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Happy Halloween From NORCAL MINIS

Be safe out there!

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MINI Cooper - A Car With Low Depreciation

Linda McMaken, via Investopedia, writes for SFGate.com on cars the depreciate the least in value and one of her choices is the MINI Cooper.  McMaken writes:
The MINI Cooper car has a loyal following and offers buyers a good return on investment (ROI). Described as 'peppy,' the MINI Cooper has only experienced a 40% depreciation overall in five years. Priced just below $20,000 ($19,400) for the basic model, it has four-star rollover safety ratings and front and side airbags. Traction control is standard. The 're-introduced' MINI Cooper debuted in the U.S. in the 2002 model year. The 2002 model is still selling for around $7,000.

Misaki Drives A MINI Cooper S For The Shift Up Club

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Chasing The Sun: MINI's South American Road Trip Takes Brazil

Check out the great MINI Space's facebook photos of the MINI adventures as the occurred.

Autosolo At Castle Combe

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Kelley Blue Book Wraps Up Testing of 2012 MCS Countryman ALL4

Kelley Blue Book completes its long term testing of the 2012 MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4.  It opines on daily use of the vehicle:
Though it remained squeak and rattle free as well as resolutely devoid of mechanical problems, our Mini earned considerably lower marks in the areas of comfort and ride compliance. Several staffers reported that the front seats, while laudably supportive, lost a bit of their charm during multi-hour driving stints. In addition to being excessively noisy, the standard run-flat tires also exhibited a good bit of harshness on all but the best of pavement. Perhaps the biggest downside ding involved the Mini's stunningly poor overall ergonomics that remain a testament to prioritizing quirky styling sensibilities over genuine user friendliness.

Commuter duties, particularly on LA's perpetually packed Interstate 405 freeway where our Countryman ALL4 4 racked up about a third of its total distance driven, revealed another character flaw. While an autoshifted Mini may strike purists as near sacrilege, midway through the 60-plus minutes it regularly took for the staff's most remotely located road warrior to travel the last 12 miles back home each evening, the prospect became easier and easier for any sane person to justify. The situation wasn't helped by the fact that our Countryman's clutch also tended to become rather "grabby" as its usage cycle intensified.

In the final accounting, we found much to recommend in the biggest and most versatile Mini. However, the kudos also came with a number of caveats.

MINI Vs. Go Kart Coming To Bahrain

Red Bull Kart Fight 2012.

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Watch Sexy Italian Cristina Play With Her Pedals

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Here Comes The Rain Again

Are you and your MINI ready? Check out this MINI of Concord blog post on what you should check and do to be prepared for winter weather.

Does This ICE System Make My Boot Look Small?

The Rage 2012 MINI Cooper -

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Getting Ready For The Parade!

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MINIs On The Beach In Thailand

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Live With Cold, Snow And Ice? Get Winter Tires For Your MINI

Here's why -

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MINI Countryman Has The Friendliest Face

You Are What You Drive chose the MINI Countryman as the car with the "friendliest" face. It writes:
Friendliest #1: Mini Countryman: The Countryman looks like a toad that knows he/she is about to be stepped on (that's a weird analogy, I know, and I don't condone stepping on toads!). The headlights look like bewildered eyes and the grille looks like a someone gasping "oh dear!"

Wow! The 2012 MINI Cooper SD Clubman Hampton Edition

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Larry W.'s Hot Laps With Hooked On Driving At Thunderhill

With telemetry in a 2007 MINI Cooper S -

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Flash Dancing For MINI In The Mall

Featuring the Aasma Dance Troupe.

The New MINI JCW GP2 Versus An Airplane

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Come Up And SEMA Sometime

AutoSpies.com has a fine gallery of photos from the SEMA show preview with an eye on the booth babes working the show.

A Minute With A MINI Cooper S Roadster

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SWEEEEEEEEEP! Congratulations World Series Champions!

Resemblance Of 1997 MINI ACV 30 Concept To Today's MINIs

What do you think? Evolution or devolution?

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Cincinnati MINI's "NOT NORMAL" Sales Event

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Design Your Own MINI Cooper Credit Card

Motor Trend says MINI owners can now design their very own credit card in the likeness of their car.

