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Women, Do You Remember Where You Left Your Purse?

Could that be it?

[Source: Just A Car Gal]

MINI Of Concord's "Rock The Rivals" Video Promo

Booth Babes Of The 2011 NYIAS

AutoSpies.com has a nice photo gallery of the working women of the New York International Auto Show.

Goodwood To Become MINI's "Luxury Brand"

MotoringFile reports that MINI will market "Goodwood" as its luxury marque just like it markets "JCW" as its performance marque. You can expect to see Rolls Royce materials and Rolls Royce designs on "Goodwood" monikered MINIs and accessories in the near future.

Badly Trying To Reenact "The Cow Jumped Over The Moon?"

It's northern Alaska. What else are you going to do during 20 hours of spring sunlight?

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Getting Ready For The 2011 MINI Challenge Germany

The eightth season of the MINI Challenge Germany opens at the Hockenheimring with the field looking up at last year's champion Hendrik Vieth. The Challenge consists of eight race weekends totalling 15 rounds. The highlights of the calendar are this weekend’s DTM support races, plus the rounds on the bill of the DTM event in Munich’s Olympic Stadium.

Today is the first practice and qualifying ahead of the races at the Hockenheimring, with the first heat being contested at 19:25hrs on Saturday. The second heat gets underway on Sunday at 17:00hrs.

[Source: MINI Motorsport]

Proof Batman And Robin Can't Fly

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MINI of SF Sponsors SF SPCA's "The Whole Enchihuahua"

Enjoy a day out with your pooch for a good cause:

AAA, We Asked For A Flatbed, Not A Longbed

Stupidity award goes to the New Yorker who decided to transport a full size car in the back of a 1500 series Chevrolet pickup truck.

[Source: via Ridelust]

eBay Auction Of Kiss Edition MINI Countryman Starts May 29th

The official auction won't start unitl 4:00PM PST / 7:00PM EST on May 29, 2011, an eBay advertisement with countdown clock is already up.

[Source: MINI CountrymanMotoring]

Please Help The Chickens Fly

Sean Pace of Asheville, North Carolina has invented a machine that uses a motorcycle engine to launch rubber chickens. Watch it in action below:

[Source: via AutoMotto]

The Video Of The Production Of The Video Production

The izmoEurope studio of izmostock did a time lapse production of video of the new MINI Cooper D in a cyclorama. Then, thye produced a one minute video of the eight hours it took to produce the video. Here is the one minute video:

This Is Supposed To Sell Jeans And Shorts?

This advertisement from Australia is supposed to be for Ksubi’s range of colored, designer jeans and shorts for men and women. Frankly, we don't get how it markets the products but it is a rather cool video nonetheless.

[Source: via DUB Daily]

Team Octane To Battle For 2011 Castrol Touring Class Title

Team Octane, 2007 and 2009 Canadian Touring Car champions will compete for the 2011 Castrol Touring Class Title.

With 2 Series titles and 16 victories in the last 4 years, it’s a natural for us to come back to the series that brought us so many successes” commented Team Owner Alain Lauzière. “The 2011 schedule of major events put together by the Series has helped our team grow from a one car operation to a three car team” added Lauzière.

Team Octane, supported by MINI Original Parts, will run three race cars, #45, 46 and 47. One vehicle will is brand new built on a 2010 chassis and will be revealed later this year. It will make the team transition to the new R56 MINI turbo platform.

The Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship 2011 season will start on May 21-22 at Mosport in Ontario for the Victoria Day Speedfest.

[Source: The Garage Blog]

Here's How You Embarrass A Bowtie Truck Fan

Have a Subaru Legacy GT pull a fully loaded Chevy Silverado 1500 HD out of a mudhole!

[Source: via AutoGuide.com]

Difficulty Expected For The MINI WRC At Rally Italy

The Rally Italy is scheduled between May 5-8 in Sardegna. MINI Countryman WRC driver Dani Sordo is excited over finally getting to take the rally car on an official outing. However, he believes the characteristics of the Italian roads will make it even more difficult for MINI to keep the pace with the leaders.

It is a tricky rally with narrow roads that can be very slippery,” said the Spaniard. “Some are twisty and some are fast. Also there is a lot of loose gravel on top of the surface and, once the early cars have been over, there is usually just the one line you can take.”

Often there are also large stones on the side of the road. I am very excited, like everyone in the team, but also quite nervous as we don’t know what to expect. It is really great to be starting the new programme with the new car.”

