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Mini Cooper S Behind The M5 Ring Taxi On The Nuerburgring Nordschleife

Looks like a whole lot of fun!!!! Thank you frigo1966.

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New Zipcar Advertisements

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Is This A Spy Shot Of the 2012 MINI Cooper Megacity-i?

Jalopnik thinks it may be.

MINI Enters "Third Phase"

the Switchback reports that Ian Robertson, a member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Sales and Marketing, advised at MINI United that MINI is entering a pivotal third phase since its reintroduction by BMW. "Phase 3" appears to be brand expansion - bigger cars, more choice of cars, bigger dealerships, new models, new production locations and new dealers, with retention of the MINIs ' unique character as “premium” small cars.

New Spy Shots Of The 2010 MINI Crossman

Carscoop has new spy photographs of, and information on, this five-door MINI crossover that is scheduled to be in showrooms the second half of 2010.

Want To Buy The 1928 Rolls Royce From The Movie The Great Gatsby?

It is up for auction at the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance in Connecticut on June 7. The 40/50hp vehicle is expected to go for between $150,000 - $200,000.

[Source: Automotto]

Warning! Big Brother To Arrive In Texas

The Texas Senate has voted to give federal, state and local authorities the ability to track and identify every passing vehicle on state highways. The bill provision calls for “automatic license plate identification cameras,” although the bill also continues to ban red light and speed cameras. The surveillance camera proposal will put in private hands the operation and maintenance of the cameras - the same private hands whose income stream is threatened by the elimination of red light and speed cameras.

The plate readers will store a video image of the front passenger compartment and rear license plate of every single passing vehicle. Optical character recognition software identifies the registered vehicle owner and allows for easy indexing of the time and location of travel for each person identified using the highway. The bill gives law enforcement broad authority to use the cameras to prosecute any state or federal crime other than a traffic violation "punishable by fine only."

Paint The Lines And Tow The Car

Ruth Ducker had a bad morning. The night before she parked her car on the street in her normal space and went home to her London flat. The next morning her car was gone. In its place were two yellow no parking lines. She knew the car hadn't been stolen because she brought the battery with her. She contacted her local council and discovered that it had been towed and that she would have to pay 800 pounds to get it back. Eventually, after taking the matter to a member of Parliament, she obtained an admission that the painting contractor had lifted the car, painted the lines and set the car back down. Parking enforcement then came by and towed the car. The local council had never informed residents of the work. Ultimately, the fine was waived and Ruth's car was returned.

Yes, government. Always there when you need it.

Want A 4X4? How About A 1960 Austin Gipsy?

A rare 4X4, a 1960 Austin Gipsy, supposedly fully restored, is for sale in Exeter, CA with a $6,500 asking price. Check it out at Bring A Trailer.

Banned Tiny Toons Cartoon Where Characters Drink Beer And Steal A Cop Car

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Citroen's DS3 MINI Challenger

The Citoen DS3 will be offered with a 1.6 liter normally aspirated and a turbocharged engine. The car will have a plethora of customization options just like the MINI.

[Source: Carscoop]

The Don Lyons Race Car Collection To Be Auctioned At Pebble Beach

Today, Gooding & Company announced consignment of The Don Lyons Collection, for the annual Pebble Beach Auction on August 15 and 16, 2009. The collection focuses on rare Indy racers over the past 80 years.

BMW Daimler Car Radar On The Way

BMW and Daimler, in coordination with Bosch, Continental and Infineon, are working to bring affordable radar to every car segment.

[Source: MotorAuthority]

Peter's MINI-E Blog

Earlier this week we reported on Peter Trepp, the lucky Southern California first US lessee of a MINI-E. We just learned that Peter has a blog, "Plugged-In With Peter's MINI E," where you can follow Peter and his MINI-E during his one year lease.

[Source: MotoringFile]

New iPhone Application Identifies Local Businesses With AAA Discounts

AAA now offers an iPhone applicaton, "AAA Discounts," that, with the assistance of GPS, identifies nearby businesses that offer special deals to AAA members. It is one of the top downloads in iPhones Lifestyle applications category and also works with the iPod Touch in WiFi locations.

