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AutoWeek Reviews The MCS Countryman ALL4

Executive editor of AutoWeek, Bob Gritzinger, concludes:
After more time in the Countryman, I believe it is improperly named. This is the Mini Everyman, because it is the Mini that anyone could live with and love. There's plenty of space, plenty of scoot and plenty of fun here to qualify for Mini citizenship, but you don't have to live with the tight dimensions of the mini-er Mini. When you need to actually carry four people, or some cargo, the bigger Countryman gives you reasonable space for the people or stuff. I could see this becoming the Mini for those who just can't justify the limitations of the diminutive Mini.
Editor Wes Raynal decides:
Overall, this Countryman is a fun little(ish) scooter.
Executive Editor Robert Hart resolves:
Overall, I came away liking the Countryman more for its differences from the Mini rather than disliking it for not being more like a base Mini. This could easily be a family's main ride--at least until the youngsters start approaching those teenage years.
Associate Editor Jonathan Wong finds:
Steering is Mini-quick and responsive, and the brakes easily scrub off speed when called on with good pedal feel. True, there's a fair amount of wind and tire noise from the Goodyear rubber that was a little disappointing, but that should easily be remedied with additional sound deadening.

However, there was one thing that did drive me nuts--the outside rearview mirrors. They are mounted way too low, which isn't a problem for the driver's side, but on the passenger side, the beltline covers up roughly the bottom quarter of the mirror. Most of the mirror is still in view, but I found it to be annoying to not have the entire thing in full view.
Finally, Assistant Art Director Cheryl L. Blahnik gushes:
The six-speed shifter is still a delight to use, which I'm ever thankful for. Overall, this bigger Mini is a fun ride with the added bonus of AWD to make it attractive to a broader audience.