Teammate Kris Meeke agrees,
I have relatively recent experience as I was lucky enough last year to do this event when it was in the IRC and also did the Rally Costa Smeralda on the island. This is particularly good for me when going there in a new venture with a new rally car. We obviously have lots to learn about the WRC car. It is a tough rally to start out with the new car and will be a big test for the new team. At the end of the day only time will tell.

[Source: autoevolution]

Now That Is "Stopping Power"

Working traffic without a net - here's your answer!

MINI Mecca Dealership Being Built In Florida

MINIs Of Wesley Chapel, located in Florida and slated to open this September, is designed to be " a veritable clubhouse for Cooper lovers," according to Malcolm Cheek, the dealership's General Manager. Cheek said.
"It'll be like a very large Mini club in the state of Florida. There will be specific areas where people can hang out and customize their Minis."
The massive second story display window of the 20,000-square-foot dealership displays a variety of Coopers – from Cooper Hardtops to Cooper Convertibles to the Cooper Clubman.

[Source: via Mini Mania]

Visit The 2011 NYIAS From Your Sofa

If you can't get to New York and attend the International Auto Show here's a couch potato alternative - the video series "New York Auto Show After Dark" with your host "Serene."

[Source: via autoblog]

Car Advice Reviews The 2011 MINI Cooper S

Car Advice, an Australian website, is effusive about the new 2011 MCS in its review:
It really doesn’t matter that legroom is a little short in the rear seats, or the cargo area is a bit small for that matter; the MINI Cooper S is still practical enough for city living. Add to that one of the best ‘behind the wheel’ experiences you are ever likely to have off the track, and this is one car I’d like to have in my garage

Avoid Body Shop Rip-offs

edmunds.com has posted an article entitled "Confessions From The Auto Body Shop" with explanations of the tricks used to rip off unsuspecting customers and tips on how to avoid the rip-offs.

Driving The MINI Cooper Countryman S In Chile

Automobile puts the MINI Cooper Countryman S through its paces on the backroads of Chile and writes about it.

What's That Hissing Sound Coming From Under The Hood?

[Source: cristianeleite26 @ YouTube]

The Facelifted 2011 MINI Cooper S JCW In Vancouver

The Ultimate Automotive Blog has some nice photos of the first 2011 MINI Cooper S JCW in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

DIY Guide To Replacement Of Rear Discs and Pads On The R53

Veedub18 @ totalMINI.com provides step by step pictorial instructions on how to change the rear discs and pads on a R53 MINI Cooper S.

Do You Really Want To Drive Someone Else's Car?

A recent study by researchers at Queen Mary University in London found steering wheels are up to nine times dirtier than a public toilet seat.

[Source: Car Advice via autoevolution]

New Functions Added To MINI Connected

In the latest version of MINI Connected users will be able to send posts composed on their Apple iPhone while on the move via online social networks Facebook and Twitter, access Google local search and Send To Car services, and receive RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook posts with voice output.

[Source: autoevolution]

Don't Bother Getting Up

The ultimate couch potato invention - the motorized easy chair. The recliner can "only" go 40 mph so keep off the freeway.

[Source: AutoMotto]

MINI Countryman Wanderlust: Surfing LA With Chad Marshall

Gnarly dude! Hang ten!

[Source: via MINI CountrymanMotoring]

Microcars At The 2011 NYIAS

According to Hemmings Blog the LeMay Museum and the Lane Motor Museum put together a huge display of microcars at the New York International Auto Show. Hemmings Blog has a nice photo gallery of the attendees including the 1960 Mini on the left.

Made Just For The Royal Wedding

The Swarovski MINI Cooper.

[Source: via Swarovski Crystal Blog]

Here's How Nissan Checks Cars For Radiation

May still want to re-think that Japanese car purchase.

[Source: via autoblog]

What Does MINI Mean To BMW USA?

That is one of the topics discussed by BMWBlog with Peter Miles, BMW's Executive Vice President of Operations in this video along with BMW marketing strategy, the effect of new emissions regulations.

Public Transit And High Urban Density

[Source: via the Chive]

MINI Advertisements And Commercials

To the left is a MINI print ad that was used in Israel. Coloribus has archived all of the MINI advertisements and commericals from around the world. Check it out for a fun ride through MINI's marketing materials.

[Source: via supa-dupa-cooper @ totalMINI.com]

Chick Fight! Chick Fight!

