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Fanny Mo And Other Chinese MINIs

[Source: appleactionws @ YouTube]

Christian Gebhardt Drives The Allegedly Fastest MINI Race Car

The vehicle was modded by Schirra Motoring and is filmed onboard at Nürburgring Nordschleife.

[Source: cc8186 @ YouTube]

A San Francisco MINI Street Concert

[Source: coolstylez @ YouTube]

[Source: coolstylez @ YouTube]

DIY: Install Accessory Headlights

Here's part one of this DIY, courtesy of Gene Hawkins @ YouTube: 

Anger, Disgust And Revenge

[Source: Interesantt @ YouTube]

Torque News Excited By The New MINI JCW GP

Noting that only ten of the GP's are designated for each State in the United States, Torque News' John Goreham writes, in part:
For the Mini enthusiast who wants the most special, fastest JCW ever the GP is coming. This will not be a car that sits in stock so if this is your dream you should reserve yours fast.

MINI GP By Dreams Mini - The 2012 Movie Trailer

[Source: DreamsMiniChannel @ YouTube]

"Push To Add Drama"

Not MINI related but it is a hoot and deserves to be shared!

[Source: turnerbenelux @ YouTube]

Autoweek's Answer To The Question "Do I Want [A Paceman]?"

Autoweek looks at the 2013 MINI Paceman and ultimately asks "Do I Want It?"  Reviewer Mark Vaughn responds:
We couldn't help seeing this as the X6/Crosstour/1973 VW Fastback of the Mini line. Is it the answer to the question no one asked? You get most of the increased interior room of a Countryman but without the convenience of the Countryman's four doors. Style is something you can't define but you know it when you see it. If you were looking for a more practical Mini that offers up a bit more stylish geometry with 4wd as an option, this could be your ride. It arrives in dealerships March 2013. Pricing and a few other details will be announced at the LA auto show, but expect it to cost around $30,000.

2012 U.S. MINI Buyers Are The Most Satisfied Car Customers

For the third consecutive year, MINI leads the J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index among mass-market brands.

[Source: via AutoGuide.com]

MINI Production In Netherlands At NedCar To Begin Late 2014

The former Mitsubishi assembly plant operated by NedCar located in Born, Netherlands will start producing MINIs in the second half of 2014 according to Automobile News.

Texas Dawn (Inside A Red MINI Cooper)

On the way to the F1 race in Austin.

[Source: dinhelson @ YouTube]

DIY: Replace R53 AC Compressor And Make Needed Tool

[Source: briansmobile1 @ YouTube]

edmunds.com Reviews The 2013 MINI Cooper Line-up

edmunds.com looks at the 2013 MINI Cooper line-up and discusses what's new for 2013, such as:
. . . Bluetooth is now standard on all Mini Coopers, while satellite radio is now an option instead of standard equipment. A USB/iPod adapter is now standard, and John Cooper Works models are now available with an automatic transmission.

Henry Gilbert At Donington Park

A test lap in advance of MINI Challenge Great Britain.

[Source: Henry Gilbert @ YouTube]

Behind The Scenes Of RockStar's "Life In The Foust Lane"

Check out the Pursuit Systems' MINI Cooper used by the film crew!

Free Toyo Tires If The Mayans Are Right

[Source: Just A Car Guy]

So, What Do The Italians Think Of The 2013 MINI JCW GP?

We haven't the faintest idea, but if you happen to speak Italian -

[Source: Andrea Ciampaglia @ YouTube]

AutoSpies.com Covers The L.A. Auto Show

Among AutoSpies.com's 700 pictures of Southern California booth babes and displays at the 2012 L.A. Auto Show is this photo of the new MINI Paceman.

Summer Tires Versus Winter Tires And ALL4 On The Ski Slopes

[Source: FairTyre @ YouTube]

A MINI Mini Rally Accident

Came around just a bit too fast! I guess he was thinking, "Don't worry, we will cross that bridge when we come to it" and he did!

[Source: RevistaMotororg @ YouTube]

Vinyl Chrome MINI Wrap In Brunei

The Sultan must be pleased!

