Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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Recap - Apple Hill Event - Sunday November 6th


Your Host For This Event:

Rick Sanchez and daughter Vanessa

The Apple Hill run started in Manteca. 2022 Vice President, Rick Sanchez led the run with his daughter Vanessa. Sixteen cars joined the run. At the driver’s meeting Jean Nugent was recognized as the newest member to participate in the day’s run. Next year’s Social Media Director, Duane Caldwell, was on hand to take wonderful photos of our cars in the parking lot of Joshua Cowell Elementary. Other 2022 officers and directors present were Michelle Lewis, Pat Lewis and Paige Lane. Paige volunteered to be caboose for the run. The most excited participant on the run was Tony Suarez’s daughter. She got recognized as the youngest person at this event. Jonathan Scott brought his grandmother. She too was excited for the run. She told us that she used to drive muscle cars in her youth.

The group was fortunate that the predicted rain storm did not materialize. As the group traveled from Manteca to Placerville, there were no issues and no one got lost. There were various stops along the way to allow everyone to regroup. The drive took the group through the farmlands of San Joaquin, Amador and El Dorado counties. Sondra Westphal joined the group in Plymouth and Stephen Breitenstein joined us in Placerville. Foggy weather met us in Placerville.

At a regroup stop in Placerville, a fellow MINI owner that was shopping at the local Save Mart was impressed with our group. She asked if she could join us on the remaining drive to High Hill Ranch. As we drove along Carson Road, Mary Wolgamot, who grew up in the Placerville area, gave us a verbal history on the local apple farms on our radios.

Upon arrival to High Hill Ranch, the parking personnel were waiting for our arrival and directed us to our reserved parking area. The supervisor of the parking personnel informed Rick later that day that many visitors were impressed with our group’s arrival and that it was the highlight of their visit to High Hill Ranch. The fog turned into heavy drizzle at High Hill Ranch. Even with the wet climate, there were a lot of people visiting the ranch buying everything apple related.

The lines to buy coffee, donuts and apple fritters were long, but worth the wait. Some of us found warmth and comfort at the Pie House Restaurant. Lots of options for hot meals were available. There were many vendors available selling their wares. Some members took advantage of the available vendor’s offerings. All in all, it was a pleasant run.

Hopefully next time, we will have Mr. Sunshine accompany us for the day.

Rick and Vanessa Sanchez

Check out the link below for more pictures

Recap - Over the Mountains and thru the Woods Pumpkin Run - Saturday October 29th

Pumpkin Run 2022

Your Host: Tasha Hudick

What a beautiful fall day, as 27 Minis made their way from the Peninsula over the mountains, through rolling farmland and coastal views, to Bob’s Vegetable Stand and Pumpkin Patch just south of Half Moon Bay.

We started out bright and early in Redwood City, enjoying the crisp air, a nice spread of Minis, a smattering of new members and lots of good conversations all around. We couldn’t ask for better weather, barely a cloud in the sky as we headed up Highway 84 to the iconic Alice’s Restaurant. Some Mini drivers really wanted to stop and take in all the cars and motorcycles that always pack to parking lots, but we had twistier roads to take on and headed up Skyline to take in the Bay and Coastal views.

Cue the twisty and gravelly road as we made our way down a narrow Alpine Road. We weren’t the only car club tackling the turns. A band of Porsches met our Minis as we descended. Our group 2 led by Gordon recounted his run-in.

“After seeing the lead Porsche stopped at a stop sign, I chose to lead our Mini posse through and force the cross traffic to look in awe and splendor at our pack. For once the silver and bronze Porsches had to wait…and wait… and wait. As we descended down Alpine, a second group led by a red 911 took up the center of the road and we and our Minis were forced to the edge of the road. There were quite a few Spyders in that group. Next time, I’ll bring my raid to stamp them out.”

Most of our route was made up of the old Stage road that ran between Pescadero and northern coastal towns. Bucolic farmland created breathtaking views as we navigated our way through the hairpins, twists and turns of an historic route.

We arrived at the pumpkin farm close to lunch, we were all able to park close, have a nice chat with friends and even get a few pumpkins in our boot for Halloween!

