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Royal Air Force Mini Club Dambusters 70th Anniversary Run To Mohne

Good show old chaps!

[Source: RAF MINICLUB @ YouTube]

A Hideous Chinese Pink MINI One

With lime green accents. Nauseating!

[Source:  BMW Power Blog by autoevolution]

Mini World Previews The 2013 Brands Hatch Mini Festival

MiniWorld highlights some of the festivities to occur at the Brands Hatch Mini Festival, including a Red Devils Parachute Display, exhibition of Paddy Hopkirk’s 1964 Monte Carlo rally winning Mini Cooper S and the appearance of Mini Sport’s own in-house rally team. The festival will honor the 50th anniversary of the Mini Cooper S, include an extended Russ Swift Mini stunt show on both days, live music, rally demonstrations and show ‘n’ shine competitions.

For more information go to www.mini-festival.co.uk.

2008 MCS Convertible "A Modern Collectible"

That is the opinion of Fast Lane Car in this video review posted by romanmicagearguy @ YouTube.

The MINI Cooper SD Is Pitted Against the Peugeot RCZ And VW Beetle

Auto Motor und Sport did the comparison and it is reported by BMW Power blog by autoevolution. Interestingly, the diesel MINI was rated dead last.

The Comic Book X-Ray Glasses Arrived

[Source: Hooniverse]


MINI Space announces MINI's launch of flying MINI Paceman service with eight European tour itineraries:
Residents of many countries throughout Europe are eligible to apply to fly with MINI AIR, with a total of 8 all-expenses-paid itineraries ready for booking. 4 trips for 2 will be raffled off for those hoping to make a destination of Berlin. Another 4 trips start in Berlin, transporting pairs of travellers in their very own MINI to Prague, Hamburg and along the sunny Baltic Sea.

But in-"flight" entertainment won't be limited to outbound passengers only. June 21st is the official launch of MINI AIR, and we're celebrating on the runway at Berlin's Platoon Kunsthalle, the official departure gate for all MINI AIR flights. Amongst flight crew and check-in counter, winning ticket-holders can get a glimpse at currently undercover acts rocking the terminal - and score a MINI test drive for the next day!

The sky's the limit with MINI AIR. Over the coming weeks, stay tuned for more news from the world's most NOT NORMAL airline!

MINI To Sponsor The 2013 Channel Islands Demo Tour

BMW Group PressClub USA has announced that MINI has partnered with Channel Islands to demo Channel Island's surfboards and gear. They will be inviting the surfing community to local beaches to try out the merchandise, get free MINI swag and take test drives.  The Tour will hit the West Coast and East Coast of the U.S.

MINI Is Readied To Take On Pikes Peak Climb

French driver Jean-Philippe Dayraut will be behind the wheel of a MINI for the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. To participate the MINI was modded to be 176 lbs lighter and boosted to 900 hp according to AutoGuide.com.

MINI Connected Adds Deezer

Deezer is an iPhone app in which users obtain access to 20 million songs for free. It will sync with the MINI Connected system and also sports social media functions. The app is only available if your MINI is equipped with the Radio MINI Visual Boost or the MINI navigation system. The app is controlled via the MINI joystick or steering wheel buttons, according to AutoGuide.com.

Roberto Cavalli Reveals Paceman For The Life Ball 2013

Carscoops reports on Designer Roberto Cavalli's unveiling of the one off 2013 MINI Paceman he designed for auction at the 2013 MINI Life Ball AIDS Charity Event. The vehicle was the highest selling ever at the event.

Complain, Complain, Complain

According to Torque News MINI generates the most complaints:
Mini sold 66,123 vehicles in 2012 and generated only 427 complaints, according to a post by Mike Sauter of 24/7 Wall St. on the USA Today website. The real story here is you have a lot less to worry about buying almost any car today.

Jeep came in second for moans and groans with 69.48 complaints per 100,000 units sold.

IMM 2013 Chronicled By MSN.UK Cars

International Mini Meet 2013 was held in Mugello, Italy.  MSN.UK Cars provides a nice photograph gallery "sampling" of the event.

Third Generation MINIs To Be Built In China

BMW reportedly will build third generation MINIs at its joint-venture Tiexi plant in Shenyang, north-west China, starting in 2015 according to an article by AutoCar India. The article claims the Tiexi plant built MINIs will potentially only be distributed in local Asian markets.

Stance Works Low Lifestyle MINI Clubman Celebrated By MINI Germany

Stance Works excitedly reports on MINI Germany's article celebrating Stance Works' "Low Lifestyle" MINI Clubman.

Memorial Day 2013

As you motor today please remember those men and women whose sacrifice made it possible for you to do so.

Motor Trend Covers AMVIV X

Melissa Spiering attended The 2013 10th Annual "A MINI Vacation In Vegas" and writes about the experience for Motor Trend.  The article also includes a fine photo gallery of the event.