[Source: justin pate @ YouTube]

Five Door MINI Hatchback Coming Soon. Other Variants To Follow

This variant is still a year or two away and is likely to be one of the first to receicve the new BMW modular engine. U.K.'s AutoExpress also writes, in part:
Once the five-door hatchback has launched, MINI will begin to expand the model line-up even further, with everything from a saloon to a seven-seater version of the Countryman.

The Oxford Twins Do Goodwood

[Source: MINIUnitedKingdom @ YouTube]

NOT NORMAL Graphically Explained In MINI Calligraphy

[Source: Liina Lükk @ facebook]

MINI Roof Rack Gives It That Turbo Jet Sound

Check out this recording of a whistle experienced by Kirk @ YouTube when driving his MINI Cooper S with roof rack at 40 to 60 miles per hour.

Are The MINI JCW GPs PistonHeads Heroes?

PistonHeads.com reviews the MINI John Cooper Works GPs  to determine whether the GPs are "PH Heroes" and ultimately decides:
2,000 were built (GP1's), and although 449 were originally destined for the UK, according to GPMini.net only 437 actually found homes here; judging by the PH classifieds you'll be needing at least £11K to join the ownership ranks. The imminent arrival of the new version is unlikely to diminish these values. The two are similar in character, but from my own brief squirt in the new GP2, all that clever aero can't quite make up for the missing mechanical diff, and the 1.6 turbo can't match the supercharged engine for charm.

New one looks the part but is it too civilised? And that's what really makes the MINI GP (version 1) a PH Hero: it might not be the fastest thing on four wheels, nor the hardest, but it's absolutely bursting with attention to detail and charisma.

DIY: Upgrade MINI Tail Lights To LED Type Lights

Here are the LED lights used in this demonstration but the substitution should also work for other LED makes.

[Source: powerfulukltd @ YouTube]

2013 MINI Paceman Cooper S In "Brilliant" Copper

These vehicles will be available to purchase March 16, 2013!

[Source: thefkrtkc1 @ YouTube]

MINIUSA 2013 Countryman Configurator Operational

The MINIUSA.com Vehicle Configurator now allows configuration of a 2013 Countryman, including the 2013 MINI Countryman JCW.  The Paceman Configurator, according to MotoringFile, will not go live until early 2013.

Airbrush That British Roof Instead Of A Vinyl Graphic?

Why get an airbrushed British Flag graphic on your MINI's roof, like this one offered and recorded by KOZ Autozentrum @ YouTube, instead of a vinyl decal?  Well done to be sure, but . . .?  You tell us what are the benefits of the airbrush job over a vinyl wrap, if any?

You Don't Know What The MINI-E Is?

Then watch this thorough video explanation from WikiPlays @ YouTube:

MINI Of Concord Flash Mobs Broadway Plaza

MINI of Concord surprised Black Friday shoppers at Walnut Creek's Broadway Plaza with this Flash Mob flashdance!

A Little MINI Challenge Video Footage From Rio Cuarto, Argentina

[Source: matigr4 @ YouTube]

"Be MINI" - A Film By Luis Galliani

"This is my solution . . . "

[Source: Luis Galliani @ YouTube]

Wheels.ca Reviews The 2014 MINI Paceman Cooper S

After a test drive on the Spanish island of Mallorca Lesley Wimbush reviews the 2014 MINI Paceman Cooper S for the Canadian website Wheels.ca. A synopsis by Mr. Wimbush:
2014 Mini Cooper S Paceman

PRICE: TBA but probably in low $30,000 range

ENGINE: 1.6L four/1.6L direct-injection turbo four

POWER/TORQUE (hp/lb.-ft.): 121/114; 181 /177 (192 overboost); 208/192 (207 overboost)

FUEL CONSUMPTION: 6.1L/100 km combined

COMPETITION: Ford Focus ST, VW Golf R, Range Rover Evoque

WHAT’S BEST: Lively handling and cheeky styling

WHAT’S WORST: Expensive

WHAT’S INTERESTING: Available with ALL4 AWD, a boon in our winters

BMW Blog Speculates On BMW/MINI Models From Shared UKL Platform

Recent articles have indicated that BMW intends to build 12 models from its upcoming front wheel drive UKL platform that will also grace the next generation MINI.  BMW Blog writer Horatiu Boeriu, with reference to discussions at Germancarforum, speculates on the actual models that will be built on the platform and believes they will include:
MINI 3/5dr - Increased demand leads to the next generation MINI due next year with five drs for the 1st time.

