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The Province Reviews The MINI Cooper S Roadster

Rob Rothwell reviews the MINI Cooper S Roadster for The Province under the headline "Mini Cooper S Roadster: The name is fun, lots of fun."  Rothwell concludes:
If there's one take-away for me, it is simply this: the Cooper S Roadster is fun, lots of fun. I'm not sure I would want to live with this car all four seasons, but I'm sure that I would relish its spirited topless performance in at least three of them. When the sun shines and the roof is down, this jubilant two-seater delivers plenty of exhilarating performance. It's also more practical than typical roadsters thanks to the large trunk that isn't consumed by the retracted roof. Presumably, this is the area that once housed a rear seat, making the Mini Roadster strictly a two-seater. Maybe that's why empty nesters are attracted. Sorry, no room for the grandkids in this getaway.