Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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Recap - Over the Mountains and thru the Woods Pumpkin Run - Saturday October 29th

Pumpkin Run 2022

Your Host: Tasha Hudick

What a beautiful fall day, as 27 Minis made their way from the Peninsula over the mountains, through rolling farmland and coastal views, to Bob’s Vegetable Stand and Pumpkin Patch just south of Half Moon Bay.

We started out bright and early in Redwood City, enjoying the crisp air, a nice spread of Minis, a smattering of new members and lots of good conversations all around. We couldn’t ask for better weather, barely a cloud in the sky as we headed up Highway 84 to the iconic Alice’s Restaurant. Some Mini drivers really wanted to stop and take in all the cars and motorcycles that always pack to parking lots, but we had twistier roads to take on and headed up Skyline to take in the Bay and Coastal views.

Cue the twisty and gravelly road as we made our way down a narrow Alpine Road. We weren’t the only car club tackling the turns. A band of Porsches met our Minis as we descended. Our group 2 led by Gordon recounted his run-in.

“After seeing the lead Porsche stopped at a stop sign, I chose to lead our Mini posse through and force the cross traffic to look in awe and splendor at our pack. For once the silver and bronze Porsches had to wait…and wait… and wait. As we descended down Alpine, a second group led by a red 911 took up the center of the road and we and our Minis were forced to the edge of the road. There were quite a few Spyders in that group. Next time, I’ll bring my raid to stamp them out.”

Most of our route was made up of the old Stage road that ran between Pescadero and northern coastal towns. Bucolic farmland created breathtaking views as we navigated our way through the hairpins, twists and turns of an historic route.

We arrived at the pumpkin farm close to lunch, we were all able to park close, have a nice chat with friends and even get a few pumpkins in our boot for Halloween!

Thanks to Duane, Larry and Gordon for helping out and providing leadership and support!

Tasha Hudick

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