* * *

MINI Sedan - Sporty four dr MINI aimed at increasing markets for MINI products, potentially could be MINI’s best global seller overtaking the Countryman.

* * *

MINI Traveller - MINI variant of the [BMW] Active Tourer. Designed to show how both cars can co-exist with individual style and flexibility.

* * *

MINI Cabrio - Latest F56 rendition of the popular open top MINI.

* * *

MINI Roadster - Next Roadster and Coupe will launch with a sportier look which is completely separate from the standard MINI. The typical MINI design elements will be present but bodywork is not based on the hatch family.

* * *

MINI Coupe - Coupe version of Roadster, more individual in appearance.

* * *

MINI Countryman - Next generation of the global MINI juggernaut, heavily shared with BMW X1.

* * *

MINI Paceman/XL - Next generation of new MINI member will be offered with 5 door version as well as 3 door.

* * *

MINI Clubman - Current car revisited with more style and more flexibility, more of a Shooting Brake with dynamic raked roof and forward looking proportions.

* * *

The MINI Stroller For Mini MINI Tikes

[Source:  Photos of MINI album @ facebook]

MotoringFile Answers Your Questions About The MINI JCW GP II

MotoringFile has agreed to answer your questions about the new MINI John Cooper Works GP in order to prepare a FAQ on the vehicle.  Just leave your question in the comments to this MotoringFile post.

This Holiday Season Help Out Less Fortunate Canines Too!

Great idea MINI of Concord!

Next Generation MINI's New Head and Tail Light Design

autoevolution observes in the spy shots of the next generation MINI mules a change in headlight and taillight designs:
These latest spyshots of the next-gen MINI hatch show us a very important design element: the headlights and actually the taillights as well. The circular headlights have become much bigger, and the reason for this seems to be that the indicators underneath are now little bars instead of huge circles. The bulbs have also moved down a bit from what we can tell in order to make the nose of the car look a bit sportier.

Barbie's Clean Shaven Latino Ken With MINI Cooper

Ken, Barbie and the MINI Cooper sold separately.

[Source: juguetoon @ YouTube]

Club MINI Aguascalientes' "MINI Takes The Oval"

From the Aguascalientes International Circuit in Mexico in a race modified R53 MINI Cooper S.

[Source: jgsanmartin @ YouTube]

Polish MINI Fun

[Source: MINIPolska @ YouTube]

The Car Connection Gives 2013 MINI Cooper Countryman 8 Out Of 10

The Car Connection rates and reviews the various parts of the 2013 MINI Cooper Countryman and gives it an overall rating of 8 on a scale of 10.  Writer Marty Padgett says, in part:
It's a bit of a shock how much MINI there is in the Countryman's handling, but no surprise that in the end, it's more sporty crossover than real sports vehicle. There's a more refined ride than in any of the smaller Coopers, thanks to more weight and a longer wheelbase, but the difference from a typical MINI is measured in small degrees, not in a major paradigm shift.

Despite its MINI package, the Countryman offers impressive space for passengers in all positions, but it lacks a bit in cargo space. The 2013 model also has a redesigned armrest with relocated power-window controls and a larger console storage area. Also, the second row seat is now a three-person bench, with a two-person bucket arrangement now a no-cost option.

The MINI Roadster At Trollstigen Mountain Road

Makes you want to go to Norway just to drive one!

[Source: MININorge @ YouTube]

Motor Trend's First Test Drive Of The MINI JCW GP II

Motor Trend's Rory Jurnecka takes a first test drive on a track in the MINI John Cooper Works GP II and writes about it in an extensively photo illustrated article.  Jurnecka observes, in part:
As with any front-wheel-drive car, it's hard to get traction to power out of corners while the car is still turning (insert friction circle diagram here). Like with any Mini, the key is to be smooth with inputs and feed throttle in on corner exit rather than just mash the pedal as might be done in a Miata or BRZ. Still, power felt strong on the straights, and the Recaros proved grippy and supportive, though they might be a bit narrow for larger frames. The overall driving position is excellent, with good steering wheel extension and pedal spacing for simultaneous rev-matching and braking.

