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From Novato To Alameda At 1,920 MPH In A MINI

Nice Video Mike!

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Prueba de Portalcoches.net del MINI John Cooper Works

Mas fina!

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Pre-Teens Play In Dad's MINI

So that's what young boys think of the MINI

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Want To Run Bigger Rims?

How about 50"'s on an Oldsmobile Cutlass? The ultimate ghetto.

[Source: via CarDomain Blog]

Paying Through The Nose

Meet Michael Mancini. Mike is a businessman from Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland. Mike was penalized the equivalent of about $100, and received three penalty points after leaning over and pulling out a paper handkerchief to wipe his nose when stuck in in traffic on the Ayr High Street. After his arrest he decided to give the Strathclyde Police the opportunity to drop the case, but, they did not, and last week the local procurator fiscal reaffirmed a determination to proceed with the case. So you may think this is funny but it's snot!

[Source: TimesOnline]

I'll Be Late For Work. I Have To Dig Out My Car

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Bridgestone Teases Its 2010 Super Bowl Commercials

. . . with "behind-the-scenes" and "making of" footage -

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Cars.com's 2010 Super Bowl Commercial

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Ken Block Snowdrift Rally

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Street Tow Skiing

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Istanbul Turkey Dump Truck Driver Oops!

Moral: Remember to put the dumper down.

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19 Places You Don't Want To Drive

However, if you own a MINI you might disagree with a few like -

Col de Turini, France
Stelvio Pass, Italy
Leh–Manali Highway, India
Trollstigen in Norway
Los Caracoles Pass in Andes
Iroha-zaka winding road, Japan; and
Lysebotn Road, Norway

[Source: waze]

MINI Clubman Soho - Party!

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The MINI Game

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Customized Voices For Your Garmin GPS

Garmin Voice Studio was announced at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, and is now available to download. You can record all 68 voice commands using a microphone. The program is free and available from Garmin.com.

[Source: Gadling]

Not Funny

Dude. This is simply too stupid to be cool.

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Google Earth Street View Employees Continue Their Work

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Russian Kit Turns Passenger Car In To Snow-Foot

Russia gets lots of snow in the winter. Thus, a Russian company has come up with this winter conversion for any passenger car.

[Source: English Russia]

MINI JCW Challenge Edition Released In Australia

Presently it is exclusive to Australia. The Challenge package includes the John Cooper Works aerodynamics package consisting of front, rear and side aprons, John Cooper Works Carbon spoiler, John Cooper Works Aluminium cross brace, John Cooper Works Alcantara and Carbon steering wheel, John Cooper Works Carbon gearshift knob with Alcantara shroud, John Cooper Works Carbon handbrake lever with Alcantara surround and unique Challenge Edition badging.

[Source: MotoringFile]

This Is Not How You Unload A Ferrari At The Dealership

At least we know the windshield wipers still work.

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Stopping Cars With Electromagnetic Pulses

The USAF has come up with the "Car Stopper," a device that disables a vehicle's electronic devices, rendering the vehicle immobile in under one second (so long as the car was made after the mid-1970's). Here is a Popular Science video of the technology in action.

[Source: via autoblog]

R53 Supercharged Adventure

[Source: HunterOMCD @ YouTube]

Don Burnside's Tales Of Woe

Not while your driving, especially your MINI, you idiot!

[Source: mrdonburnside @ YouTube]

Check Out This MINI JCW Billboard

[Source: fmbayan @ YouTube]

Drag Race - Shawspeed Zetec S vs Mini Cooper JCW

Who wins?

[Source: Ashzs08 @ YouTube]

MINI Changes Scoops And Hood Materials Due To Heat Caused Sag

MINI’s 1.6L turbo engine design directs much of the heat generated by the engine to the side closest to the hood/bonnet and, as a result, the plastic hood scoops on the “S” model  may warp due to excessive heat. MINI has recognized the problem and starting in March 2010 will change to a new “metalized” plastic scoop that will be standard on the MCS and JCW models. MINI will likely take care of current owners with saggy scoops through its warranty program and those out of warranty are likely to be treated on a case by case basis.

