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What Are The Hottest MINI Colors?

Mrdi @ North American Motoring.com provides a scientific approach to the question:
Living in Sunny So Cal, we are concerned about color choices because of the heat they generate. At first our choice was the Pepper White, but just as we were about to order the new color, Moonwalk Grey appeared. We like the color, but be aware.....
Moonwalk Grey is as hot as the Black.
I measured surface temp today at the dealer.
The reds, charcoals and dark colors are hot. but the grey is deceptively HOT.
NOTE. the White Silver is very cOOl .
The cOOlest is the bright white on the Countryman.
Fried eggs anyone?

Reply #2
Yesterday 01:09 PM by gtmotor

How did you measure the surface temperature? IR thermometer? Can you post up some numbers? I have a hard time believing there is that much difference in actual temperature between the colors.

Reply #3
Yesterday 03:03 PM by Mrdi

In Doubt?
In direct sun:
Put your hand flat on the hood of various colors and experience the phenomenon.
You can manage this simple experiment in any parking lot.
The Mini dealers lot sampling will be definitive however.

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