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3rd 3rd Thursday Events


Three. Three is an important number to NorCal MINIs since our club was established in the 3rd year of the 2000s. Yes, our 20th anniversary is this year, 2023.

In honor of the three, we are kicking off a new type of event on the 3rd Thursday of each month this year. We will be holding social meetups on the 3rd Thursdays starting at 6:30 PM in various locations around the Bay Area.
Please note that these *social* events will be open to both registered club members as well as to people who want to get to know us before they pay their first year of membership dues.
Our monthly rally runs will continue to be available only to registered club members, so if you want to drive with us, please check out our membership forms. Our club is not just a MINI enthusiast organization, but also a 501(c7) registered organization to raise money for a variety of charities.
We know it is impossible for some of our members who live farther out to make it in for a weeknight event, but we are hoping to set these events up to be convenient for at least a third of our members to attend each month. The third of the group attendance target on the third Thursday of the month gives us the name for these events: "3rd 3rd Thursdays."
Registration and attendance details will be posted on the NorCal MINIs Facebook group pages as Facebook events, and emails will be sent to registered club members. We hope to see as many of you as possible at these fun new gatherings throughout 2023!

We have a 2023 calendar with all the dates listed below, but we are looking to swap out some of the listed locations for fun places to meet in the North Bay, Central Valley, and possibly Sacramento areas. If you have suggestions for places with lots of free parking, nearby restrooms and places to buy dinner, send us an email at info@norcalminis.com!

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We had a fun kickoff event back on January 19 at In-N-Out in the Milpitas McCarthy Ranch with 10 cars, including a couple of folks interested to learn more about our club.

Keep your eyes open on the NorCal MINIs Facebook group pages for our next Event invitation coming up on February 16 at MINI of Stevens Creek in Santa Clara. We will be having a fun chocolate bar exchange.

3rd 3rd Thursdays Events

Next 3rd 3rd Thursday Event:

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Sweet addictions: MINIs and chocolate.
Indulge both of these loves at our next NorCal MINIs 3rd 3rd Thursday event on Thursday, February 16, starting at 6:30 PM.
Bring 3 wrapped bars of your favorite chocolate to MINI of Stevens Creek.
One of these bars will be carefully unwrapped and cut by one of our club Board members and placed on sampling plates.
Other members will sample the bars that appear most interesting to them, and they will find the member with the bars they want. Use your best sweet-talking skills to negotiate a trade of one chocolate bar for another, and get to know more about the other attendees.

Past 3rd 3rd Thursdays Events:

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We had 10 MINIs, their families, and 2 ex-racing greyhounds gather for burgers, shakes, and lots of fun conversation in the parking lot of the Milpitas In-N-Out. Most were registered club members, but we did have a couple of enthusiastic MINI friends meet up with us. One has already decided to register as a club member since that event. 

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