DIY: Fix Car Dents With A GoPro Camera Suction Mount

Really!  Watch this video via autoblog to discover how to do it properly.

Automobile Gets Its First Drive In The MINI Cooper S Paceman

Automobile Magazine's David Zenlea writes about the MINI Cooper S Paceman after his first drive in the vehicle and provides a large photo gallery. Zenlea's ultimate impression:
We're not sure how many more times Mini will be able to apply the same character cues to a new niche. We also wonder if there's a saturation point in the market for coupe-like crossovers. But that day of reckoning has not yet arrived. With a base price that will be higher than that of the Countryman but still thousands less than an Evoque, the Paceman brings crossover coupe styling to a new audience. More important, the Paceman is charming, eccentric, and fun to drive, exactly like a modern Mini should be.

Drag Race: 2011 MCS Versus 2010 MCS

Which do you think will win? Now, find out if you are right. Watch this cabin video from furiously2fast4u @ YouTube taken at Braden MotorSports Park during Fixxfest 9.

Two Truck MINI Cooper Sandwich

Two eighteen wheels made a MINI Cooper S driven by an 18 year old the meat in their sandwich when they collided on Thanksgiving Day on Interstate 5 near the Western Ave. offramp in Los Angeles pushing the MCS 200 feet into a concrete divider.  A great big tribute  to the safety of the MINI, there were no injuries!

[Source: Los Angeles Daily News]

MINI JCW Roadster At The 2012-13 Seattle Auto Show

[Source: Leopaul del Rosario @ YouTube]

A Video Clip Of The Updated 2013 MINI Countryman

[Source: SupercarHall @ YouTube]

Mircea Banu Attends myMINI Meeting In Romania

[Source: Mircea Banu @ YouTube]

Tuck Your Sweet Little MINI Maniac Into One Of These

The Mini Cilek Bi Turbo Car Bed available in Australia from Fast Car Beds.

[Source: Endree Saade @ YouTube]

MotoringFile Takes Its First Drive In The MINI Paceman

MotoringFile got the opportunity to drive the new MINI Paceman and provides its observations as well as this conclusion:
I’ll be frank. In concept, I struggled to look past the size and weight of this car, especially coupled with the lack of rear doors. Yet in the flesh, all those concerns melted away while the style, presence and driving experience of this car took over. It won’t be the practical workhorse the Countryman is for many. Yet for those who are willing to trade a little practicality, the Paceman offers a lot of style and rewards that compromise with a significant handling upgrade. All-in-all, the Paceman is a welcome addition to the MINI line-up, but most of all, a welcome iteration on the Countryman.

Sometimes It Pays To Be A Follower

[Source: sportzdata @ YouTube]

MINI John Cooper Works GP II On The Race Track

[Source: eurocarnews @ YouTube]

Have A Safe And Happy Thanksgiving!

May the only turkey you have be the one in the oven that you eat today!

[Photo Source: Ridelust

MINI Challenges 2012 Argentina And Brazil

MINI Motorsports recounts the 2012 MINI Challenge Argentina and MINI Challenge Brazil seasons.

MINI At Salon Internacional Del Automovil 2012 in Bogota, Columbia

[Source: autos mas @ YouTube]

MINIs Handle Well But Don't Be Like This Idiot

This photograph is just a taste of idiocy in a MINI in the Washington D.C. area.  However, you ain't seen nothing until you see the entire WUSA9.com Sky 9 video from over the 495 Express Way to watch this driver's stupidity.

MINI Cooper Smoking

Those seem to be the topics of this unusual video from Mike Beaverhausen @ YouTube.  The girls can have it.