[Source: TechNewsWorld]

Get A Free Goat With Every Mitsubishi Triton Purchase

Things are tough all over. As an incentive for New Zealanders to purchase a new Mitsubishi Triton pickup Mitsubishi will throw in a free goat. Mitsubishi Motors of New Zealand general manager for sales and marketing, Peter Wilkins, advises, “Goats, like our Tritons, are hardy, versatile units, which will integrate directly into existing farm operations”. Mitsubishi New Zealand will also offer a "goat-free" purchase package for those who already have enough goats.

[Source: ZerCustoms]

Tony Stewart's No. 80 Chevrolet To Be On Display At East Bay MINI

East Bay MINI is inviting you to join them on Thursday, June 18 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. as Tony Stewart's #80 NASCAR races to East Bay MINI. For one day only— East Bay MINI will be viewing, photographing, serving lunch and giving away lots of prizes to welcome the #80 car. For questions or to RSVP for this event please call 925.251.7061.

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Oh Baby!

400 hp and 171 mph, designed for the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans, and it is electric, powered by two 30kW lithium-ion batteries charged by flexcell photovoltaic solar panels. 0-62 mph in 4 seconds.

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MINI GP Monaco 2009

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Remember this story about tofu lover Kelley Coffman-Lee who was denied ILVTOFU as her vanity license plate by Colorado since it could be interpreted to be obscene? Apparently, ILVGINA is okay with Colorado. Go figure.

[Source: Jalopnik]

MCS Cabrio vs. BMW 128i At The Track

Here is the full article at edmunds with test results.

[Source: edmunds via BMWBlog]

An Interview With Gert Hildebrand

Gert Hildebrand is the head of MINI design. Click here for a mp3 of an interview conducted by White Roof Radio.

[Source: MotoringFile]

Congratulations On Passing Your Driving Test But Don't Smile About It

Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada and Virginia prohibit you from smiling when they take your driver's license photograph. Virginia completely outlaws smiling - Arkansas, Indiana and Nevada permit a "slight smile." More states are considering following suit. Photo matching facial recognition software, that allows the state to match your license photograph with pictures already in their database, requires a "neutral face expression."

[Source: USA Today via KickingTires via autoblog]

June 5th Let's Not Motor Day

MINIUSA asks that we not motor on Friday, June 5, 2009 in honor of World Environment Day. Pledge the miles you aren't going to motor.

Danica Patrick's Beaver


More Information On Rolls Royce MINIs

MotoringFile has additional information on the Rolls Royce MINI options. Apparently, the interior items including custom dash, headliner and other signature Rolls items. The exterior color will be Ming Blue first used by Rolls in 1992 on a special 25th anniversary Rolls-Royce Corniche IV of which only 25 were produced.

Is This Loaded 18 Wheeler Required To Stop At Scales?

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I Vant To Suck Your Blood

Over at North American Motoring IB Adrian, a NAM administrator, reports that MINI USA is participating in a new vampire-inspired marketing campaign centered about the second season premiere of HBO’s TRUE BLOOD®, a show about vampires who survive on mass-produced synthetic blood in a backwater Louisiana town - in other words, a non-fiction show ;).

Coming Soon - The Rolls Royce MINI

MotoringFile reports that Rolls Royce is creating a series of interior and exterior options straight from the Oxford plant for the MINI as part of a luxury package. If you want one, MINI has instructed dealers to start taking names and deposits for the very first Rolls Royce MINIs.

Loop The Loop Completed

Remember our post about stuntman Steve Truglia going for the Loop the Loop record in a Toyota on Fifth Gear? He was successful. Here is the video -

How About A Little Foreplay?

If you are in Washington State, and you happen to see a guy caressing your MINI, it is probably Edward Smith. Mr. Smith claims he has had sexual relations with over 1,000 cars. He cohabitates with a white VW bug so, if he goes for your vehicle, he is obviously not above cheating on his German common law wife. In fact, he once did the helicopter from the '80's TV hit Airwolf.

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In The Future Your Car May Watch You

Toshiba has invented a car computer that watches you while watch the road to ensure you don't get distracted. It's like a backseat driver that nags and nags and nags and . . . The cool part is that you can activate control devices, like GPS, with eye gestures.

[Source: Gizmodo]

Meet Peter Trepp - The First US MINI-E Customer

Read all about him at BMWBLOG.

MINI JCW World Championship 50 Specifications

There will be only 250 and there is still no word whether it will be available in the US.