2013 MINI Base Pricing

AutomotiveDiscovery posts the following pricing from a MINI press release:
Mini Pricing

Cooper: $20,400
Cooper S: $24,000
John Cooper Works: $30,800

MINI Coupe

Cooper: $22,150
Cooper S: $25,450
John Cooper Works: $32,050

MINI Roadster

Cooper: $26,250
Cooper S: $29,250
John Cooper Works: $36,400

MINI Clubman

Cooper: $22,100
Cooper S: $25,800
John Cooper Works: $33,000

MINI Convertible

Cooper: $25,850
Cooper S: $28,850
John Cooper Works: $36,000

MINI Countryman

Cooper: $22,700
Cooper S: $26,300
Cooper S ALL4: $28,000
John Cooper Works: $35,550

MINI John Cooper Works GP
GP: $35,950

Options for these models include Sirius at a $250 increase that includes one year of service and a Premium Package at an increase of $1,250 for the Mini Hardtop and Clubman that includes a panoramic sunroof, automatic windshield wipers and climate control.

The NOT NORMAL Sales Event Of MINI Of Peabody

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Walk Around the 2013 MINI Cooper D Highgate

From the Paris Motor Show.  Okay MINI,  where is the USA version?

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MINI Launch Party At BMW's Welt

Check out photos of at this MINI Photo Gallery at facebook.

Can Four People Over 6 Feet Tall Fit In A MINI Cooper Hatchback?

WRAL's four News anchors accept the challenge in this WRAL Video:

Documentary On MINI History

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Looking At The Parts Of A MINI Cooper Convertible

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MINIs Hot In Qatar

AMEinfo.com reports a 25% growth in MINI sales in Qatar during the first 9 months of 2012.

Red Bull MINI Convertible And Hardtop

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The MINI Cooper S Laurel Sport Special Edition

Only one hundred were made.

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MINI Teaches The Auto Industry

The website allvoices.com reports that, at the J.D. Power & Associates 2012 Automotive Marketing Roundtable, Tom Salkowsky, the Head of Marketing at MINI USA, was invited to discuss some of the reasons for MINI's success, the challenges it faced and discussed how customer service and predictability played a part in MINI's 10-year success in the States.

2013 MINI Paceman JCW?

Carscoop has a gallery of spyshots of a MINI Paceman with a
. . . diffuser on the rear bumper, the chunkier bodywork, the large twin exhaust pipes and the sculpted side skirts, all of which are not found on the most powerful version of the Paceman to date, the 181hp (184PS) Cooper S model.

The vehicle contained signage as a factory test vehicle and was caught in and about Munich.

The Province Reviews The MINI Cooper S Roadster

Rob Rothwell reviews the MINI Cooper S Roadster for The Province under the headline "Mini Cooper S Roadster: The name is fun, lots of fun."  Rothwell concludes:
If there's one take-away for me, it is simply this: the Cooper S Roadster is fun, lots of fun. I'm not sure I would want to live with this car all four seasons, but I'm sure that I would relish its spirited topless performance in at least three of them. When the sun shines and the roof is down, this jubilant two-seater delivers plenty of exhilarating performance. It's also more practical than typical roadsters thanks to the large trunk that isn't consumed by the retracted roof. Presumably, this is the area that once housed a rear seat, making the Mini Roadster strictly a two-seater. Maybe that's why empty nesters are attracted. Sorry, no room for the grandkids in this getaway.

From Paris, The Bayswater Limited Edition

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Mulheres Que Trabalham Del 2012 São Paulo International Motor Show

Carscoop has a wonderful photo gallery of these beautiful ladies.

From Paris, The Baker Street And Hyde Park Limited Editions

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Helping You Be Safe Out There

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License Plate Technology Defeats Traffic Cameras

Check out this article at psfk about the noPhoto license plate developed by noLimits Enterprises that uses a synchronized light flash to defeat traffic cameras.

X-raid MINI Team 2nd At Rally Monaco, Readies For Dakar

MotoringFile recounts the second place finish and discusses the defense of X-raid team's Dakar Rally title.

Indonesian Telkomsel MINI Giveaway Contest

It is here but we have no idea how to enter.

