Dunsmuir Railroad Park Weekend - Oct. 13-15, 2023

Come join us for an amazing weekend up in the mountains. We have an awe-inspiring run planned for Saturday that will include beautiful sight...


MINI Space announces MINI's launch of flying MINI Paceman service with eight European tour itineraries:
Residents of many countries throughout Europe are eligible to apply to fly with MINI AIR, with a total of 8 all-expenses-paid itineraries ready for booking. 4 trips for 2 will be raffled off for those hoping to make a destination of Berlin. Another 4 trips start in Berlin, transporting pairs of travellers in their very own MINI to Prague, Hamburg and along the sunny Baltic Sea.

But in-"flight" entertainment won't be limited to outbound passengers only. June 21st is the official launch of MINI AIR, and we're celebrating on the runway at Berlin's Platoon Kunsthalle, the official departure gate for all MINI AIR flights. Amongst flight crew and check-in counter, winning ticket-holders can get a glimpse at currently undercover acts rocking the terminal - and score a MINI test drive for the next day!

The sky's the limit with MINI AIR. Over the coming weeks, stay tuned for more news from the world's most NOT NORMAL airline!