Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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The Telegraph Asks Whether The MINI Paceman Is "A Niche Too Far"

Chris Knapman reviews the MINI Paceman for the United Kingdom publication The Telegraph.  He asks "is the two-door Paceman a niche too far?" Knapman decides:
. . . . A sports coupĂ© it is not. 
However, neither is it like an SUV, for while the ride quality is acceptable, the main controls are just too sensitive. Rather, it sits in an uncomfortable position between the two; difficult to drive smoothly and frustrating to drive quickly. 
The harsh reality is that you can have all of this car's good bits (the build quality, the gimmicks, and the drivetrain) in Minis that are more attractive, more practical or better to drive. 
One might argue that the Paceman should be applauded for being unique in a market where conformity is the norm. Personally, I thought it a Mini too far.