Being a booth babe can be a vicious job. Two booth professionals at the Shanghai Auto Show mixed it up sending one to a hospital. Lan Miao Niao, on the right, "accidentally" spilled coffee om model Ln Miao in a dressing room last week when model Huang Ying's garment while they were in the dressing room. Jalopnik tells us that, according to Huang, Lan demanded an apology and threw Huang Ying's bag on the floor; when Huang gave her a stare instead, Lan Miao Miao showed she was from the streets, throwing Huang Ying to the floor and kicking her. Ying suffered some cuts and bruises; no apologies have been issued from either side and lawyers are now involved.

MINI JCW WRC's Last Shakedown Cruise

In final preparations for the racing season debut the MINI John Cooper Works WRC was again put through its paces in Spain this time in full WRC specification before its debut on the Rally d’Italia Sardegna. MINI Motorsport has a very nice photo gallery of the vehicle at work.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang We Love You

The car that starred in the 1968 movie will be up for auction in Los Angeles this May complete with the road-registered GEN 11 plates just like in the movie. Top bid is expected to be near $2,000,000.

[Source: Gizmodo]

Scott Burgess Reviews The Countryman For Detroit News

Scott Burgess writes this review in the Detroit News about the Countryman. He concludes:
And like all Minis, there is some quirkiness that some people learn to live with but I find annoying.

This bigger Countryman cabin produces even bigger noises. Road noise, engine noise, wind noise — this car is loud. I was forever adjusting the stereo to find the right volume to drown everything out. And the sport suspension, which helps provide it with a go-kart-like feel, adds to the noise.
It's still fun to drive. On the highway, my Countryman All4 felt solid and cruised along nicely. The Countryman is the first Mini to come with all-wheel drive, a feature many drivers will appreciate if they live where snow is a way of life.

Powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter DOHC I-4 engine, the Countryman All4 packs plenty of power — 181 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque. I did not get to test the base model Countryman and wonder if its naturally aspirated 121-horsepower engine provides enough power to make this 3,000-pound Mini still feel fun.

Even with the six-speed automatic transmission, the Countryman felt quick and zippy. It weaves through traffic well, and the steering feels taut on every turn.

It also returns good gas mileage, up to 28 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway.

There are few cars like a Mini, and that has always been its selling point. People love them. There are often waiting lists, and Mini buyers rarely get a deal at the dealership — Mini is always one of the vehicles sold with the least incentives (the big Countryman has a starting price of $22,350). For good reason — they're fun, affordable and just look cool.

But I wonder if Countryman owners will be as happy as their regular Cooper counterparts. Towing three more people along for the ride may sap some of that energy out of Countryman owners.
Maybe the car wasn't what gave Mini owners such verve. Some of the happiest drives are solitary. This Mini takes that away.

Rolling Through The Bay

You got something stuck in your teeth? This tour might help.

Scott Weaver's Rolling through the Bay from Learning Studio on Vimeo.

[Source: via The Official Fireball Tim Blog]

Automobile Compares The Nissan Juke And 2011 MINI Countryman

Automobile gives the edge to the Countryman in real life testing:

This Is Why Americans Hate Roundabouts

. . . and why the British love them.

[Source: via Carscoop]

DRIVR Compares Nissan Juke 1.6T To MCS Countryman All4

The Dutch website DRIVR hosted a shoot-out between the Nissan Juke 1.6T and the MINI Countryman Cooper S ALL4 and, surprisingly, chose the Juke over the Countryman.

BYOBW 2011 Attended By 1,000's

Every Easter the Bring Your Own Big Wheel race is held on Potrero Hill's Vermont St., which is actually steeper and more crooked than Lombard St. According to the San Francisco Chronicle this year over 2,000 people attended the annual event. Here's a short video taste of the race courtesy of 02hoya @ YouTube:

Everything Old Is New Again

An electric Mini Clubman from 1966.