Standard Equipment

6-Disc CD Changer
Alarm System (Thatcham Cat1)
Anthracite Headlining
Automatic Air Conditioning
Bluetooth Telephone Audio Connection
Car Jack
Chrome Line Interior
Colour Line, Rooster Red
Comfort Access
DAB Radio
Darkened Rear Glass
Exterior Mirror Pack
Front Fog Lamps
Front Passenger Airbag Deactivation Switch
Full Bluetooth Preparation with USB Audio
Harman Kardon Hi-Fi System
Heated Front Seats
Interior Lights Pack
Multi-function Controls for Steering Wheel
Navigation System
Park Distance Control (PDC), rear
Passenger Seat Height Adjustment
Run-flat Tyres
Storage Compartment Pack
Universal Remote Control
Visibility Pack
Voice Control
Warning Triangle and First Aid Kit
White Indicators

Special Edition Content:

17″ Cross-Spoke Challenge Alloy Wheels in Jet Black
Additional Driving Lights, Black
Bi-Xenon Lights with Black Interior Reflectors
Bonnet Stripes in Pepper White without Pin-Stripes, with John Cooper Signature on - - Driver’s Side
John Cooper Works 3-Spoke Sport Alcantara/Leather Steering Wheel
John Cooper Works Aerodynamic Kit
John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Bonnet Scoop
John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Front Door Grips
John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Interior Trim with John Cooper Signature Plaque
John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Mirror Caps
John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser
John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Tailgate Handle
John Cooper Works Floor Mats, Carbon Black with Red Stitching
Leather Gearshift Gaiter, Carbon Black with Red Stitching
Leather Handbrake Gaiter, Carbon Black with Red Stitching
Side Scuttle Finisher Chrome Frame with Edition Number (0-250)

If it comes to US MotoringFile thinks it will cost about $50,000.00 - if you can get one.

MINI United Video Recap

MINI United 2009 from MotoringFile/BimmerFile on Vimeo.

To Honor Heroes On Memorial Day

Thank you. This is a DPV Fast Attack Vehicle. This and nine more awesome American military vehicles are discussed at Jalopnik.

Tickets for the Summer Picnic

Tickets for the summer picnic will be $20 each including an event shirt, $12 without the shirt, extra shirt $10. XXLs and up $1 more. You can send your check to "travlnman" or use our paypal account and add $1 to cover the fee. Let us know if your coming and what shirt sizes you want as the shirts are going to be a small batch. info@norcalminis.com

NORCAL MINIS SUMMER PICNIC, Saturday July 11th, 10 am till ?

Come on out the Summer Picnic on July 11th at Lake Solano Park. The club will      be  barbecuing hamburgers and hotdogs with drinks on ice. There are activities for the whole family including fishing, swimming, volleyball, playground and more. We will have a sign up sheet for sides and desserts up shortly. We have reserved group area "C". More Info Sunday. Photo from:http://www.co.solano.ca.us/depts/genserv/countypark/lakesolano.asp   Check out the page.

Go Danica (Patrick) Dot Com

A Complete Idiot's Guide To Car Washing

Ridelust provides a tongue in cheek approach to washing the car.

SpeedTV Reviews The MINI Clubman S

SpeedTV doesn't like the two-tone paint; the thick frame in the middle of the rear window; the translucent sunroof screen; the double rear doors; and the speedometer, but. overall at $31,450 it finds it a "good deal for a special little car."

We Are 14th! Is That A Good Or Bad Thing?

The National Motorists Association ranks the States in order of most hostile to least hostile to motorists.

[Source: autoblog]

Satellite TV For Your Car

Some people apparently need their TV whereever they go. AT&T is rolling out its satellite powered, in car, Cruisecast service which offers 22 television channels and 20 audio channels, plus all the hardware, for $1,299 and a $28 subscription fee.

[Source: Engadget]

Rolls Rolls In

Brits sure know how to crash into stores in style.