Winter Tires For The MINI When The Temperature Falls Below 45 Degrees F

[Source: MINIUnitedKingdom @ YouTube]

A Little Tease For The 2012 Celtic Speed MINI Cooper Cup

[Source: motorstelevision @ YouTube]

MINI Fun At Atlanta Motorsports Park

[Source: DAG317 @ YouTube]

ProductShowroom Takes A Minute With The 2014 MCS Paceman

[Source: ProductShowroom @ YouTube]

Construction Of MINI's Aquascalientes Pop-Up Showroom

[Source: fotografiaEsencial @ YouTube]

Knapman Drives The MINI John Cooper Works GP II For The Telegraph

Critical car critic Chris Knapman takes on the MINI John Cooper Works GP II for the United Kingdom publication The Telegraph.  He gives it 4 out of 5 stars and concludes:
. . .  I can report that this is a specialist piece of kit with a price tag to match. If you happen to own a go karting track then it comes highly recommended.

Is There An Audible Difference Between Normal And Sport Mode?

You decide -

[Source: Bruno Hirt @ YouTube]

MINI In Alaska In The Winter

This video shows why a MINI may not be the best vehicle choice for Alaska. Watch as a nice one is pulled from the Chena River (brrrrrr!)

[Source: Daniel Davis @ YouTube]

MINI Motorsport Highlights Driver Krysztof Holowczyc And Dakar 2013

[Source: MINI Motorsport @ YouTube]

What Does It Look Like Under There?

abernard88 @ YouTube checks out the undercarriage of a MINI Cooper S -

Let Ryan Fix Your Creaks And Rattles

This is a new video advertisement for Ryan G Motorworks ("RyanGMW" and "RGMW") in Auburn, CA.  Ryan is a NORCAL MINIS' supporter that provides a discount to NORCAL MINIS Members.

[Source: NOCUBICLE4ME @ YouTube]

When It Doesn't Pay To Be A Good Samaritan

Here's the story given by Hill Auto Body after the recent storms in the State of Washington:
WA State Trooper was clearing debris from road when the Mini Cooper stopped to see if he needed an help . A large tree blew over on top of both cars . Unknown what caused the fire it must have been from a dead short in on of the damaged cars . The Trooper pulled the lady from her Mini got her safely away from the smoking cars . He had just enough time to get back to his car and remove his shot gun . The fire department got on scene just has the case of road flares igniated in the trunk of the car . I towed the Mini back to the shop and Tye towed the Trooper vehicle to Olympia . I got back to the shop and had to hook A FedEx Van and get it to longview s. It had a full load of oysters that had to air frieght out same day . We made it to longview just intime to offlad to a ttruck going to Portland airport . We had to take the WA side as a semi had blown over and blocked the Astoria Bridge . I got 10 miles back towards home and they had shut down the highway due to floding . There was a 10 detour through back country roads but I did get home by 7 PM
Poor MINI Clubman.  It just didn't pay to stop.  See the aftermath.  The driver gets there at about the 2:20 mark.

eBay Motors Blog Reviews The 2012 MCS Countryman ALL4

eBay Motors Blog blogger Alex Kramer reviews the 2012 MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4.  Kramer provides a photo gallery and these pros and cons:

  • MINI’s trademark go-kart-like handling is still there
  • Gutsy little turbo engine is up to the task of hauling this bigger MINI around
  • All-wheel drive makes for foolproof all weather performance
  • Unmistakable MINI styling, in a larger size
  • MINI’s retro interior styling is an acquired taste
  • Interior plastics seem awfully cheap for an almost $30k car
  • For a larger MINI, the trunk is still quite small and impractical
  • Price with options easily escalates into large car territory

Drifting With Bodacious Babes Done Wrong And Right

Here is Playboy model Jesse Preston doing it wrong.  Notice the safety helmet and the location of the seat belt, obviously improperly placed to better show off her, uhh,  assets.

As Carscoop observes, this is how you do it properly and safely with asset protection that does not detract from your bodacious babe as passenger drifting video:

MINI Paceman Right By You In Starlight Blue

Check out this great footage of the 2013 MINI Paceman from SupercarHall @ YouTube:


United Kingdom site AUTOCAR had the opportunity to the drive the 2013 MINI JCW GP II and provides its own answer to the question "Should I buy one?":
It’s a savage investment to make, and an outgoing Clio Cup or even Vauxhall’s Corsa VXR Nürburgring would deliver much of the thrill for considerably less. But, realistically, this limited edition car - just 2,000 will be made - is for buyers already heavily devoted to the Mini way of doing things.

