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New UKL Platform For All Future MINIs And A Few BMWs

BMW intends to share BMW to share platforms and engines with MINI. A common platform, known internally as UKL, will underpin up to a dozen BMW's and MINIs including all front and all wheel drive small cars. It is expected to show up on the next generation BMW 1 series turning it into a front wheel drive vehicle.

In late 2012 when BMW will release the 3rd generation MINI, codenamed the F56, with a completely new interior design. In addition, the F56 is likely to sport the new BMW 3-cylinder engine that will form the modular powerplant for most of the UKL vehicles. BMW will have a version similar to the F56 codenamed the 1001. It is expected that thereafter MINI will release the convertible and then the next generation Clubman on the UKL platform. BMW also intends to stretch the UKL to underpin the next generation BMW X1 and Countryman around the 2016 and 2017 model years, respectively. Also expected in 2017 is the production version of the MINI Rocketman. By7 2018 the second generation MINI Coupe and Roadster, as well as the rumored BMW Z2, will be based on the UKL platform. For more information, rumor and innuendo about the next generation of BMW's and MINIs read this article at MotoringFile.