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Shaq's Black BMW Wagon

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Ten Parisian Motoring MINI Stores

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Here's The MSRP In The US For The MINI JCW GP2

MotoringFile publishes MINIUSA's pricing for the MINI JCW GP2, It reports:
The GP will retail for $39,950 including destination. Here’s a quick look at other key facts:

500 slotted to US market
Each dealer gets one car.
All other cars will be available via a toll free number this Friday with current GP owners getting first crack
Standard JCW wheels and run flats available for $100
Special delivery for 50-100 in early March (details TDB)
US market gets Bluetooth, auto climate control, flat load floor, standard radio and Recaros.
How do you get your hands one one? It’s a reservation line. You call MINI USA and put a deposit down via phone. That deposit is then transferred to your dealer of choice where the sale is handled.

CNET's Car Tech Looks At The MINI Coupe

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MINI Of Des Moines Prepares For Its NOT NORMAL Sales Event

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Outtake From Focus Online Of The Roadster's Ride Characteristics

Find out about it - if you understand German!

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MINI Workers To Vote On Shift Changes At Cowley Plant

Andrew Smith, Business Editor at The Oxford Times, reports that workers at MINI's Cowley Plant are set to vote on shorter shifts and other shift change proposals, including a three shift per day proposal.  Smith notes:
Directors at parent company BMW have agreed to have Minis built at the NedCar plant at Born, near the German border. Workers are coming to Oxford in the next few weeks to be trained in Mini production, with the Born factory set to start building Minis in 2014, in time for the launch of the third generation of the car.

The move could mean more than 400,000 Minis in total being produced annually by 2018 — double the amount currently produced at Cowley.

Mini managers say Cowley will remain the car’s spiritual home and centre of production.

DIY: Replace Front Brake Pads On A 2007-2013 MINI

For the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S from MINIManiaVideos @ YouTube:

Randy And His MINI - Interview At Super Car Sunday

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2012 MCS Countryman An "Unexpected Family Car"

Carrie Kim writes a review of her family's test drive and use of a 2012 MINI Cooper S Countryman for cars.com's KickingTires blog. Kim writes, in part:
Smaller families shouldn't discount the Countryman because it's a smaller crossover. It can fit a small stroller (if you're still using one); it can transport a reasonable amount of stuff with the backseat folded, and there's extra storage underneath the cargo area floor if you need it.

But I won't lie: The Countryman enabled us to enjoy our time in the car as a family while still feeling connected to the couple we were, pre-kid. For us, that's a magical feeling. Happy parents equal happy kids, right? Well, that's what my husband and I like to tell ourselves anyway.

MINI Coupe S Hits Bonanza

Bonanza Speedway that is, in a test drive by AutoExpress:

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Celebrating The New Showroom At The BMW Welt

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Another Day. Another Adventure. Weekend In Taipei

From MINI. Taiwan @ YouTube:

Making Gasoline Out Of Thin Air

It's true and is now possible. Air Fuel Synthesis is bringing it to fruition.  Check out this MotorAuthority article to find out how it works!

MINI Roadster From The 2012 Madrid Auto Show

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East Bay MINI's NOT NORMAL Sales Event October 28

East Bay MINI will hold its "NOT NORMAL" sales event on Sunday, October 28, 2012, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  According to East Bay MINI's facebook event post:
Join us for this fun-filled test drive event where you will be able to test drive to earn a special incentive on your perfect new MINI!

We will have CASINO games from 1PM-5pm!! There will be Blackjack, Roulette and Craps tables where you can rack up chips to win sweet prizes. There will also be a food truck and drinks during the event to provide good eats for you.

We hope to see all of you there!

Please RSVP here: http://www.eastbaymini.com/NotNormalSalesEvent

Truly The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever!

TopGear turned us on to this video in which:
. . . Filmmakers Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch linked up with skater Rob Dyrdek and MTV's Chris "Big Black" Boykin to create a car chase in miniature using an RC Porsche 911, Ford Mustang, Nissan GT-R, Dodge Viper, Baja thing and helicopter.