From that narrower viewpoint, the car, while admittedly not measured on the road yet, is by some distance the best yet to pilot aggressively. The contrived snap and over-egged scurry of the JCW has been superseded by the accuracy and wonderfully organic recompense of an expensive, track-bred solution. It also feels, in stark contrast to some of BMW’s other recent output, like a proper tribute to the bold, ballsy inventiveness of the brand’s original motorsport heritage

The Band Superbus Sings "MINI"

[Source: W1711ERIC @ YouTube]

The 2012 MINI WRC Rally Season

MINI Motorsport recalls the 13 rallies of the 2012 MINI WRC Rally Season in a large photo gallery.

Don't Bother Picking Me Up Mom, I'll Take The Bus

[Source: via Jalopnik]

The Ultimate MINI Cooper Engine Modification

Fit it with a helicopter turbine jet engine plus all the design changes needed to make it work!

[Source: serkannx @ YouTube]

Kuwait National Championship Rally

MINI Motorsport has posted this photo at facebook of Sixth Place and Championship Leader team Meshal Alnejadi and Ali Al Shamali taken during Round 2 on November 17, 2012.

Auto Express Files Its 2nd Report On The MINI Roadster

Auto Express provides its second report on its long term test of the MINI Roadster. It found a few "niggles" and have  some complaints, but the view expressed by Deputy News Editor Luke Madden appear to prevail:
"The Roadster is fun but flawed. Refinement is poor and on bumpy roads the handling can be wayward. Yet it’s hard to ignore the car’s strong performance, burbling soundtrack and razor-sharp responses."

Off Road Designed MINI Countryman Service Vehicles Headed To Dakar Rally

MINI has provided an off-road design packaged MINI Countryman for the X-Raid team to use as service vehicles during The Dakar Rally to support the X-Raid Team's  efforts. Quoting MINI, worldcarfans.com writes, in part:
Set to cover over 8,000 km (4,971 miles) during the competition, the service vehicles will be equipped with an off-road design package that includes "silver-colored add-on parts for the front and rear apron and side skirts." The crossovers will also have an increased ride height, off-road tires and special badging. 
MINI says the off-road design package is a retrofit option, so it won't void the crossover's original warranty. They also say the model can be equipped with auxiliary headlights, mud flaps, all-weather floor mats and 18-inch alloy wheels with run-flat tires. 
The Dakar Rally starts on January 5th and the X-raid Team is looking to defend last year's victory.

WHATCAR? Reviews The 2013 MINI John Cooper Works GP II

United Kingdom's WHATCAR? reviews the 2013 MINI John Cooper Works GP II.  This is how it answers the question "Should I buy one?":
The GP is an absolute hoot to drive on track, feeling significantly more special than the next-fastest model in the range, the JCW.

True, it costs the best part of £30k, but it comes well equipped and its limited numbers mean it should hold its value well.

Fantastic hot hatches such as the similarly priced BMW M135i and cheaper Renault Megane Cup are more sensible choices, but the GP definitely has its own appeal.

Because we've only driven the Mini John Cooper Works GP on a track, we can't give it a What Car? star rating at present.

Results From Tokyo's Burton Rail Days Presented By MINI

Transworld Snowboarding reports the results from Burton Rail Days Presented By MINI in Tokyo, Japan.  The competition attracted the top international snowboarders to ride rails in downtown Tokyo.  Forest Bailey of the United States took home the $15,000 first place prize.

BMW Blog Provides A New Photo Gallery Of The MINI Paceman

BMWBlog has a great photo gallery of the interior, exterior ad engine of the new MINI Paceman that is accompanied by descriptions of the vehicle, such as in this paragraph:
Upright front end exudes power and presence; hexagonal radiator grille with broad chrome surround, black bordering on the lower edge of the body and other typically MINI design elements lend an individual touch; coupé-style stretched side profile with long doors, dynamically downward-sloping roofline and greenhouse tapering towards the rear; muscular flared wheel arches; distinctive roof form adapted to the car’s coupé lines with integrated rear spoiler; roof can be specified in body colour, white or black; sloping rear window; rear lights in horizontal arrangement for the first time on a MINI.

