage and an 11.6 gallon tank, miles between fill ups can carry you a long way economically. The mpg for the 1.6-liter is a bit lower at 28/35 mpg, which is still very good. The 2.0-liter variant brings the mileage in at 23/37 mpg. That is still not bad, for a car that is so much fun.

3. Excellent resale value!
In 2013 Kiplinger (2014) placed the MINI Cooper in the top 12 of automobiles with excellent resale value. This is gives you the assurance that your car will retain its value, long after you put the first 10,000 miles on it.

4. Number of Available Models
The MINI Cooper hatchback comes in the base and S models, as does the convertible. The John Cooper Works model is also available for those who want a sportier model and it can be purchased in either a hardtop or soft-top model.

5. Handling
The MINI Cooper tracks as if it were on rails and has often been compared to an adult, street legal go-cart. It will eat up mountain roads and twisties, taking the curves with aplomb, leaving lesser vehicles in your rearview mirror. It is a hot-blooded sports car in a small package.

It has enough power in the base configuration to run from 0-60 in 7.3 seconds with the automatic, and 7.4 seconds with the six-speed manual. Not too shabby for a little car, with a 1.6 liter turbo charged engine, and even with that kind of acceleration, the MINI Cooper is still able to deliver from 31 to 40 mpg.

7. Well Equipped
The MINI Cooper comes with features that are options on many other vehicles. Rears back up camera, and six speakers with speed sensitive volume control, Bluetooth data link and pre-wiring for a phone, are but a few of the features that would cost extra on other cars.

8. Powerful
The base engine in the 2014 MINI Cooper puts out 134 hp from a 1.6- liter, turbo charged 3-cylinder engine, which does not seem like much. However, with a curb weight of 2605 pounds it is enough to make this little car zippy. For those who want to push the envelope, the MINI Cooper S model comes with a 2.0-liter four cylinder, which puts out 189 hp that adds a new dimension to the driving experience of this little car. When configured as the John Cooper Works, the 1.6-liter power plant puts out an amazing 208 turbo charged horsepower for tire ripping fun.

9. Safety
Many safety features are standard on the MINI Cooper, such as 4-wheel ABS, traction control, rear view camera, front and read head airbags, as well as many other well thought out features that would cost extra on other cars.

10. Highly Customizable
There are many aftermarket parts available for the MINI Cooper, giving you the opportunity of making your car one of a kind

Good Luck Finding A Reliable Hot Hatch

Zac Estrada at Jalopnik surveys most of the available new hot hatchbacks and can't find a dependable one in the entire car segment.

MINI Plays In Green Hell

MINI Space discusses the love/hate/fear relatonship of MINI and Nurburgring, known by racer car drivers as the "Green Hell."

A Card For MINI Admiration

[Source: via Just A Car Guy]

The Gazette Asks, "Has The New Mini Hatch Got It Cracked?"

The Gazette from the U.K. points out only the 2014 hatchbacks are technically "new" MINIs. Reviewing the new MINIs article author Dave Miles concludes:
It is certainly more refined, the ride has been improved and although still firm the revised suspension copes better with our roads and no longer jumps about over bumps and potholes.

It feels a more grown up product and less youthful.

Perhaps that mirrors the profile of long-term Mini customers.

Diesel Clubman Slated For U.S. Release In 2017

MotoringFile reports that the vehicle will be made specifically for the U.S. market. The article says, in part:
The car’s power plant will likely be one of the higher output diesels in the MINI line-up and be marketed as a Cooper D or Cooper SD. For reference the previous Cooper SD was powered by a 2.0L turbo diesel and had an output of 143 hp with peak torque of 225 ft lbs (while getting 65 mpg on the EU cycle). However we expect something very close to the current Cooper S power output of around 190 HP.

The chosen power plant is currently undergoing final engineering and testing for import. The main challenge is fitting the high pressure urea tank in such a small car. Because of this, the US-spec diesel MINI will have a larger fuel filler cap to accommodate 2 filler necks — one for fuel, and one for the selective catalytic reduction system additives.

Just Say No To Buzzed Driving

Of course, don't drink and drive but its not that kind of buzz. According to Gawker, Portsmouth, England student George Neal had 20,000 bees cover his Nissan Micra thereby making it virtually impossible to drive. A local beekeeper was called to remove the bees from his bonnet - and from the rest of the vehicle.

Well, Are They Coming Here Or Not?