[Source: via magnetizedMINI @ totalMINI.com]

Motorized Wheelchair For The Impoverished

[Source: via Gizmodo]

AutoWeek Reviews The MCS Countryman ALL4

Executive editor of AutoWeek, Bob Gritzinger, concludes:
After more time in the Countryman, I believe it is improperly named. This is the Mini Everyman, because it is the Mini that anyone could live with and love. There's plenty of space, plenty of scoot and plenty of fun here to qualify for Mini citizenship, but you don't have to live with the tight dimensions of the mini-er Mini. When you need to actually carry four people, or some cargo, the bigger Countryman gives you reasonable space for the people or stuff. I could see this becoming the Mini for those who just can't justify the limitations of the diminutive Mini.
Editor Wes Raynal decides:
Overall, this Countryman is a fun little(ish) scooter.
Executive Editor Robert Hart resolves:
Overall, I came away liking the Countryman more for its differences from the Mini rather than disliking it for not being more like a base Mini. This could easily be a family's main ride--at least until the youngsters start approaching those teenage years.
Associate Editor Jonathan Wong finds:
Steering is Mini-quick and responsive, and the brakes easily scrub off speed when called on with good pedal feel. True, there's a fair amount of wind and tire noise from the Goodyear rubber that was a little disappointing, but that should easily be remedied with additional sound deadening.

However, there was one thing that did drive me nuts--the outside rearview mirrors. They are mounted way too low, which isn't a problem for the driver's side, but on the passenger side, the beltline covers up roughly the bottom quarter of the mirror. Most of the mirror is still in view, but I found it to be annoying to not have the entire thing in full view.
Finally, Assistant Art Director Cheryl L. Blahnik gushes:
The six-speed shifter is still a delight to use, which I'm ever thankful for. Overall, this bigger Mini is a fun ride with the added bonus of AWD to make it attractive to a broader audience.

Did You Forget To Release The Parking Brake?

[Source: via worldcarfans.com]

Just Effin' Crazy

This is incredibly dangerous and, even under perfect circumstances with an accurately tracking vehicle, it should be done, if it all, with safety equipment and on a closed track. But, here is a complete bozo, with no concern for his safety or the safety of others, highway surfing a Ford Bronco.

Don't even think about trying this. We hope the dude was busted before he hit the pavement. Though, we have got to admit it does make an amusing video.

[Source: via worldcarfans.com]

MINI Countryman Highly Popular At The 2011 NYIAS

According to BMWBlog the MINI Countryman has seen a lot of traffic at the 2011 New York International Auto Show where two of the Countryman are displayed. The star has been the Cooper S version with lots of blacked out parts.

The article says
"[i]n the US, the base price for the Countryman Cooper starts at $25,250, excluding a $700 destination charge. A well-equipped Cooper S Countryman comes just under $30,000 mark. The Cooper S Countryman ALL4 starts at $26,950. The Countryman has five feature packages, including a Convenience Package and two Sport packages."

BMWBlog has a nice photo gallery of the Countryman displayed at the Auto SAhow.

My Cock Is Faster Than Your Nissan 370Z

[Source: Pepevs370z @ YouTube]

A Closer Look At The KISS-wrapped Countryman

The Ultimate Victorian House Parking Garage

In San Francisco and architecturally perfect for that quaint Victorian house in a parking space challenged neighborhood.

[Source: via Jalopnik]

MINI Countryman Sport Diesel To Go On Sale In Australia

Since its launch in Australia in March the MINI Countryman has been a hit with orders outstripping supply. Now, interest in the vehicle is expected to soar since next month MINI Australia will offer the diesel versions of these vehicles, the Cooper D and Cooper SD ALL4 Countryman.

The SD ALL4 Countryman is powered by a 2.0 litre BMW turbo-diesel engine, generating 105kW of power with peak torque at 305 Newton-metres. As a result, the Cooper SD accelerates from standstill to 100km/h in just 9.4 seconds. The vehicle is equipped with Auto Start/Stop, Brake Energy Regeneration and a Shift Point Display. Standard spec includes 17“ alloy wheels, Park Distance Control (rear), Bluetooth, audio USB interface, Mini Radio Boost CD, rain sensor and automatic headlight control, sports leather steering wheel and sports seats for the driver and front passenger.

The top of the line ALL4 SD is base-priced at $52,100 AUS ($56,000 US.) OUCH! For that price you might be able to snag a MINI "Inspired by Goodwood."