You Could Win $1,000 From MINI Of Concord For Your MINI Mingle Jingle

MINI of Concord is holding its MINI Mingle Jingle contest.  Put together your best MINI Jingle video about how you feel about your MINI to the MINI Jingle beat provided by MINI of Concord.  If the public votes your entry the best you will win a $1,000 Grand Prize.

Download the jingle beat and share your entry here!

Looking For A MINI? Is It Flood Damaged?

After Superstorm Sandy there is a good chance storm damaged vehicles will be lurking all over the U.S. to be sold to unsuspecting buyers.  Hemmings Daily provides an extensive checklist for checking for flood damage on a car so you don't become one of the superstorm's fleeced.

Automobile Wraps Up Its Four Season Review Of Its 2011 MCS Countryman ALL4

Automobile Magazine wraps up its year with a 2011 MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 and provides its final observations such as:
Some of the issues we experienced could have been mitigated or eliminated had we made different choices during the ordering process. Going for the automatic transmission obviously would have negated the clutch issue. Springing for automatic climate control likely would have made it easier to achieve a comfortable cabin temperature. Sticking with the standard seventeen-inch wheels, instead of the optional eighteens, probably would have helped the ride. And anyone who cares a lot about stereo sound quality should investigate the optional Harman Kardon system.

MINI In 2012 Speed Maneuvers Competition Finals Held In Minsk

[Source: Dmitri Matveenko @ YouTube]

East Bay MINI Displays 2013 Roadster At Paragon Outlets

East Bay MINI has a 2013 MINI Cooper S Roadster on display at the new Paragon Outlets Mall in Livermore, CA. You can view it between the Brooks Brothers and Tommy Hilfiger stores.

Raeder Automotive Tuning And Motorsport

Raeder Motorsport races vehicles tuned by the German firm Raeder Automotive.  This German language video shows Raeder and its projects.  Don't miss Raeder's MINI Challenge vehicle which starts at the 4:05 mark.

[Source: JETZT ABONNIEREN @ YouTube]

Spanish Language CarGlobeTV Tests The MINI-E

[Source: CarGlobeTV @ YouTube]

Brands Hatch MINI Festival Parade Lap

[Source: AMAUTOS7 @ YouTube]

The Telegraph Asks Whether The MINI Paceman Is "A Niche Too Far"

Chris Knapman reviews the MINI Paceman for the United Kingdom publication The Telegraph.  He asks "is the two-door Paceman a niche too far?" Knapman decides:
. . . . A sports coupé it is not. 
However, neither is it like an SUV, for while the ride quality is acceptable, the main controls are just too sensitive. Rather, it sits in an uncomfortable position between the two; difficult to drive smoothly and frustrating to drive quickly. 
The harsh reality is that you can have all of this car's good bits (the build quality, the gimmicks, and the drivetrain) in Minis that are more attractive, more practical or better to drive. 
One might argue that the Paceman should be applauded for being unique in a market where conformity is the norm. Personally, I thought it a Mini too far.

BMW Blog Covers The MINI John Cooper Works GP II

BMW Blog provides an extensive new photo gallery of the MINI JCW GP II. It also writes about the vehicle's construction.  For example, this paragraph:
The exciting race car feel is raised a further notch by an interior ambience which, partly due to the absence of a rear seat bench, is focused entirely on the needs of the driver and “co-driver”, both of whom can savour the performance of the MINI John Cooper Works GP to the full thanks to Recaro sports seats with special GP stitching. A cargo guard prevents items from sliding forward out of the luggage compartment in sporty driving situations. The John Cooper Works thick-rimmed leather steering wheel and the gearshift knob with chrome ring and red shift diagram help give the driver a more direct feel for the car. Finally, with features like the anthracite roof liner, the piano black interior surfaces and door grips, and the anthracite rev counter and speedometer dials, this interior also helps to improve the driver’s concentration and focus on the road.

