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An Original Unoriginal V8 Mini Cooper Pickup

Lazareth Mini Cooper V8 Pickup In Action on ZerCustoms

A Little Help Here Please!

[Source: Mini Forever facebook Timeline photograph]

U.K.'s CarBuyer Reviews The 2013 MINI Paceman

[Source: CARS @ YouTube]

More Official Info On The Next Generation MINIs

A press release posted at BMW Group PressClub USA discusses the "Innovative technology" in the next generation of MINIs, such as
. . . All of the new petrol engines feature spontaneous responsiveness, high torque characteristics and supreme power delivery. The 1.5 litre three-cylinder engine reaches its maximum torque of 220 newton meters at an engine speed of 1,250 rpm; this can be increased briefly to 230 newton meters by means of the overboost function. The 141 kW/189 bhp four-cylinder model actually achieves a torque of 280 newton meters with the same engine speed (300 Nm with overboost). The maximum speed of all new petrol engines is 6,500 rpm.
 The engine’s sporty character is favored by the position of the turbocharger integrated in the exhaust manifold. The short path of the exhaust stream enables the charging system to be activated promptly and effectively. In addition, the emissions pattern of the engines is optimized by the positioning of the catalytic converter and an electronically regulated waste gate. An efficient and precisely dosed fuel supply system facilitates direct injection with centrally positioned injectors between the valves and directly next to the spark plugs. The electronic control for camshaft positioning and the stroke of the intake valves are further technological elements that optimize the responsiveness and the consumption and emissions readings of the new petrol engines for MINI. . . .

MINIs BMW Cup Racing

From the perspective of a driver in a MINI Roadster!

[Source: buzzhouse @ YouTube]

Targeting Advertising Coming To Your Dashboard?

In an article at Gas2 Andrew Meggidson asserts it is only a matter of time before targeted adviertising makes it directly to your car's dashboard.  He wonders, would you would pay a premium for ad-free driving?

Why Don't You Just Go For A Short Ride?

[Source: Endri dema @ YouTube]

Times Drive Test Drive Of The MINI Cooper Countryman Diesel

Joel Pereira for timesonlinenow @ YouTube reviews the MINI Cooper Countryman Diesel that you can't get in North America (MINI, what's with that?)

Maximizing The Resale Value Of A MINI Roadster JCW

U.K.'s Auto Express determines the MINI Roadster JCW is one of the cheapest vehicles to run with a 57.5% residual value after three years, provided you outfit it with the right options such as the Chili Pack.

Watch Efren Drive His Supercharged MINI Cooper S

Yes, Efren Madrigel @ YouTube, have a good one!

That Must Have Hurt!

[Source: salvorally80 @ YouTube]

What To Do If Your Car Is Stolen

Just A Car Guy emphatically suggests:
If your car is ever stolen, your first calls should be to every cab company in the city. You offer a $100 reward to the driver who finds it AND a $200 reward to the dispatcher on duty when the car is found. The latter is to encourage dispatchers on shift to continually remind drivers of your stolen car. Of course you should call the police too but first things first. There are a lot more cabs than cops so cabbies will find it first -and they’re more frequently going in places cops typically don’t go, like apartment and motel complex parking lots, back alleys etc. Lastly, once the car is found, a swarm of cabs will descend and surround it because cabbies, like anyone else, love excitement and want to catch bad guys.

A Little Less Camo On The F56

WorldCarFans posts a few spy shots of a camo stripping F56 in advance of the vehicles November 18, 2013 debut.

Check Out Ali Mir's Modded JCW

That is what MINI Space does!

Female MINI Stuffers Get The Book

The Eastbourne Herald reports the 27 woman  team that holds the record for stuffing a classic Mini (23) and a new MINI (27) are featured in the upcoming edition of Guinness World Records 2014.

DsCars' First Car Video Is Of A R53 MINI Cooper S

[Source: DsCars @ YouTube]

Last Day To Buy Hearst Castle Night Tour Tickets Is Today!

Don't miss MINIs Meet In The Middle with NORCAL MINIs for an evening tour of Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA, on Saturday, October 12, 2013.


Tickets are $37.50 per person 13 years old and over, and $18.75 per child 5 through 12 years old. The Tickets are being offered at cost (ticket price plus Paypal fee) on a first come first served basis.

What Excites You About The Upcoming 2014 F56 MINI?

MotoringFile asks for you to tell it what you are looking "most forward to" about the 2014 F56 MINI, if anything. What would you tell MotoringFile?

MINI's High Flying Future

A concept posted on facebook by MINI Club Dubai.

Miles Ahead At Indy

Yahoo! Autos offers a slideshow of photos from the MINI "Miles Ahead" Performance Driving School at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the first performance school at the track.

Half A Minute Of MINI Cooper Racing At Knockhill

[Source: Nae Danger @ YouTube]

You Are A Lightweight

DPCCars displays the 12 lightest weight cars available in the United States and the MINI Cooper manual and automatic make the list.

The Making Of The "Not Normal" Real Life MINI Roller Coaster

[Source: Actus, Médias & Co @ YouTube]

DIY: How The MCS Radio Connectors Attach/Detach

Here are details on the connectors on the back and replacing the 10 Amp internal fuse, brought to us via mlTV @cooperSml - Mini Cooper, Family and Fun Activities @ YouTube!

What Is The Origin Of These Driving Laws?