[Source: Jalopnik]

67 Ways Not To Sell A Car

1. Don’t worry when a little rust starts to form.
2. Don’t wash the outside of the car. First impressions don’t matter.
3. Don’t pick up trash from the back seat of the car. Who rides in the back seat?
4. Clean the car, but don’t detail it.
5. Don’t bother checking the fluid levels. Who cares about oil, brake fluid, and power steering?
6. Don’t fix minor interior problems, such a knobs, switches, and vents.
7. Don’t bother with adding an air-freshner.
8. Let your pets have free reign over the car.
9. Don’t worry about touching up paint.
10. Don’t bother cleaning out the trunk. Instead assume they won’t pop it open.
11. Add the 16th bumper sticker to your collection.
12. Continually smoke in your car up until the day you sell.
13. Don’t replace old, worn out floor mats.
14. Let your kids eat food in the car. Would you like fries with that?
15. Assume waxing your vehicle is over-rated.
16. Sell your car to a dealer without checking the private party market.
17. Don’t bother with keeping maintenance records. Everyone will take your word.
18. Don’t mention that your car has been totaled… twice.
19. Don’t bother paying off the title even if you’re able.
20. Only advertise in one medium.
21. Don’t bother with free online listings. They take too long and people hate the internet.
22. Clean the car, but ignore the tires/rims. No one ever looks at the size or condition of tires.
23. Don’t bother to check the air in all the tires.
24. Don’t replace broken headlights. You can just sell it during the day.
25. Don’t replace broken windshield wipers. You can sell it on a sunny day.
26. Let people test drive your car alone.
27. Tell everyone your reason for selling is “Time to move on from this one.”
28. Print fliers in black and white.
29. Forget to mention you’ve been the only owner.
30. Grant a discount, because it’s “all the cash they have on them”.
31. Put “Or Best Offer” on every ad.
32. Forget to mention any other calls or appointments you may have.
33. Sell your 4-wheel drive in the spring, right after all the snow melts away.
34. Sell your rear-wheel drive convertible in November.
35. Donate your car to charity without first testing the local market, solely for the tax write-off.
36. Start your price slightly above-market, just in case. That works well for homes, too.
37. Advertise your price as $13,000 instead of $12,900, even if you’re willing to take $12,000.
38. Don’t bother getting that clicking noise looked at. Buyers probably won’t notice it.
39. Don’t worry about a physical “For Sale” sign.
40. Forget to mention that you are selling your car to family and friends.
41. Have an annoying ring-back tone on the number you place in the ads. Everyone likes Soulja Boy.
42. Don’t screen buyers by phone. Just put your address directly in the ad.
43. Ignore how you look when you meet potential buyers to show the car.
44. Sell your car on payments.
45. Answer the question, “What’s the lowest you’ll take?”
46. Just sign over the title, without checking your state laws. Isn’t that what Uncle Earl always does?
47. Forget to look over the glove compartment and trunk one last time.
48. Don’t cancel your insurance after selling the car.
49. Don’t study the local market. Kelley Blue Book conquers all.
50. Post an ad without any pictures.
51. Ignore all calls from numbers you don’t know hoping they will leave a voicemail.
52. Be the first to throw out a price once negotiations start.
53. Accept a personal check as payment.
54. Underestimate the leverage of an official car history report.
55. Rush the buyer when he is looking over the car.
56. Lose a deal over $50, with very little other prospects.
57. Don’t list all of the obvious issues with the car in the ads.
58. Over-promise, under-deliver.
59. Don’t thoroughly include all the details and features. Who cares about power-windows?
60. Fail to explicitly state that “car is sold as is” and definitely don’t get that in writing anywhere.
61. List your car on Monday night. The weekend is usually too convenient for people.
62. Wait until the last minute to sell your car.
63. Don’t worry about getting seat covers for damaged interior.
64. Lie about known problems. These things never come around.
65. Lack knowledge of your car’s gas mileage.
66. Grow attached to a particular buyer and forget you always have the option of walking away.
67. Once the sale is complete, sport the Happy Dance in full view of the buyer.

[Source: ManvsDebt.com]

They Don't Build Them Like They Used To

These Girls Can Wax My Ride

Car Soccer

BMW 6000 HP Jet-Powered Police Dragster


Do you like jigsaw puzzles?  You will love Auto Puzzles - free virtual on-line jigsaw puzzles of automobiles. 

If The Rain Comes They Run And Hide Their Heads. . .

BMW is offering on-board precipitation radar as a ConnectDrive option in Germany. Drivers in equipped vehicles have the option of calling up graphics inside the car that show the current precipitation for any location in Germany. There are two zoom settings, the information is updated every 15 minutes and it shows the geographical distribution of rain, hail or snow. It is considered very useful in luxury convertibles to determine when to put the top up.