Hamann Matte Gray MCS Countryman

As seen at the Dubai Mall and posted by SuperCarExotics @ YouTube:

Al Nejadi And Al Shamali Race In Kuwaiti Rally Championship 2013

The Kuwait Times reports Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive is a sponsor of Team MINI Kuwait, consisting of pilots Mishal Al Nejadi and Ali Al Shamali, in the first round of the six rounds of the 2013 Kuwait Rally Championship:
The car charged with this task is the MINI John Cooper Works S2000. The powerful heart of the racing car is a 1.6-litre, four-cylinder turbo-charged engine from MINI Motorsport, producing 275 horsepower.

Making Of MINI. The Musical

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MINI Roller Skating Superhero: NOT NORMAL

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MINI Cooper S Laps Hockenheim Racetrack

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DIY: Change Your 2002-2006 MINI's Spark Plugs

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Sam Likes His New MINI

So he shows it to us, inside and out -

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Atkinson Places Sixth In Rallye Italia 2012

Chris Atkinson placed sixth overall, tying his best prior effort in the event, and Paolo Nobre finished 19th in the Rallye Italia de Sardegna according to MINI Motorsport.

A Germanic Video Review Of The MINI Cooper Roadster

From FocusOnline @ YouTube:

Official BMW Video: The MINI Paceman

[Source: AutoPostUA @ YouTube]

MINI, Bring It Here Already. Pleeeeeeze?

A test drive of the MINI SD Coupé by DW @ YouTube:

O.co Provides 5 Reasons To Drive The 2012 MINI Cooper Coupe

Michael Waterman writes for O.co cars, by overstock.com, an article that enumerates five reasons to drive the 2012 MINI Cooper Coupe.  No. 1 reason - it's fun to drive.  

En Garde! It's Just "NOT NORMAL"

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Listen To Your Car

The sounds coming from your engine are trying to tell you something.  rpmgo.com goes over some of the more common problem sounds you may hear and what they probably mean.

Entire MINI Staff In A Roadster? NOT NORMAL

At MINI of Sterling, VA.

[Source: Keadworks @ YouTube]

Australian Review Of The MINI Coupe

Where Live of Australia reviews the MINI Coupe and offers this "verdict":
A fabulous toy made in the UK and yes, there's a soft-top Roadster version in the offing. Shop it against Toyota 86 GTS, Golf GTi, MX-5, Renault Megane RS.

MINI Yachtsman To Participate In Charles River Regatta?

Absolutely true!  Check out this Boston Herald article.

AutoTrader Reviews The 2012 MINI Cooper Roadster

[Source: AutoTrader.com @ YouTube]

Serving Sushi From A Model MINI Limousine

Visit Hong Chiang Restaurant (wherever that may be)!

[Source: chiang hong @ YouTube]

Remembering The 2012 FIA WRC Monte Carlo Rally

It was a stellar rally last January in an amazing location.  Check out this fantastic recap!

[Source: MrTony0113 @ YouTube]

An Architectural Look At MINI Of Chicago

cars.com's KickingTires blog profiles a few stellar Chicago dealerships and starts with MINI of Chicago's glass panel showroom.

MINI Mission: Get Muffins To Georgien Before They Go Stale

[Source: kingleonidas2004 @ YouTube]

MINI Opens Beijing, China Dealership

Bloomberg Businessweek reports MINI has opened its first dealership in Beijing, China due to increased demand in China for the vehicles. Mini car sales in the country increased 46 percent to 17,256 units in the nine months ending September 2012.

MINI On Tour With Sneakerness 2012

Meet MINI fan, sneaker store owner and shoe collector Wali Wasiri as he heads to Sneakerness in search of the latest trends amongst footwear fanatics.


2012 MINI S Coupe "Puts A Smile On Folk's Faces"

That is how The News-Herald titles its review of the 2013 MINI S Coupe written by David Schmidt.  Schmidt describes his view of the vehicle:
The MINI Cooper S Coupe is a performer in the hot-hatch category, although its looks require a change of thought about what a MINI ought to be.

Side Of A MINI On The Side Of The Road

With "go-kart" handling it is important that the driver know how to handle a go-kart!

