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Wanderlust Hits Northern California

The MINI Countryman Wanderlust Movement showed up in Northern California on Monday. Ben Lerer, co-founder of Thrillist, "an e-mail newsletter with the aim of helping the young, well-heeled urban male stay on top of the hippest things to do-and stuff to buy-with all those hard-earned, gleaming mountains of extra cash," rounded up five MINI Countryman and scurried down to Santa Cruz where they went out on salmon fishing.

Then, back in San Francisco Colby Elrick, a BMX biker and videographer who co-founded Macafram bike shop in San Francisco, collected buddies and BMX and headed out to Gilroy to the Wheel Talk compound, "a biker's paradise complete with acres of track, trick courses and ramps, totally isolated and remote in the stillness of a California forest."

[Source: MINI Space]