WorldCarFans reports that MINI has introduced the new MINI Cooper SD and Cooper One First in the United Kingdom. No word on whether either model will hit U. S. shores.  Here, as stated in the article, are the pertinent stats on the vehicles:
The Cooper SD is the "most powerful diesel variant" as it features a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder diesel engine that develops 170 PS (125 kW) and 360 Nm (265 lb-ft) of torque. It enables the hatchback to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 7.3 seconds - 7.2 seconds with the optional six-speed Steptronic transmission - and average 4.0-4.1 L/100km (57.3-58.8 mpg US / 68.9-70.6 mpg UK) with CO2 emissions of 104-110 g/km.

If that's too fast and fuel efficient, the One First has a 1.2-liter TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder diesel engine that produces 75 PS (55 kW) and 150 Nm (110 lb-ft) of torque. It enables the hatchback to run from 0-100 km/h in 12.8 seconds and average 5.0-5.2 L/100km (45.2-47 mpg US / 54.3-56.4 mpg UK) with CO2 emissions of 117-122 g/km.

5 Things Consumer Reports Says You Gotta Know About New MINI

In an article published by Yahoo! Autos, Consumer Reports' Jon Linkov discusses these five cool, puzzling and whimsical touches found on the F56:
  • Hidden Door Locks
  • Fakery
  • Rear Visibility
  • Lateral Support
  • Red Ring Of Life  

Acclimation Issues With MINI 5 Door

autoevolution points them out while MINI videos them.

Dense Breast Tissue Awareness Campaign MINI Countryman

EachOneTellOne.com held a ribbon cutting to unveil a Mini Countryman donated by Mini of Reno to raise dense breat tissue awareness. According to the article at ktvn:

Forty-percent of women have dense breast tissue. Mammograms miss 48% of cancerous tumors in women with this type of tissue.

KTVN Channel 2 - Reno Tahoe News Weather, Video -

Car Tech New MINI Video Review

C|Net's Car Tech from the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show:

[Source: via Selfie Melfie @ YouTube]

The MINI No Doors

Sniff Patrol discusses a recent announcement of the MINI No Doors hardtop:
Mini has added to its range of two, three and four doors cars this week with a brand new model which features absolutely no way of gaining access to the interior at all.

‘The Mini No Doors is the result of analysing research feedback,’ said Mini boss Hans Kneesun-Boompsidaisy. ‘We already make cars for people who want a hatchback or coupe or convertible. When our data said customers wanted a car that made them do some sick in their mouths, we created the Paceman. But we have never tackled people who, when questioned, said they did not want to drive a Mini at all. Until now. With the Mini No Doors there is a Mini for people who do not want to get into or drive a Mini. Because they literally can’t. It has no doors.’

The Mini No Doors uses an expanded version of the latest hatchback platform boating an extra 15mm of headroom that you cannot use and an additional 72mm of legroom which Mini says you can ‘clearly see whilst looking through the windows and imagining what it would be like to get inside the car. Which you can’t because it has no doors.’

‘Anyone buying a Mini No Doors will decide where they would like it delivered and it will be craned into position,’ Mr Kneesun-Boompsidaisy explained. ‘And of course, like any Mini they can personalise the car with a huge range of options including leather seats they cannot sit on and upgraded hi-fi they will struggle to hear. But not doors. You cannot have doors.’

‘This is a great example of Mini pursuing new niches,’ said automotive analyst Thurston Knid, speaking at the Mini No Doors’ official revealing. ‘In this case, a niche for people who don’t want to get into their… Oh my God, there’s a man in there! There’s a man trapped inside the car! Someone, quick! Get help! Argh! Why are you dragging me away…’

Complete 2015 MINI Line-up Pricing And Updates

Here it is straight from the official BMW Group PressClub USA press release:

Model/Variant                       MY 2015                                   MY 2014

MINI Hardtop
Cooper                                      $20,450                                     $19,950
Cooper S                                   $24,100                                     $23,600

MINI Convertible
Cooper                                      $25,700                                     $25,150
Cooper S                                   $28,700                                     $28,150
John Cooper Works               $35,850                                     $35,300

MINI Coupe
Cooper                                     $22,000                                      $21,450
Cooper S                                  $25,300                                      $24,750
John Cooper Works              $31,900                                      $31,350

MINI Roadster
Cooper                                    $26,100                                       $25,550
Cooper S                                 $29,100                                       $28,550
John Cooper Works             $36,250                                       $35,700

MINI Countryman
Cooper                                    $22,500                                       $22,100
Cooper S                                 $26,100                                       $25,700
Cooper S ALL4                      $27,850                                       $27,400
John Cooper Works ALL4  $35,350                                       $34,950

MINI Paceman
Cooper                                   $23,300                                       $23,300
Cooper S                                $26,900                                       $26,900
Cooper S ALL4                     $28,600                                       $28,600
John Cooper Works ALL4 $35,600                                       $35,600

Destination & Handling will be increased to $850 from Model Year 2015 onward.