[Source: MotoringFile]

"Back To The Futurama" Hummer H2 Deconstruction

New York artist Jeremy Dean, inspired reading about horse-drawn "Hoover carts" made during the Depression from old car bodies, cut up a perfectly good H2 and a Cadillac Escalade, to make them into horse-drawn carriages. Check out the deconstruction of the Hummer.

[Source: via TheCarConnection]

BMW Group Wins BusinessCar's ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ and ‘Environmental Award of the Year’

BMW Group has won seven awards from one of the UK’s leading fleet publications, BusinessCar. The Magazine bestowed BMW with ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ and ‘Environmental Award of the Year’ in addition to five other product specific awards. MINI was awarded "Supermini of the Year" honors.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

Thirty Percent of 2010 Car Sales Predicted To Be Over The Internet

The Auto Channel reports that the Sunnyvale, CA based business, ResponseLogix, Inc., the leading provider of automotive digital response management software for internet leads, based on a customer survey, predicts internet sales to make up a higher percentage of total dealership sales. Half of the dealerships surveyed expect internet sales to represent more than 30 percent of their total car sales this year.

Inside The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Picturebubbles was fortunate enough to get inside the Wienermobile and produce a movable panoramic image of the interior.

[Source: Picturebubbles via Jalopnik]

NorCal MINIs' Keith's Run Set For Sunday, Feb, 21, 2010

Keith's Run honors one of the founding members of NorCal MINIs who is now deceased. We will meet up on Sunday, February 21, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. at 2225 Quimby Rd San Jose, CA 95122 (the parking lot of the Eastridge Mall) and motor Mt. Hamilton Road to the James Lick Observatory, then down Mines Road for lunch at about 1:30 pm at the Hop Yard (3015 Hopyard Rd., Pleasanton, CA 94588.)

Here is the Route Map.

Please RSVP to your email invitation, by adding yourself to this event as a Guest on our Calendar Of All Motoring Events or by emailing us at info@norcalminis.com.  


Can't wait to find out what this is -

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Auto Express Rates The MCS No. 11 On Its List Of Greatest Drives 2007

We know why!

[Source: via Auto Express]

MINI E Drivers Generally Delighted

Today, at the Washington Auto Show, BMW Group announced that, based on their UC Davis feedback study, participants enjoy driving the MINI E. According to BMW Group:

The UC Davis study results of 57 drivers, combined with updates continually provided from the log books of all 450 users show the following:
          * The range of about 100 miles is sufficient for most daily needs

* Charging at home provides enough energy for most daily driving

          * Demand for additional charging is centered on the place of work, or where sufficient time is spent during the day (shopping centers, stadiums, etc.)
* Driving the MINI E is a delightful experience and there is no sacrifice of “real car” values
* Unmet demands focus on having enough space for four passengers and more cargo to stimulate even more use of an electric vehicle

[Source: BMW Group PressClub USA]

The "Midas Touch" No Longer Glad

Remember on June 30, 2009, we posted about a Contra Costa Times story that concerned  Maurice Irving Glad, the owner of  22 Midas shops, 8 in the East Bay including shops on Main Street in Walnut Creek, Monument Boulevard in Concord, Village Parkway in Dublin, two shops on North Blackstone Avenue in Fremont, a pair of Hayward shops, one in San Leandro and four in San Jose.  The California Attorney General had charged him with bait-and-switch practices that cost nearly $300 on average in unneeded, and in some cases unperformed, brake service. Mr. Glad's attorney decried the charges as unfounded and based on "rigged" evidence. The Attorney General's alleged the Midas shops used "brake specials" to draw in customers, then made false or misleading statements to pressure customers to buy unnecessary parts and services. In some cases customers were promised work that was never done. In other cases customers did not receive proper paperwork, or appropriate tests were not done before a diagnosis. When we posted this story we also received a comment from Jeff4Midas that espoused Midas was "committed to quality and customer satisfaction at each of [their] 1,600 locations" and which provided information on how one could lodge a complaint with Midas.