So, This Is The Attraction Of Drifting!

[Source: via autoevolution]

The Nokia Racing Team's MINI Coupe JCW

[Source: Himmelflieger @ YouTube]

autoblog's First Drive Review Of The 2014 MINI Cooper S Paceman

autoblog's Matt Davis recently had the opportunity to drive the 2014 MINI Cooper S Paceman and provides a thorough first drive review with video and a thorough photo gallery.  Davis exclaims:
At this point, you may be surprised to hear us admit that we like it. The drive time we had over torturous roads showed us that Mini understands the gaps it must fill as it tries everything it can to expand its finite lineup. The Paceman is the seventh model for the reborn Mini company, and is a much more convincing fit in our minds versus the recently launched Mini Coupe and Roadster. On the four Pirelli Cinturato P7 runflats – 205/55 R17 91V is standard for the Cooper S – the more nimble Paceman helps convince us to accept the Countryman as a necessary part... a part that accounts for 30 percent of all Mini sales globally now. And we understand the limitations of the coupe lifestyle, but hell, the entire Mini proposal is a compromise if all we're talking is practicality.

New World Record - Most Girls In A MINI Cooper S JCW Hatchback

[Source: civicdelslow @ YouTube]

The Car Coach's 2011 Video Review Of The 2012 MINI Coupe

[Source: laurenfix @ YouTube]

A MINI "Smile Run"

[Source: kiko tuason @ YouTube]

WHATCAR? Reviews The 2013 MINI Paceman

United Kingdom's WHATCAR? reviews the 2013 MINI Paceman and decides:
Unless you really like the looks, the similarly priced Audi A3 and VW Scirocco are better alternatives.

R56 At The Japanese Sukuza Racing Circuit For The First Time

[Source: R56MINICOOPER @ YouTube]

BimmerFile Takes Its First Drive In The MINI JCW GP II

BimmerFile got to play with a MINI John Cooper Works GP II and provides its impressions.  It concludes:
With the 2013 GP, MINI did it right. Suspension, brakes, electronics, aero and yes, weight. In doing so they’ve raised the bar dramatically from the first GP. It’s something the numbers and the photos just couldn’t tell us. There really is no substitute for good old fashioned seat time The power figures may be less than we expected on paper, but the fun factor and outright speed is way up. What MINI, and more specifically JCW, have finally created is a car that feels M-worthy.

"2013 Rally Dakar: This Battle Is On"

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What Do You Think Of The ST Auto Kit For The R53?

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Bollywood Dad Buys His One Year Old A MINI Cooper S

7 Days In Dubai posts photo of Bollywood's celebrity superstar Amitabh Bachchan, filmactress Jaya Bachchan and their son Abhishek Bachchan and his wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with their celebrity baby girl Aaradhya Bachchan, celebrating the child's first birthday in a new MINI Cooper S that Dad bought for his infant for her birthday.

MINI Video From Rally Spain 2012

Seven seconds of Chris Atkinson:

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Eight seconds of Jarkko Nikara:

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Five seconds of Dani Sordo:

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DIY: Reset The Dash Clock In A MINI

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It's Definitely Autumn

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Give Your Christmas Wishes To MINI To Take To The North Pole

MINI USA has posted a MINI facebook app to gather three of your wishes to deliver to Santa Claus when MINI reaches the North Pole in its caravan journey to the Arctic Circle to break the Guinness World Record for the longest wish list delivered to Santa Claus.  Get your three wishes in before November 18, 2012!

How About Some Designer Sidewalls For That MINI?

Just a Car Guy leads us to LAC Tire Printer, a printing machine that prints artwork on tire sidewalls that is  manufactured by Tokyo, Japan based LAC Corporation. The price, although not given for the machine, includes the software for your PC to operate the printer.

New York Daily News Characterizes The MINI Paceman

Here is how the New York Daily News characterizes the new MINI Paceman:
The new Mini Cooper Paceman is a compact, high-end car with go-kart handling and features unique tail lights for a Mini. The car will retail for around $31,000.