[Source: The Auto Channel]

Nope, Don't Want To Buy These Cars

Forbes.com has an article entitled "The Worst Cars On The Road" in which it identifies the vehicles based on "the lowest-rated vehicles from six reliability and performance studies conducted this year by Consumer Reports. Any car, truck or SUV named among the worst in at least two of those studies made the final cut to be on the 'Worst' list." Most of the vehicles on the list are domestics although, surprisingly, three imports also qualified. The only US manufacturer with no vehicles on the list is Ford. Here's the list:

1.  Cadillac Escalade (base model)
2.  Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
3.  Dodge Nitro SLT
4.  Dodge Dakota
5.  Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
6.  Mercedes Benz S550
7.  Chrysler Town and Country
8.  Chevrolet Colorado
9.  Chevrolet Aveo/Aveo5
10. Jeep Liberty/Jeep Liberty Sport
11. Nissan Titan
12. Smart ForTwo

Happy Easter From Us And MINI

[Source: MINI Space]

Finish High School Or No Driving License For You

According to an article at GOOD Education, twenty states already link the ability to legally drive with staying in school and more are expected to jump on board.

While the article rails against the concept, what do you think? Should you have to receive a high school diploma before you can get a permanent driver's license?

Discounts At MINI Of Stevens Creek For NorCal MINIs Members

MINI of Stevens Creek, formerly MINI of Mountain View, is now located at 4201 Stevens Creek Blvd. in Santa Clara, and offers a discount of 10% on parts, accessories, and labor to active members of NorCal MINIs.

Make sure you show your current membership card to take advantage of this discount.

Thank you MINI of Stevens Creek!

It Is Illegal To Wear Seatbelts On This Road

This is Europe's longest ice road. It stretches 16 miles across the Baltic sea and connects mainland Estonia with the island of Hiiumaa. It is illegal to wear a seatbelt while driving the road because, if the ice gives way, you need to be out of your car so quickly that removing a seat belt could be a potentially lethal waste of time.

It is illegal to travel slower than 25 mph on the road beacuse tires create dangerous vibrations between 16 and 25 mph that could crack the ice,. Thus, it is recommended to drive at least 43 mph, however, the road is full of potholes and bumps, as well as laced with wide gashes in the ice bridged by rough-hewn lumber. Between the dips, potholes, bumps, gashes and shaky bridges, the road is fairly delicate. Cars over 2.5 metric tons are banned.

[Source: autoblog]

Wanderlust Hits Northern California

The MINI Countryman Wanderlust Movement showed up in Northern California on Monday. Ben Lerer, co-founder of Thrillist, "an e-mail newsletter with the aim of helping the young, well-heeled urban male stay on top of the hippest things to do-and stuff to buy-with all those hard-earned, gleaming mountains of extra cash," rounded up five MINI Countryman and scurried down to Santa Cruz where they went out on salmon fishing.

Then, back in San Francisco Colby Elrick, a BMX biker and videographer who co-founded Macafram bike shop in San Francisco, collected buddies and BMX and headed out to Gilroy to the Wheel Talk compound, "a biker's paradise complete with acres of track, trick courses and ramps, totally isolated and remote in the stillness of a California forest."

[Source: MINI Space]

Boy, All I Got Was A Scarf

[Source: diagonaluk @ YouTube]

20 MINI WRC/S2000 Cars By 2012

Autosport.com reports Prodrive chief David Richards expects 20 of their race-prepped MINI Countryman racers to compete in the 2012 season of WRC rally racing, ten which will be WRC spec cars, and ten S2000 spec. Two of the WRC spec cars are for the factory MINI team. The remainder are expected to be sold to independent racing teams.

[Source: via MotoringFile]

Isn't This Taking Camping For The Disabled A Little Far?

[Source: via That Will Buff Out]

Cram This In Your Boot

MINI has created a foldable bicycle that fits in the boot of the MINI Hatchback. The bike folds along the crossbar and handlebars, the saddle retracts and the pedals fold up close to the aluminum frame. The bike weighs less than 24 lbs and is equipped with 8 gears and 20-inch wheels. The chain is Teflon-coated and sports front and rear fenders. MINI insists it has the same handling characteristics as a normal bicycle.

The MINI Folding Bike will be available in August of this year at select MINI dealers, and at www.MINI.de/shop, at an MSRP of about $730. No word yet on US availability.
[Source: MotoringFile]

Women Cyclists Of Copenhagen Beware

You don't want to run into the "Sperm Bullitt" bicycle. The bike was made for Nordisk Cryobank (European Sperm Bank), one of Europe’s leading sperm banks, in their effort to find a C02-friendly way to deliver sperm samples to the fertility clinics around Copenhagen. The giant head of sperm is actually a cooler compartment designed so that the metal containers with sperm donations can fit inside and be kept cold.

Wonder whether a crash with a female bicyclist would result in a litter of tricycles.