The Booth Babes Of The Minsk Auto Show 2013

The Russian website auto.onliner.by provides a large photo gallery of working women from the show.

Whose Celebrity Backside Is In That MINI Backdoor?

That is really the question Celebrity Cars Blog asks about this photographed rear end.

MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2013 First Event Almanarre Kite Master

Online registration for the Almanarre Kite Master, the first event on the 2013 MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe that is scheduled for May 29, 2013. However, according to the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe website you can still register to paerticipate at the venue on the day of the event.   MINI is this year's Title Sponsor of the European Championships in Kitesurfing Freestyle and international IKA Racing.

Auto Express Reviews The MINI JCW GP2

U.K's Auto Express' provides this verdict on the MINI JCW GP2:

The motorsport-inspired MINI JCW GP is a joy to drive on road or track

. . . [4 out of 5 stars] . . .

The edgy, boisterous and feisty MINI JCW GP commands a big price premium, but its motorsport-inspired technology and exclusivity help to justify the cost. While it’s designed to perform on the track, its huge performance is accessible and enjoyable on the road. The ride is firm and it’s noisy on the motorway, yet if you want a car that exhilarates on every journey, this is the hot hatch for you.

What's Not Normal On The MINI?

ThatGoProKid @ YouTube shows off what is Not Normal about his 2004 MINI Cooper S.

Three MINIs Complete Nurburgring 24 Hours

MINI Motorsport reports on the results for the five MINIs that competed in the 2013 Nurburgring 24 Hours.  Only three completed the race that took place in very heavy rain and thick fog that caused the race to be suspended during the 73rd lap. The Partl Motorsport Team had the best MINI finish.  It started 114th and finished fourth in its class.

Garmin Navigation Portable XL Specifically For The MINI

The Garmin Blog announces the Garmin MINI Navigator Portable XL, made specifically for the MINI, for which there is a custom MINI dealer installed customized mount, is now available through MINI dealers worldwide.

Nancy's Drop Top Dropped On Her New Joy Ride

[Source: ItsShoreLife @ YouTube]

MINI Power Steering Pump Warranty Extended On Certain MINIs

Braminator @ North American Motoring.com posted this MINI Bulletin that appears to extend the warranty on the electro-hydraulic power (assist) Steering pump to 13 years/150,000 miles and reimburse those who have already paid for the repair.

East Bay MINI Service Advisor Scott Hunter explains:
"Owners of affected vehicles will eventually get the letter by mail.

This is NOT a recall or technical campaign.

A technical campaign means the manufacturer has identified a problem with a component and will label all affected VIN's, so if the vehicle should come into the dealer and the VIN is scanned it automatically directs the dealer to replace the affected component.

This is a warranty extension, which means that if a vehicle is brought into a dealer with a verified concern from the customer that the component will be replaced free of charge. The component must be diagnosed as failed or failing. If a vehicle is NOT currently exhibiting any symptoms, or a certified technician cannot prove a currently failed or failing component-no action will be taken.

If a customer has previously paid to have the EHPS power steering pump replaced, they can contact MINI USA for reimbursement.


Do not contact your local dealer if you have previously paid for this repair. The dealer will do nothing but direct you to contact MINI USA. The information they need is in the customer letter that I have attached to this e-mail.

Once again, this is NOT a recall!! If a customer goes into their local dealer requesting to have their EHPS power steering pump replaced because they received a letter from MINI USA, the pump will NOT be replaced unless there is currently a problem with it. If there is no problem at the time of diagnosis/inspection, no action will be taken!"

UPDATE (May 28, 2013):  Scott has just learned and conveyed the following additional information to us:
MINI USA is [now] directing people that have previously paid for either the power steering pump and or the power steering fan, to seek reimbursement from the dealer. They can seek reimbursement from any dealer, however I would recommend, that they try to go back to the dealer where the work was performed as they should have the records on file (unless it was done more then 4-5 years ago as the records could be purged out of the dealer's system already) I think either way people should be prepared to show an itemized receipt, with parts and labor broken down separately. The work could have been performed at either the dealer or an independent, as long as they have the itemized receipt.

MINIs Massed In Mugello

The 2013 International Mini Meet was held in Mugello, Italy.  It was the biggest Mini gathering of the year and included everything fron the Riley Elf to the MINI Paceman. BMW Group PressClub Global summarizes the festivities.

MINI Red Bull Spill Ties Up Traffic

[Source: MINI Club Dubai Timeline Photo @ facebook]

MINI To Offer Teens "Miles Ahead" Driving Courses In The U.K.

MINI Financial Services in the U.K. will offer the Miles Ahead program to teenage drivers. It includes a session of driving courses dedicated to teaching teenagers how to drive safely, without being distracted by cellphones or any other factor.