[Source: TheAutoChannel]

Want To Restore A Classic Sports Car? Get Your Offer In Now

Seems there is this guy in Nipomo, CA who has a barn full of fifty unrestored classics including:
Austin Healey 100/4 (2)
Ford Torrino 429 Super Cobra jet cars (2)
Datsun Z
TR 3
Lotus Europa
Austin A40 (2)
Lagonda 2.6 drophead
Ford Consol Capri (2)
TR7 (3)
1938 Hillman drophead 1,900 original miles
Jaguar MK7 Chassi car known as Le Dwarie (I think)
Rover V8
Triumph Standard 10
Midget (8)
Bugeye (3)
Singer (2)
Spitfire (2)
AC Buckland
Jaguar MK 1
Jaguar MK8
Dolphine reace car
Alvis race car
Unknown race cars (2)
Jowett Jupiter (2)
And numerous others…”

Here is a link to a slide show of the vehicles. These are now for sale. If you are interested in any of them get your best offer in now by emailing mail@bringatrailer.com.

[Source: Bring A Trailer]

MINI Minimalism Technologies

The advertising gurus at MINI have adopted "Minimalism" as their campaign for the new MINI Cooper Diesel. Minimalism is defined as a group of technologies that lower fuel consumption and emissions. These include an automatic start/stop function; regenerative braking; a shift point display; switchable water pump; volume flow regulated oil pump; friction optimized crank drive; common rail technology; electric power-assisted steering; light weight chassis; aluminum control arm; an aluminum engine; and an underbody aerodynamic panel.

[Source: TheAutoChannel]

Next Generation 3D Gauge Clusters

NVIDIA and Icon or working on the next generation of gauge clusters for your automobile. MotorAuthority says:
The compact system can incorporate a range of features on a single screen placed directly in front of the driver, rather than complex and expensive screens that must be built into center consoles. Some of the stats displayed include time, fuel consumption and speed, but there is also an option for viewing album art, navigation directions and title info for audio tracks.

The system already has several advantages over regular speedometers in that it can show much more information, and can be customized for specific regions that may use metric measurement systems for speed. On top of this, it’s likely that a number of other features could be incorporated into the system such as a telephone interface.

Porsche and VW Kiss And Make Up

Apparently the urge to merge was just too great to keep these two apart. Automotive News reports that the wedding is back on.

The Secret MINI Driver's Club

In the LA Daily Wil Wheaton has an epiphany about the MINI wave.

Australian TV Report On The Release Of the MINI D

First you have to get past a few seconds of economic news -

MINI Addiction

Tribute video from xanacms on YouTube -

CNN's Three Minute History Of The MINI For The MINI's 50th

Group NorCal MINIs Yosemite Photo

Franklin sends us this group photo from the NorCal MINIs' Run To Yosemite. It is today's NorCal MINIs' featured photo on the left hand column of the website. Send us your run photos so we can post them!

Rev iPhone OBDII Application

For $40.00 you can buy the Rev Motorsport application for your iPhone. It uses the iPhone's built-in accelerometer and GPS to provide a variety of data including instant and average fuel economy, acceleration, and commute times. However, the best part is, with an aftermarket OBDII port connector, the Rev program offers OBDII functionality and the ability to clear annoying "Check Engine" lights. Among other features are real-time statistics concerning fuel pressure, throttle position, air intake temperatures, boost, and intake manifold pressure. Check out this video advertisement for Rev -

[Source: Automoblog.net via worldcarfans]

A MINI Day Out In The UK To Celebrate MINI's 50th Anniversary

The Daily Mail reports 2,500 MINIs ran in this years 46th edition of the London to Brighton, UK run. The first 51 vehicles to lead the run were representatives from every year 1959-2009. More pictures are available in The Daily Mail article.

You Don't Need To Know How To Parallel Park To Get Your Driver's License

[Source: via Jalopnik]

Daimler Now Owns Ten Percent Of Tesla

According to TechCrunch, Mercedes has purchased a 10% stake in Tesla. It also has expanded its partnership with Tesla to equip future Mercedes-Benz vehicles with electric lithium-ion batteries.