Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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Recap - Apple Hill Event - Sunday November 6th


Your Host For This Event:

Rick Sanchez and daughter Vanessa

The Apple Hill run started in Manteca. 2022 Vice President, Rick Sanchez led the run with his daughter Vanessa. Sixteen cars joined the run. At the driver’s meeting Jean Nugent was recognized as the newest member to participate in the day’s run. Next year’s Social Media Director, Duane Caldwell, was on hand to take wonderful photos of our cars in the parking lot of Joshua Cowell Elementary. Other 2022 officers and directors present were Michelle Lewis, Pat Lewis and Paige Lane. Paige volunteered to be caboose for the run. The most excited participant on the run was Tony Suarez’s daughter. She got recognized as the youngest person at this event. Jonathan Scott brought his grandmother. She too was excited for the run. She told us that she used to drive muscle cars in her youth.

The group was fortunate that the predicted rain storm did not materialize. As the group traveled from Manteca to Placerville, there were no issues and no one got lost. There were various stops along the way to allow everyone to regroup. The drive took the group through the farmlands of San Joaquin, Amador and El Dorado counties. Sondra Westphal joined the group in Plymouth and Stephen Breitenstein joined us in Placerville. Foggy weather met us in Placerville.

At a regroup stop in Placerville, a fellow MINI owner that was shopping at the local Save Mart was impressed with our group. She asked if she could join us on the remaining drive to High Hill Ranch. As we drove along Carson Road, Mary Wolgamot, who grew up in the Placerville area, gave us a verbal history on the local apple farms on our radios.

Upon arrival to High Hill Ranch, the parking personnel were waiting for our arrival and directed us to our reserved parking area. The supervisor of the parking personnel informed Rick later that day that many visitors were impressed with our group’s arrival and that it was the highlight of their visit to High Hill Ranch. The fog turned into heavy drizzle at High Hill Ranch. Even with the wet climate, there were a lot of people visiting the ranch buying everything apple related.

The lines to buy coffee, donuts and apple fritters were long, but worth the wait. Some of us found warmth and comfort at the Pie House Restaurant. Lots of options for hot meals were available. There were many vendors available selling their wares. Some members took advantage of the available vendor’s offerings. All in all, it was a pleasant run.

Hopefully next time, we will have Mr. Sunshine accompany us for the day.

Rick and Vanessa Sanchez

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