Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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Mount Umunhum/Uvas Meadow Run - Sunday January 16, 2022

Your Hosts For This Run

Eddie Vergara & Anita Weemaes

Are you ready for a run that’s full of turns, twists and trivia?

Our FIRST RUN of 2022!!

Join us as we drive on the roads of the southeastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains and take in the views at historical stops along the way!

We will meet at the parking lot on 16212 Los Gatos Blvd. 9:30AM (this location does not have any coffee shops/restrooms, so please plan ahead before arriving).  We will depart at 10:00AM.  As we expect a large number of drivers, we will split up into three groups, each group leaving at 15 min. intervals.  

We will head out east via Shannon Road and onto Hicks Road, a local favorite twisty road (Safety note: Be mindful of bikes as Hicks Road is popular with bikers). We then turn off onto Mt. Umunhum Rd. as we head over to the summit of the hill for which this road is named after.

We will stop at the summit where “The Cube” resides, a retired military radar tower overlooking the South Bay. We will check out this Cold War era relic, taking in the sights and taking restroom breaks.  Since the parking lot at the summit is very small, we will head out as the incoming groups arrive.

We then head back onto eastbound Hicks Rd. and drive into New Almaden, a quaint community built around the oldest mines in California (Please be courteous by observing the speed limit and minimizing engine noise in this zone).

We then briefly drive into the southern-side of Almaden Valley to get onto McKean Rd./County Hwy G8.  We will enjoy the green scenery on this highway until we reach our final stop at the Uvas Reservoir parking lot.  This will mark the end of the run and drivers are free to drive off.  Drivers who stick around for the incoming groups will have an opportunity to be part of a group photo shoot to document the success of our adventure!

Following the end of the drive, we suggest you support the local farmers by grabbing fresh local fruits and treats at LBJ Farms in San Martin.


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Meet Up Location:
Parking lot located at:
16212 Los Gatos Blvd.
Los Gatos, CA 95032

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