Today, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Attorney General Jerry Brown announced a $1.8 million  settlement with Mr. Glad that also required Mr. Glad give up his shops and never again own or operate an auto-repair outlet in the state. Midas International Corp. is acquiring all of Glad's shops and will run them until new owners can be found, according to Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Scott Patton.

Mercedes Benz's Used Car "Avoid Surprises" Campaign

[Source: via Carscoop]

Every Countryman Image MINI Has, To Date, Released

MotoringFile has compiled them all.

OCD Automotive Snow Removal

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What Was Your First Car When You Turned 16?

It's a good bet it wasn't a Maybach - a 6,000 lb luxury yacht that does 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds. But, then, P. Diddy wasn't our Daddy.

[Source: Ridelust]

The Ultimate Paper Car

A GT NSX made full scale.  Here is a link to Epson's Japanese site for patterns on a 1:24 scale to build your own (You might want to use a language translator on the page if you don't read Japanese.).  You could always blow the patterns up by 24X and copy the full scale model from the Epson Booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

[Source: via CarDomain Blog]

Installing A Bike Rack On A MINI

[Source: elliottinspace @ YouTube]


In Italy!

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Let's See How The MINIWeen Is Coming Along

So, Mr. Ween buys a MINI from Irvine MINI and decides to paint it as an art car. Mr. Ween has never painted a car before. Let's see how he is doing.

[Source: MADSTE3Z @ YouTube]

Don't Like Runflats Or Not Having A Spare?

Now here is one interesting solution.

[Source: BMW Blog]

How Big Is The MINI Countryman?

Not that big.

[Source: bigblogg via MotoringFile]

No More Oxygen Blue Coopers Or Pure Silver JCWs Or Clubmans

As of March MINI will discontinue the color Oxygen Blue and replace it on the hatchback with interchange yellow. Pure Silver will also be eliminated on JCWs. A new yet to be announced exclusive color will be made available for the JCWs. In addition, the option of a Pure Silver exterior with a Sparkling Silver interior for the Clubman will no longer be available.

[Source: MotoringFile]

Lube Rap

Leave it to Northport Auto Supply, an Alabama auto parts dealer, to prove southern white men can't rap.

[Source: via Jalopnik]

Eco-friendly Car Camping

Also good for your health.

[Source: autoblog]

Long Marine Laboratory Should Be Very Thankful

A big thumbs up and thank you to all who donated in order to fulfill the needs of Long Marine Laboratory in Santa Cruz. They will receive quite a haul from our generous membership.

This Year's NorCal MINIs' Club Events

The 2010-2011 NorCal MINIs' Planning Meeting occurred at Vic's Restaurant in Pleasanton with about 35 members in attendance for breakfast, event planning and voting. Here are this year's 10 winning events ranked by the number of votes received. Watch the website and your email for dates and times for those that are not already listed:

  1. Hearst Castle Overnight Run
  2. Buster's BBQ and Calistoga Tuscan Castle Tour
  3. Avenue Of The Giants Overnight
  4. Daffodil Hill Run
  5. September 18, 2010, Antioch Delta Blues Festival
  6. Virginia City/Sierra Passes Run
  7. Marine Mammal Center - Pt. Reyes Run
  8. April 25, 2010, Pacific Coast Dream Machines Run
  9. May 15, 2010, MINIMania 9th Annual Nevada City Adventure
  10. Sterling Vineyards Run.

In addition to these events we are planning Keith's Run, the Summer "Pignic"; attendance at Giants vs. A's game in Oakland (either May 21, 22, or 23, 2010); an End of Winter Detail Day; The Contra Costa County Rally, The Holiday Lights and Toy Drive and a number of other social gatherings.  We will need all of your help to pull it off.  If there is an event you are interested in or for which you have "good connections" please step forward to help us with arrangements.  Just email us at info@norcalminis.com.