Product Updates:

Rain Sensor & Automatic Climate Control are now standard for all models.

Countryman, Paceman, Convertible, Coupe, Roadster Updates:

The dial color on all Countryman, Paceman, Convertible, Coupe and Roadster models has been changed to Anthracite.

Halogen Fog lights will no longer be offered on these models. We’re now exclusively offering LED Fog lights with Daytime running lights. This will be a $350 option on Cooper models and standard on Cooper S and JCW.

Convertible, Coupe, Roadster Updates:

Ice Blue is no longer offered as a color option on the Convertible, Coupe and Roadster.

Countryman and Paceman Updates:

We changed the name of the Color Lines to “Inlay Color”. We offer the same exact content, just with a name change.

The Interior Surface & Cockpit Surface options are now joined together into one option called Interior Surfaces.

The surface materials & colors haven’t changed. The Interior Surfaces options will contain the Fascia Finisher (was previously Cockpit Surfaces), Door Bezels & Down Tubes.

There are changes to the color programs of the Countryman and Paceman. Oxford Greed, Royal Grey and True Blue are no longer available. Jungle Green, Midnight Gray and now Starlight Blue are available on the Countryman.

We are introduced a new radiator grill changes for both the Countryman and Paceman.

New Option! – ALL4 Exterior Styling (Countryman ONLY)

ALL4 Exterior Styling is new for the Countryman. It contains silver SUV Optics at the front and rear of the car as well as on the side sills. It is standard on the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 and optional on the front wheel drive Cooper and Cooper S Countryman models. It cannot be ordered with Sport Suspension, JCW Countryman or JCW Exterior Package. The option is available for an additional $500.

New Option! – Piano Black Exterior (Countryman and Paceman)

The side scuttles, front headlights, rear taillight surrounds and roof rails are now available in Piano Black gloss on the Countryman and Paceman for an additional $250.

For JCW models - Side Scuttles & Roof Rails now come in Piano Black high gloss.

The Countryman and Paceman now have new Chromed vent knob in the interior.

We have a new Standard wheel for the Cooper and Cooper S Countryman and Paceman models, the 17” 5-Star Triangle Spoke Silver which is also offered in an Anthracite color for a $100 charge. We also now offer the 19” Y-Spoke wheel for $1,750 on Countryman, previously only available on the Paceman.

We also no longer offer the 17” 5-Star double spoke wheels.

Hardtop Updates:

New Wheel – MINI Yours Vanity Spoke 2-tone
We now offer the MINI Yours Vanity Spoke 2-tone wheel. Cooper pricing is $2,000, Cooper S is $1,500.

New Option – MINI Yours Interior Style Fiber Alloy
We now offer the MINI Yours Interior Style Fiber Alloy ($350) with Cockpit surface in Fiber Alloy, d├ęcor rings in Dark Silver and Door Bezels in Piano Black.

Just a reminder, any of the MINI Yours Interior Styles also include additional extended ambient lighting.

New Option – Roof Rails
Roof Rails will be released as a $250 option from the factory. However, there will be limited availability of this option through September.

Package Changes:

New Requirements – for Hardtop vehicles only
Vehicles equipped with Comfort Access will be required to take Alarm System. Both options are optimal for cold weather climates & city dwellers.

Vehicles with either screen (8.8” or 6.5”) will be required to take Rear-view Camera and Park Distance Control as well. These options add value and maximize the functionality of our screens.

Premium Package change
We’ve added Comfort Access for Hardtop, Countryman and Paceman, as well as Storage Pack to Hardtop. Pricing remains unchanged.

City Pack change
Since Comfort Access is now a part of the Premium Package, we’ve removed it from our City Pack and reduced the price by $250.

Been On Half Of Them

Jalopnik posts a list of what it considers "The Ten Best Highways In The World."  How many of them have you motored?

