Thursday, July 19, 2012

MINI Coupe "Worthy Of The Real Irish Car Of The Year Gong"

Calling it a "Mini Marvel", reports on Ian Mallon's review of the Coupe:
A car that didn't but probably should have topped the new Fleet Motorcheck Car of the Year 2012 Awards, is the Mini Cooper Coupe.

It is certainly the best small car this year and is far and away the most unique looking new car.

It's the beautiful looking one that's made its way onto my drive for some time even if it looks like a beanbag on wheels.

Take off of 0-100kph of 9 seconds and a top whack of 204kph.

It's held together by a quite exhilarating 122 bhp which throws out an awful lot of power when you demand it.

The Mini is of course also a work of modern art.

Mine had delicious stripes on the outside and the inside was once again unmistakeably Mini - you customise the whole look to your tastes.

The big speed dial face in the middle, the gloriously simple sound system, and the utterly charming dashboard are some of the most familiar features in motoring today.

The Mini Cooper Coupe is simply stunning, even if it does look like a fat woman has been dropped on the back roof of a Clubman.

And how can you not love that pop up spoiler which I'm told can add 80kph worth of performance on the open road.

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