We are looking forward to a great and we hope you will all participate.

Send Us Your Elephant Seal Run Pictures!!!!

Thank you to all who came out for Saturday's Elephant Seal Run.

A little jaunt through the coastal mountains brought us to the Ano Nuevo State Reserve. The rain subsided as we hit the beach and the sun shone making for a beautiful day. After the Tour we had a great turn out for a late lunch at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.

Here is a slideshow of the run created from members' pictures. If you have more pictures send them to us and we will add them!


THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR A GREAT DAY ON THE COAST ! And a special thanks to Merideth and Randy for setting up the run. What started out as a rainy day turned out sunny and warm. After some nice backroads we stopped at Ano Nuevo to visit the elephant seals for a few hours. Followed by a long lunch with MINI friends. See you all soon, Larry and Tami

The Detroit Auto Show With The Michelin Man

[Source: Jalopnik]

Flash Mob In Formal Wear At The Detroit Auto Show

[Source: via The Car Connection]

Win An Autographed Copy Of The MINI Design Book

MotoringFile is running a contest to design your own MINI Rail accessory with the grand prize being a copy of the new MINI Design Book signed by MINI Design head Gert Hildebrand.

Here are the rules:

1. Come up with the idea.

2. Post your idea in the comment section here (a sketch or even a YouTube video explaining or a very detailed description will help.)

3. After 30 days MotoringFile will send the ideas to the MINI Design team and they’ll pick the winner.

It's A Hemi . . .

. . . in a MINI!

[Source: HDrive60 @ YouTube]

First The 47 MPH Mobility Scooter. Now The 110 HP Golf Cart

Made from a Honda CBR 600 motorcycle engine swap.

[Source: via CarDomain Blog]

Selling A 5.0 Mustang For 2 Pounds Of Pot

An "only in San Francisco" advertisement found on Craig's List (if the ad has been pulled you can see it here):
5.0 mustang for TRADE for cannibis - $4000 (bay area)

hello, i would like to trade my 5.0 mustang for 2 pounds of marijuana.. NO LESS NO MORE. 454 grams. its clean titled good and reliable runnin real strong. this is a serious offer. i have a leg pain that wont go away without marijuana and doctors will not prescribe me a cannibis card.. please help me out. this is a serious ad and i have pictures. e-mail me and i will e-mail you back asap. i am not the police or narco or undercover.. i can meet in a location of your choice.
[Source: via Jalopnik]

Formula 1 Racing On Ice!

[Source: via ZerCustoms]

This House Has A Very Private Attached One Car Garage

[Source: via ZerCustoms]

Feel Car Dealer Hoffman's Pain

[Source: via Jalopnik]

BMW Still Looking For MINI Partners

The Car Connection reports that BMW is still seeking a partner to co-develop the next generation MINI platform.

Break In The Rain Expected For NorCal MINIs' Elephant Seal Run

The weather report for Saturday's Elephant Seal Run calls for a 24 hour break in the storms. Expect the tour path to and from the beach to be rather sandy and soggy. Please bring a jacket, hat, a towel and a change of shoes if you do not want to muck up the foot wells of your MINI.

"The A Team Van" - Interpreted In A MINI Clubman

[Source: MrNoBlaBla @ YouTube]

Floating Your MINI In California

California continues to be inundated with El Nino storms. Southern California has experienced areas of massive flooding. If you don't have to drive you shouldn't. But, if you do you might not want to drive through flooded areas, like these people and the MINI going in the opposite direction.

[Source: MotoVader1965 @ YouTube]

Soon No More California HOV Lanes For Single Occupancy Hybrids

At the end of 2010 California’s hybrid owners will no longer be able to drive in the HOV lane as a single-occupancy vehicle and hybrid owners are angry about it according to The Truth About Cars.