[Source: Daily Infographic]

Local Boy Does Good

. . . if you live on Australia's Coffs Coast where one of the rounds of the World Rally Championship occurs. Coffs Coast's own rally driver, Nathan Quinn, raced in the hometown round in a MINI John Cooper Works WRC car sponsored by a local Goodyear dealer and came in eighth according to the Coffs Coast Advocate.

BMW Blog Test Drives The 2013 MINI JCW Countryman

BMW Blog test drives and reviews the 2013 MINI John Cooper Works Countryman and has these "Final Thoughts:"

Final Thoughts
 A practical, muscular MINI
A good buy for all seasons

Where’s the JCW diesel?

Dave Mirra To Drive MINI RX At Charlotte

Monster Energy and X Games icon Dave Mirra will pilot a MINI RX for LD Motorsport in the Global RallyCross Championship in Charlotte, NC, according to GLOBAL RALLYCROSS.

Check Out This Spoiler

Made by American Standard!

[Source: via Just A Car Guy]

You Don't Have To Have It Say It

MotoringFile says,
. . . Starting with fall production . . . [the Countryman and Paceman] will be available with Option Code 320 (aka Stealth Mode) which debadges the cars. . . .

MINI Boatman Appears In New York Harbor

Green Car Reports carries a few "spy photos."

Registration For MINI Thunder V Is Open!

Stormin' Norman's MINI Thunder V is set for Sunday, Feburary 16, 2014. For details, and to register, go to Motorsportreg.com.

MINI Takes The States 2014 Will Kick-Off In San Francisco!

In a BMW Group PressClub USA press release MINI announced that MINI Takes The States 2014 will kick off:
. . . on July 26, 2014, in San Francisco and will make a “NOT NORMAL” journey to Boston by weaving through 18 states and 15 cities over 14 days. The cross-country rally for MINI owners and enthusiasts will conclude in Boston on Sunday, August 10. . . . .

The 2016 F60 MINI Countryman?

It is a possibility.  Check out BIMMERTODAY and find out more, but, bring your translator.  The article is in German.

Using Rocket Fuel Instead Of Premium

It is probably not a good idea, especially if you don't drive a diesel, and it won't help your vehicle's performance. POPSCI tells you why.

MINI Sunny Side Up

[Source: MINI Scene München & Friends Photos @ facebook]

Booth Babes Of The 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

Photo galleries of these hard working women are offered by Autospies.com and Carscoops.

MINI People Take Russia

[Source: LiveCarTV @ YouTube]

Blue MINI Drivers Drive Like Psychos!

According to Jalopnik:
Canada's Globe and Mail reports on a new study of British drivers conducted by conducted for VoucherCodesPro, a discount coupon website, which revealed that "drivers in blue cars were most prone to aggressive driving and bouts of road rage."
BMW drivers were found to be the most aggressive.

A Little Camera Time In A MINI Clubman

[Source: marvistamedia2007 @ YouTube]

This MINI Owner Has Skin In The Game

[Source: via Braminator @ NorthAmericanMotoring.com]

Good MINI Diesel News And Bad MINI Diesel News

Yes, the video posted by YouCarr @ YouTube does show a new, 2014 left-hand drive MINI Cooper D. No, it is not available in the U.S.

MINI Friend For Life

Carsroute says a MINI is no ordinary car and waxes poetically about it as "An Irreplaceable Friend."

Compare The 2013 Evoque Coupe And Paceman Cooper S

AutoGuide.com, in this video posted by 2014CARS @ YouTube, does it for you!

Murdering A MINI With Plasti-Dip "Is Not Easy"

That is according to Brandon Wirtz @ YouTube who posted this video of his Plasti-Dip Murdered Out MINI Cooper S.  Wirtz explains:
"Dipping" your car is not easy. A rattle can just doesn't do an awesome job, and even when you get it "right" you can end up with variances in color and texture. Lesson learned this is not an easy do it your self project. I used 6 cans of dip at $6 a can. so for $36 it was an ok way to spend an afternoon. Also I do know that I like the Matte black color now, just not when I do it.

Stylin' In A MINI Cooper S Convertible

[Source: TecnopriceML @ YouTube]

The Revivalists Tour NOLA In MINI Coupe And Roadster

The Louisana rock band The Revivalists takes to the streets of New Orleans in a MINI Coupe and Roadster and the tour is chronicled by MINI Space.

What Really Competes With A MINI?

A recent article indicated MINI would be pushing the "Not Normal" marketing campaign to compete for young drivers who are looking at the Chevrolet Spark.

MotoringFile thinks that the MINI really does not compete with the Spark and sets about analyzing what really competes with the MINI.

Keeping You Safe

MINI Space provides a short piece on Bart Peeters Weem, MINI's 33 year old safety expert and the safety tests he oversees.

2005 MCS Jet Black On Black

[Source: Зоя иванова @ YouTube]

For Sale, Cheap!

[Source: via DPCars]

A MINI GP2 Or Two At Nordschleife

[Source: BMMD4EVER @ YouTube]

You Think It's Expensive To Own A Car In California?

It is.  According to the Wall Street Journal column MarketWatch, California is second most expensive state in which to own a car. Just be glad you don't live in Georgia!

London Billboard Gets Personal With MINI Drivers

As part of the "Not Normal" Campaign MINI UK, according to psfk has set up a billboard in London that provides MINI drivers with personalized messages. The billboards are triggered by "MINI spotters" with iPads who program the billboard.

[Source: MINIUnitedKingdom @ YouTube]

The Top Ten Cars Built In The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom's Which? magazine.  MINIs took three places on the list with two different MINIs tied for tenth.