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When It Doesn't Pay To Be A Good Samaritan

Here's the story given by Hill Auto Body after the recent storms in the State of Washington:
WA State Trooper was clearing debris from road when the Mini Cooper stopped to see if he needed an help . A large tree blew over on top of both cars . Unknown what caused the fire it must have been from a dead short in on of the damaged cars . The Trooper pulled the lady from her Mini got her safely away from the smoking cars . He had just enough time to get back to his car and remove his shot gun . The fire department got on scene just has the case of road flares igniated in the trunk of the car . I towed the Mini back to the shop and Tye towed the Trooper vehicle to Olympia . I got back to the shop and had to hook A FedEx Van and get it to longview s. It had a full load of oysters that had to air frieght out same day . We made it to longview just intime to offlad to a ttruck going to Portland airport . We had to take the WA side as a semi had blown over and blocked the Astoria Bridge . I got 10 miles back towards home and they had shut down the highway due to floding . There was a 10 detour through back country roads but I did get home by 7 PM
Poor MINI Clubman.  It just didn't pay to stop.  See the aftermath.  The driver gets there at about the 2:20 mark.