The Center Rail

One of MINI's new technologies is the "center rail" found on the Countryman and Beachcomber Concept. The rail allows for different plug-in components depending on your needs from an arm rest to an iPhone holder and beyond. Here, let The MINI Design Team explain it:

[Source: via MotoringFile]

JCW Version Of MINI Countryman Coming

egmCarTech reports that a JCW version of the Countryman is in the works.

Smitten By The Smite

This three wheeler by Vehiconomics seats two, draws less than 0.2 liter per 10km, has a battery that will run 80km per recharge, and its estimated price somewhere between $7,000 to $10,000.

[Source: via AutoMotto]

Garage Of The Living Dead

MSNBC discusses seven dead or dying domestic car brands - Saab, Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile, Plymouth and AMC.

You F%&* Me, I F%&* You

By now you know Conan O'Brien is losing his Tonight Show gig due to Jay Leno's ego and NBC's avarice. However, Conan is not going down without putting it to the man. Here he is with a $1.5 Million Bugatti Veyron for a "new" continuing Tonight Show gag. Of course, he used NBC's checkbook. What are they going to do - fire him?

[Source: via Ridelust]

Update: Apparently the Veyron was provided to Conan for use in the show for free by a car museum. We so much preferred it when we thought he purchased it with NBC's scratch.

R60 In Motion

Here are MINI's official videos of the MINI Countryman in motion.

[Source: via MotoringFile]

Mom Likes The MINI Countryman

Motherproof author Jennifer Newman tells us why she loves the idea of the MINI Countryman and is looking forward to a test drive.

Now For Something Completely Different

Thirteen people all at once pop a wheelie on one motorbike.

[Source: via TopSpeed]

Monterey Historic Automobile Races Renamed

In light of new sponsorship by Rolex Watch USA the Monterey Historic Automobile Races has been renamed the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. The Reunion will be August 12-15, 2010.

[Source: edmunds inside line]

MINI's Chief Designer Talks About The JCW

[Source: Autoexpress @ YouTube]

That Is Why There Is A No Parking Sign There

[Source: English Russia]

MotoringFile Reviews The MINI Countryman

MotoringFile's verdict:
If you would have asked me two years ago what I thought about the idea of MINI building a crossover, I would have told you it’s bad idea that’s bound to backfire with the coming efficiency regulations and certain changes in consumer’s tastes. Yet here we are two years later looking at an exceptionally designed car that is easily the most exciting thing MINI has done in years. Stretching the MINI brand into this ultra competitive market was clearly a risk. But in our minds they have succeeded on paper at almost every level. Now all that’s left to do is drive it.

Are You Handicapped Because You Own This?

[Source: imgur.com]

Connecticut BMW Billboard Mannequin On Suicide Watch

BMW of Bridgeport, Connecticut has produced several billboards that are topped with mannequins.  Unfortunately, Bridgeport residents are so inattentive that they have phoned 911 with reports of a man about to commit suicide by jumping off the billboards.

[Source: Jalopnik]

MINI Releases Official Photos And Info On The Countryman

In light of recently published spy photos of the Countryman MINI has released official pictures and information. Here is the Press Release:
Fun has no Limits: The MINI Countryman*. (* The name of the car may vary in some markets.)

MINI is adding a fourth model to the family, opening up a new dimension of that unmistakable MINI feeling. As a genuine Crossover, the MINI Countryman bridges the gap between the classic concept of the MINI and a modern Sports Activity Vehicle. Boasting enhanced opportunities in urban mobility and beyond, the MINI Countryman offers that unique driving pleasure so typical of MINI to new target groups requiring extra space and flexibility. As the first model in the MINI range with four doors and a wide-opening rear lid, the MINI Countryman provides even greater freedom of space for truly versatile use, a slightly elevated seating position, and optimized driving comfort. Full integration of the passengers within the vehicle creates that driving experience so typical of MINI. And at the same time the MINI Countryman maintains that go-kart feeling likewise so characteristic of MINI, optional MINI ALL4 all-wheel drive offering an additional highlight for the genuine connoisseur. In a nutshell, therefore, the MINI Countryman offers all the characteristic features of the brand in terms of design, premium quality, handling, efficiency and customisation in new, fascinating style.