Thanks to Duane, Larry and Gordon for helping out and providing leadership and support!

Tasha Hudick

More Halloween Run Pictures - see the link below


Recap - Weekend Dunsmuir Railroad Park October 21-23, 2022


Your Hosts For This Event:

Michael & Christine Toibin

Simon & Nikki Tildesley

MINIS came from all over the Bay Area to descend on the Dunsmuir Railroad Park Resort on Friday afternoon October 21st. In addition the Toibin's drove down from their home in Central Oregon for this soon to be epic event.

Potluck Friday night was a rousing success like it was in 2021. And this year no snow but a little bit of rain. But thanks to the Tildesleys, the Bennetts, the Toibins and the Lewis' we had plenty of shelter and warmth from the tents and fire pits they brought. 

As you can see from the pictures below food was a plenty as everyone who attended brought some incredible food as well as plenty of adult beverages. A perfect feast and a great time to catch up with old friends and meet many new members attending a run for the first time. A great time was had by all in typical NORCAL MINI fashion!! 

Saturday morning events didn't start too early after a late Friday night. Because of early rain we gathered at our tents for cover for our drivers meeting and our drawing for some great prizes. We then headed out for the day. The first stop was in the town of McCloud for lunch and spend some time wandering about taking pictures in this very interesting little town. We met up an hour later and after a very brief driver update meeting headed out for our next stop which was the Middle Falls along highway 89. 

From there the group headed out to McArthur-Burney Memorial State Park and Burney Falls. As parking was at a premium everyone was on their own for awhile to check out the falls, the Lake Britton and do some light hiking. 

After a full day everyone headed back to the railroad park for a bit of relaxation, a few snacks and of course a cocktail before we headed to the park restaurant for our group dinner.

We gathered at the restaurant for a wonderful meal and plenty of time to relive the events of the day with our old friends and so many new ones. Food was terrific as always! Afterwards many of us headed back to the tent area for a late night drink and continued great conversation.

And we cannot forget our FUR BABIES who had a great time as well!!

And Sunday came and everyone headed home already planning for Dunsmuir 2023. And for those interested in coming back next year, book your caboose now as many have already done so. The dates are Friday October 13th thru Sunday October 15th.

And check out the two links below for lots more pictures.


Michael And Christine Toibin

Finally, thank you so much to everyone who brought such great food to our Friday night Potluck. And of course the adult beverages as well. 

And a very special thanks again to the Bennetts, the Tildesley's and the Lewis' for all the help making this an amazing weekend.

Apple Hill Run - Sunday November 6, 2022


Your Hosts For This Event:

Dolores and Rick Sanchez

Join us for a drive to the Sierra Mountain foothills in El Dorado County. We will take back roads through San Joaquin, Amador and El Dorado counties to one of the largest apple growing orchards in California. This run will take you through the farms and dairyland of central/northern California. We will drive through the towns of Ione, Plymouth, Diamond Springs and Placerville. There will be long straightaways and some twisties on Highway 49 after the town of Plymouth. Once we pass through the town of Placerville, we will take a 4-mile scenic drive on Carson Road to High Hill Ranch.

We will begin at the Joshua Cowell Elementary school parking lot near Yosemite Ave and Pestana Ave in Manteca.

We will end our drive at High Hill Ranch, which is one of the 55 ranches that make up Apple Hill. There you can enjoy arts and crafts, Hay Rides, and all kinds of apple related snacks and beverages. There are several eateries for lunch at High Hill Ranch. There is NO planned organized lunch. (You are on your own once we arrive at the High Hill Ranch Parking Lot- handicap parking available as well).

And if you have kids - BRING THEM ALONG as there are lots of things for them to do and see!  Check out the kids activities - see the link below:

Please be sure to gas up and be ready to go upon arrival at the meet up location.

Check out the link below for more information about Apple Hill and things to see and do. https://applehill.com/

Because this is a backroads run, bio-break stops will not occur, so use either one of the local gas stations or fast food restaurants on Yosemite Ave.

Meet Up Time/Departure Time:

Meet Up Location:
Joshua Cowell Elementary Parking Lot
740 Pestana Ave
Manteca, CA 95336


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