While driving MINIs around the course participants will be confronted by imitated real-life scenarios to determine how they react.
[Source: via BMW Power blog by autoevolution]

Get A MINI USA Value Service Oil Change For Your Baby

[Source: MINIUSA @ YouTube]

TFLCars Tests The 2013 MINI Cooper S Paceman ALL4

[Source: romanmicagearguy @ YouTube]

Chicas! No Maquillaje Y Conducir! (Girls! Don't Make Up And Drive!)

A public service campaign by MINI MéxicoTV.

More Spy Shots Of The 2014 MINI Cooper

MotorAuthority posts more spy shots of a 2014 MINI Cooper mule and its interior. It notes, in part:
The images reveal a sleeker and more aggressive look for the car, with a more sharply steeped A-pillar than the current model and a slightly wider front. At the rear, a new tail-light graphic can clearly be seen in some of the shots, revealing a large circular design.

The front grille also appears to be slightly wider and looks to be sitting lower, while the body appears to feature a more fluid design. An earlier image captured the upcoming MINI next to the current-generation car, highlighting the differences (and the similarities) in their design.

A closer look at the interior in the latest shots also gives an idea of what to expect for the cabin, confirming that the latest MINI series will maintain the round-gauged retro look (previous prototypes had a makeshift BMW 1-Series interior), albeit in a toned-down fashion.

"Got To Have Faith"

The United Kingdom's Express  reports Katherine Fox barely missed running over singer George Michael in her MINI Cooper when Michael fell out of a silver Range Rover on the M1 while trying to re-open and close an ajar car door at 70 mph.

CarsTV Takes The MINI Countryman JCW For A Spin

[Source: CarsTVChannel @ YouTube]

MINI USA Value Service

[Source: MINIUSA @ YouTube]

MINI London Supports The 2013 Walk To Fight Arthritis

According to the London Community News.com MINI of London has lent big support to The Arthritis Society for their 2013 Walk To Fight Arthritis scheduled for June 9, 2013, including this promotional vehicle.

BMW Seeks To Increase MINI Sales In China

A GasGoo Automotive News article cites a BMW AG sales report that indicates that BMW will focus on increasing MINI sales in China which, to date, have been poor. How poor? The article states:
According to statistics cited in a report appearing on auto.163.com today, 28,273 BMWs were sold in China last month, compared to the 23,225 BMWs sold in the US. However, April Mini sales in China totaled just 2,038 units, less than half of the 5,786 units sold in the US over the same period of time.

Micky Doyle Racing For The Scottish MINI Cooper Cup At Knockhill

[Source: Micky Doyle @ YouTube]

2013 MINI Cooper Convertible Reviewed

auto123.com reviews the 2013 version of the MINI Cooper Convertible and says you should consider it if:
. . . you’re after something sporty, entertaining, compact, city-friendly, and ready for up to four people. Many folks shop a MINI Convertible as a roomier alternative to something like a Mazda MX-5. Also, consider a MINI Convertible if you’re after a ride you can truly individualize. The model is backed by a slew of accessories, visual add-ons, interior add-ons, and performance parts. Wheels, tires, stripes, and unique colour combinations are available, too.

MINI Paceman Dash Mickey Mouse

BMW Power Blog by autoevolution sees the Disney resemblance in the center stack.

The Sharper Image MINI Cooper S Bluetooth Speaker

[Source: SharperImageOnline @ YouTube]

Motor Magazine Names 2013 MINI JCW GP "Best Bang For Your Bucks"

MotoringFile reports on Australian Motor Magazine's choice of the 2013 MINI JCW GP for its 2013 "Best Bang For Your Bucks" award. The judging: 
" . . . incorporated two full days of intensive track testing, conducted and judged by a group of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable road testers in Australia."

Five MINIs To Contest The 2013 Nürburgring 24 Hours

MINI Motorsport reports five MINI Endurance cars will participate at the Green Hell in the 42nd running of the 2013 Nürburgring 24 Hours race.

The Britalian Job

[Source: Wood MINI @ YouTube]

On The Road And Through The Mud And Gravel

The MINI Countryman John Cooper Works ALL4:

[Source: SportsCarOnVideo @ YouTube]

MINI's Mexican "Save A Life" Don't Drive Distracted Public Art Campaign

[Source: adland.tv]

Q And A With Stephane Sarrazin, MINI Driver ERC Debut In Tour De Corso

www.Crash.net has a question and answer session with race driver Stephane Sarrazin.  Sarrazin has been successful at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and will pilot a MINI Cooper John Cooper Works in  the ERC at the Tour de Corso.

MINI Dominates FIA Cross Country Rallies

MotoringFile publishes motorsport.com's assessment of the Monster Energy X-raid Team successful start to the new FIA Cross Country Rally season following back to back Dakar Rally wins. Now, a third of the way through the season, the X-raid Team has a win and two second places.

MC2 Magazine Posts Its Review Of The 2013 MINI Paceman

[Source: Driving Sports TV @ YouTube]

The MINI Cooper Countryman JCW ALL4 Examined With Electronica

[Source: GommeBlog @ YouTube]