The MINI Countryman carries on the design of the brand in superior style and quality, combining larger body dimensions, greater ground clearance and four doors at the side with those unmistakable design features so characteristic of MINI. Short overhangs, a high window line, powerful stance on the wheels, and window graphics extending round the entire car create those unique proportions so typical of MINI. At the same time the MINI Countryman re-interprets the characteristic icons of a MINI such as the roofline, the hexagon radiator grille, the large headlights integrated in the engine lid, the surrounds on the side direction indicators, the voluminous wheel arches and the upright rear light clusters in new style and class.

Proceeding from that design language so typical of MINI, the MINI Countryman authentically visualises the particular features of this very special car. Positioned almost upright, the front end bears out strong presence and serves to optimise pedestrian safety. The extra space within the car, in turn, is emphasised by extra-large windows, the introduction of four doors, and the individual shape of the roof. The particularly wide frame around the lower part of the body and the powerfully flared wheel arches highlight the robust character of the car and its all-wheel drive. With that typical MINI style now being conveyed to a new segment in absolute clarity and precision, the MINI Countryman stands out from the start as a brand-new, highly innovative model but is nevertheless clearly identifiable from the very beginning as a genuine MINI.

Within the interior again typical of the brand, the MINI Countryman boasts innovative design and function elements throughout. The slightly elevated seating position guarantees comfortable and pleasant access to the car, optimises the driver's all-round view, and underlines the powerful character of this new model. The Central Display and air vents are surrounded by coloured rings. The MINI Center Rail quite unique the world over, extending from front to rear instead of a conventional centre console, opens up new, individual options for integrating all kinds of storage boxes, cupholders, external audio devices, mobile telephones and other comfort features. Flexibly positioned clip-in elements enable the driver and passengers to subdivide the storage boxes individually as required, keeping travel utensils within easy reach, wherever they are required. At the same time the Center Rail forms an unconventional, visual and functional connection between the front seats and the rear passenger compartment.

The MINI Countryman comes as standard with four seats, while a three-seat bench is available as a no-cost option. The interior offers superior comfort also on long distances, with generous legroom, headroom and shoulder freedom. The rear seats move fore-and-aft either individually or in a 60 : 40 (three-seat bench) split, the backrests may be tilted for angle either individually or in a 40 : 20 : 40 (three-seat bench) arrangement, increasing capacity in the luggage compartment from 350 to 1,170 litres (12.2–41.0 cu ft).

The MINI Countryman is entering the market with a choice of three petrol and two diesel engines, all coming in the new generation of power units developed with the full know-how of the BMW Group and naturally complying with the EU5 and, respectively, ULEV II emission standards. The power range extends from 66 kW/90 hp in the MINI One D Countryman all the way to 135 kW/184 hp in the MINI Cooper S Countryman. The 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine in the top model comes for the first time not only with a twin-scroll turbocharger and direct fuel injection, but also with fully variable valve management offering by far the best balance of engine power and fuel consumption in its class. As a particular highlight of the MINIMALISM fuel efficiency concept, the MINI Countryman comes as standard and in appropriate combinations on each model with a wide range of features serving to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, among them Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start Stop, a gearshift point indicator, and on-demand management of the engine's ancillary units. And as an alternative to the six-speed manual gearbox featured as standard, the petrol engine models are also available with six-speed automatic complete with Steptronic.