[Source: AutoMotto]

MINI And KISS Team Up For Charity Announce "Rock The Rivals" Tour

Today, at the New York International Auto Show, MINI CEO Jim McDowell while dressed in full KISS makeup introduced the legendary rock band KISS to help MINI announce that the new Countryman will go on a "Rock The Rivals" Tour of the US that will let customers drive the new Countryman alongside several of its rivals. KISS, without Paul Stanley, appeared on stage alongside four custom-wrapped KISS-themed Countryman models – one for each of the KISS band members. Gene Simmons and MINI are partnering to auction off the vehicles to benefit UNICEF in order to help children in Japan. The KISS vehicle wraps will also be available for order beginning April 21, 2011.

The "Rock The Rivals" events will run from mid-April through mid-June and will be classic rock-n-roll themed events that will feature KISS soundtracks and iconic artwork from the band’s albums. MINI Countryman vehicles adorned with KISS wraps will be on display to promote the auction and charitable contributions.

[Sources: BMW Group PressClub USA/AutoGuide.com]

Booth Babes Of 2011 Auto Shanghai

A full gallery of the working women of the Auto Shanghai Show is available at worldcarfans.com.

Westbound Highway 4 Most Congested Bay Area Commute

According to a recent national freeway traffic study by INRIX, a traffic data tracking firm, westbound Highway 4 from Hillcrest Avenue to Somersville Road on weekday mornings is the Bay Area's most congested commute corridor. On some weekday mornings it can take drivers almost 20 minutes to traverse the three-mile stretch.

The afternoon commute eastbound on Highway 4 through Pittsburg is almost as bad and was the second worst Bay Area corridor identified in the study. Six other Bay Area freeway corridors are in the list's top 100, including the eastbound afternoon commute on Interstate 580 from Eden Canyon Road in Castro Valley to El Charro Road in Livermore (ranked No. 3). Other Bay Area freeway stretches that ranked in the top 100 were evening commutes on westbound Highway 24 in Orinda headed toward the Caldecott Tunnel and the Bay Bridge from San Francisco to Treasure Island. The morning commute at the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza and the evening drive in Fremont on northbound Interstate 680 between Scott Creek Road and Mission Road also were in the Top 100.

[Source: Contra Costa Times]

The Proper Way To Drink and Drive

Check out the Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade from Dream Arcades. It's a high-end gaming PC with full driving controls and a beer tap in one unit. It holds either two five-gallon kegs or a half-barrel, which then runs to an in-dash beer tap located directly above a cupholder so you can pour while you play. The cost is $5,995 plus shipping and handling.

If that doesn't suit your fancy there is always a car that runs on aluminum can pop-tops.

Sources: Arcade - AutoWeek/Pop-top racer - via engadget]

Determine Whether Your Life Is Compatible With An Electric Vehicle

cnet cartech advises that BMW has released an app that gives drivers a taste of electric-car living without range anxiety. The free BMW Evolve app is available for iPhone and Android phones and you don't need an electric vehicle to try it out. Each day you start out with a 100-mile range for your pretend EV. Your actual driving distance is measured using the phone's GPS, and it also lets you "get charged" at destinations that offer electric car charging to increase your range. At the end of the trip, you park and it computes your trip length and distance, tells you how much less CO2 emissions you would have added to the environment and how many gallons of gas you could have saved if you had actually been driving an electric vehicle.

Which Convertibles Have Sunroofs?

The MINI Convertible does and there are a few others. Ask.cars.com points them out.

Just Wait Until He Has To Make A Right Turn

[Source: That Will Buff Out]

MINI WRC To Appear At UK Rally Show In May

The new MINI John Cooper Works WRC car will make its first public appearance in the United Kingdom at Cornbury Park in May. This year The Rally Show will be held May 14-15, 2011, on the Cornbury Park Estate, the family home of Lord and Lady Rotherwick, for the first time.

[Source: www.crash.net]

If The Doors Are Stuck Don't Enter Via The Sunroof . . .

. . . because this can happen to you. When a passerby attempted to help a woman get out of her Saab when the doors would not open the good samaritan got stuck in the car trying to enter via the sunroof. Police and paramedics had to be called to extricate her.

[Source: WMUR 9 New Hampshire]

The MINI Press Conference At Auto Shanghai

See what MINI had to say and get a preview of the MINI "Inspired by Goodwood."

[Source: via MotoringFile]

Twitter Feeds For The Automotive Aficianado

For you tweeters, Social Car News has compiled a list of 55 car-related twitter feeds that it says you should follow.