[Source: boddahdidit @ YouTube]

First Brunch Meeting Of MINI Club Turkey

[Source: MINIClubTR @ YouTube]

The Car Coach Reviews The 2012 MINI Cooper Roadster

[Source: via laurenfix @ YouTube]

Photos From MINI Of Concord's "NOT NORMAL" Sales Event

Check out all of the photos from MINI of Concord's Not Normal Sales Event.

Fixing A MINI Head Core Plug Problem

According to the video a customer brought to Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine a 2011 MINI head cylinder:
. . . the core plug in the middle of the head popped out. Our client brought a factory replacement plug in to replace the one the came out. To our surprise the new plug dropped into the hole making it unuseable. A quick trip to the lathe with a piece of aluminum and we had one that would fit with the proper amount of press-fit. . . . .

[Source: fiatnutz @ YouTube]

A Look At The MINI Bayswater Edition

[Source: m5zealot @ YouTube]

Proto Tuning MINI CoupE Spots Classic

What do you think of this Proto Tuning Coupe body kit?

[Source: modifiedcars.com]

How MINI Owners Pick Up Their Dates When They're In A Hurry

[Source: SooperCoopers @ YouTube]

The MINI Cooper S Hatchback

In this showroom film by Dan Pearlman @ YouTube playing at a MINI Dealer near you.

After We Stop For Donuts Do You Want To Drag Race?

[Source: Hiddem Los Angeles @ facebook]

MINI Cooper Coupe 0 - 180 KMPH

Don't try this home (unless on a closed course):

[Source: Vintrist @ YouTube]

Team MINI Portugal Prepares For Rally Italia Sardegna

Let Katie, Motorsport Italia's Communications Director, tell you all about it at motorsport.com.

MINI Roadster Review From MailOnline

U.K. site MailOnline, the on-line presence of The Daily Mail, reviews the MINI Roadster.  Its sentiment is:
It's fast and it's fun, it's not very practical. But the Mini Roadster does handle like a go-kart.

The Goodwood Circuit Hot Lapped By A MINI JCW GP2

[Source: AMAUTOS7 @ YouTube]

Johnnytotal Test Drives The MINI Cooper Clubman D

Okay MINI USA isn't it about time for a North American version?

[Source: Johnnytotal @ YouTube]

Smoking The MINI's Tires

[Source: Ian Hickok @ YouTube]

MINIs At The Top Gear Track

[Source: SooperCoopers @ YouTube]

Get Home Late From The Rally?

That's no way to park your rally car!

[Source: via BBC TopGear Australia]

Autoweek's Review Notes On The 2012 MCS Coupe

Autoweek editors each provide notes on their experience with the 2012 MINI Cooper S Coupe. Here are part of News Editor Greg Migliore's notes:
Don't get the Mini Coupe unless you're a true enthusiast of this brand. This isn't a mainstream car. The chassis will beat the snot out of you, which is fine for hard-core drivers, but not livable for most. I could drive and enjoy this every day, but I'm not normal. It's a niche, fun two-seater that I enjoyed the hell out of.

DIY: Change And Set The Time On The Clock In A MINI Clubman

Thanks to this Bill Jacobs MINI tutorial video:

Driving A MINI Cooper S Coupe In Oman

James Davison, in an article in the Wheels section of  gulfnews.com, recounts a true late afternoon jaunt in the MINI Cooper S Cpupe in and about Oman, Jordan.  He decides:
Mini Adventures are awesome.

MINI 10 For 18 On B-Spec Racing Season

MotoringFile published a press release from MINI on the just completed 2012 B-Spec racing season.  The press release states, in part:
Last week marked the conclusion of a highly successful season for MINI in the 2012 Grand AM Total Performance Showcase (B-Spec) championship, with the private MINI teams scoring an impressive tally of three wins in the six-race series. The competing MINIs also powered their way to claim four pole positions, and out of the possible 18 podium finishes, 10 were claimed by MINI drivers.

* * *

Perfect Car To Take "MINI-break From Reality"

That is how the Irish Independent.ie starts its review of the MINI Roadster. It says, in part:
Practical it really isn't -- for most people -- but for the bright young things who don't need a family hatch or a mundane saloon it offers a sense of what a good life could be like. Lucky things. Ah well, back to reality for the rest of us. Put on the kettle there and we'll have a nice cup of tea. Now there's something I can never get enough of.