MINI Releases New Lifestyle Collection For Summer

Just in time for summer MINI has released a new Lifestyle Collection of accessories. autoevolution has a photo gallery of the new goodies.

Now That's Classic. A Lego Mini Cooper

A new 1,077 Lego classic MINI to be exact, via Gizmodo. You can build it!

Walkaround Of The New MINI Cooper S

From the 2014 Ottawa Gatineau Auto Show via Daryle Kern @ YouTube:

World Premiere Of The Five Door MINI Hatchback

MINI has officially revealed the F55 five door MINI Hatchback. BMWBlog has all of the official data on the vehicle and the official photographs.

MINI Superleggera Vision Concept Coupe

INAUTONEWS reveals this newly released rendering of the MINI Superleggera Vision Concept as a Coupe and also carries the previously released renderings of the Superleggera Vision Concept Roadster

Palmer Finishes First And Second In Pirelli World Challenge

Tyler Palmer put on a great show at the Pirelli World Challenge at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Here is the BMW Group PressClub USA press release:
Woodcliff Lake, NJ – June 3, 2014…MINI Motorsports’ newest addition, Tyler Palmer, motored his way to two more podiums in the Pirelli World Challenge this weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

After qualifying, Palmer started Race 1 in the second position on the grid, lapping in second place for most of the race around the high speed technical turns of the New Jersey track. Choosing to setup the rear a little looser to encourage gentle over steer, Palmer turned his best lap at 1:40.535 and was awarded the “Clean Pass Award” and set the third fastest lap of the race.

Palmer started Race 2 in the third position on the grid, switching between the top three positions multiple times. Palmer made a magnificent pass on the final lap to take the lead and used the next couple of corners to open up more of a gap, allowing him to cross the finish line as the leader and earning vital Championship points. His last lap pass to take the lead earned him the “Best Move of the Race” award.

“The MINI USA racecar handled better than every other car manufacturer on the track allowing me to make numerous passes when needed, especially the winning move,” said Palmer.

But, Palmer wasn’t the only MINI driver in last weekend’s Pirelli World Challenge race. Andrei Kisel (4th), RJ Groenke (6th), Jason Fichter (8th), Jim Cleveland (9th), Tom Noble (12th) all participated in the event at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

“We are very proud of Tyler and his performance at New Jersey Motorsports Park this weekend,” said Chris Potgieter, Product Manager, MINI USA. “We are also very excited to see so many other MINIs performing so well. It’s a true testament to the rich rally and motorsports heritage at MINI.”

Palmer’s performance behind the wheel of the #37 MINI this weekend puts him in fourth place in the overall championship after competing at the New Jersey track for the first time ever.

Palmer currently races a 2012 MINI Cooper Hardtop owned by MINI of Charleston Racing, the same MINI that was driven to the 2013 Pirelli World Challenge Championship last season by Robbie Davis. Palmer stands in fourth place in the overall championship with his next race on Thursday, June 19 - Saturday, June, 21, 2014 in Elkhart Lake, WI.

You can learn more about Tyler Palmer at www.TylerPalmerRacing.com and find him on Facebook at Facebook.com/TylerPalmerRacing.

MINI USA New Car Sales Still Down In May 2014

MINI USA sales remained down in May 2014.  Here are excerpted portions of BMW's BMW Group PressClub USA press release pertaining to the MINI brand:
MINI Brand Sales
For May, MINI USA reported sales of 5,729 automobiles, a decrease of 3.6 percent from the 5,944 sold in the same month a year ago. (The new MINI Hardtop is now fully available nationwide.) Year-to-date, MINI USA reported a sales total of 18,776 automobiles, a decrease of 27.2 percent from the 25,785 automobiles sold in the first five months of 2013.

MINI Pre-Owned Vehicles – Best Month Ever
In May, MINI used automobiles (including MINI NEXT certified pre-owned and pre-owned) reported sales of 2,282 automobiles, an increase of 16.2 percent from the 1,964 sold in May, 2013. Year-to-date, MINI used automobiles (including MINI NEXT certified pre-owned) reported sales of 10,415 automobiles, an increase of 23.3 percent from the 8,447 automobiles sold in the same five months of 2013. . .

  Table 1: Vehicle Sales BMW of North America, LLC, May 2014

BMW brand
BMW passenger cars
BMW light trucks



MINI brand