As an option the MINI Cooper S Countryman and MINI Cooper D Countryman are available with permanent MINI ALL4 all-wheel drive, an electrohydraulic differential positioned directly on the final drive varying the distribution from front to rear in an infinite process. Under normal driving conditions up to 50 per cent of the engine's power goes to the rear wheels, under extreme conditions up to 100 per cent, offering a new, high-traction rendition of that agile handling so typical of MINI. This superior traction and drivetrain technology is based on the top-end suspension of the MINI including features such as the front axle with McPherson spring struts and forged track control arms, the multi-arm rear axle and EPS Electric Power Steering complete with Servotronic. The MINI Countryman furthermore comes as standard with DSC Dynamic Stability Control, DTC Dynamic Traction Control coming either as an option or as a standard feature on the MINI Cooper S Countryman and the MINI Cooper D Countryman with ALL4, as well as an electronic limited-slip function for the front axle differential.

Designed for optimum safety in the event of a collision, the body structure with its precisely defined load paths and deformation zones ensures passive safety of the highest calibre. Frontal and side airbags as well as curtain airbags at the side both front and rear, three-point inertia-reel seat belts on all seats, belt latch tensioners and belt force limiters at the front, as well as ISOFIX child seat fastenings at the rear all come as standard. Yet another standard feature is the Tyre Defect Indicator, with runflat tyres coming as an option and standard on the MINI Cooper S Countryman with ALL4.

The wide range of customisation options on both the exterior and interior again so typical of MINI are supplemented by new, model-specific features exclusive to the MINI Countryman. New combinations in the range of interior colours, trim strips and upholstery enable even the most discerning customer to create his – or her – very special car with truly unique character. The wide range of standard features boasted by the MINI Countryman includes highlights such as air conditioning, the MINI Center Rail, and an audio system complete with a CD player. The equally wide range of options and special equipment tailored to each model comes with features such as high-end audio and navigation systems as well as mobile telephone interfaces including the option to completely integrate an Apple iPhone and other Smartphones in the car. Further options are the extra-large Panorama roof, Adaptive Headlights in combination with xenon headlight units, a heated windscreen, a towbar, light-alloy wheels ranging in size from 16 to 19 inches, sports suspension lowering the entire car by 10 millimetres or almost 0.4", as well as the wide range of John Cooper Works Performance Components.

The full gallery of photos released by MINI can be viewed at autoblog.

$55K Buys Mini Mini And Bus

Available in Fairfax, VA.

[Source: via CarDomain Blog]

More Annoying Verbalizations From Mission Control In The MINI Camden

[Source: AutoGetest @ YouTube]

2010 MINI Cooper "Butterfly" Commercial

[Source: sandovaldrew @ YouTube]

The Mini/MINI Explained In This Hong Kong Video

Interesting yet entirely foreign and bizarre.

[Source: TheKong1986 @ YouTube]

Mission Control On The MINI Camden

Is this annoying or what?

[Source: mebsonvaldezz @ YouTube]

BMW Sues MINI Theme Park

theSwitchback reports BMW has filed a lawsuit against a South Carolina amusement part for copyright infringement, after a cease and desist order from last November apparently went unanswered. The Hard Rock Park, which was closed, sold, and just relaunched as the Freestyle Music Park, removed the MINI-like emblems from its MINI-like roller coaster cars. However, BMW insists the Park has violated trademark and copyright laws with the cars.

MINI Wins Polk Automotive Loyalty Award

The 2009 MINI Cooper has won the Polk Automotive Loyalty Award for highest loyalty in the compact car segment. This is the first model year a MINI brand vehicle has earned the prestigious award. The 2009 MINI Cooper achieved a loyalty rate of nearly 29 percent.

[Source: MotoringFile; Photo Credit: Ford]

Inside The MINI Design Book

MINI Design and Professor Othmar Wickenheiser have produced this amazing coffee table book that looks at the current MINI model range and the recent MINI concept cars. MotoringFile has pictures and a review.

Mini Dirt Racing

Gary Grant at the TheGarageBlog.com posted this vintage racing photo of Ken Smith and his Mini.

Leaked Photos Of The MINI Countryman

These three photos come from Kilometer Magazine via MotoringFile. This appears to be an unauthorized release since MINI was not expected to debut the Countryman for several weeks.