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MotoringFile Reviews AMVIV 2012

MotoringFile reflects on its AMVIV 2012 experience. Its attitude is best expressed in this passage:
The best thing about AMVIV, aside from the fun people who attend, is just how a la carte it is. There are official runs (group drives to particular destinations like Hoover Dam or Death Valley), and official events like the car show and the vendor party. Go to all of those events, or go to none of them. It kind of doesn’t matter. It’s choose your own adventure with Las Vegas as your playground and fellow MINI enthusiasts as your playmates in the Mojave sandbox. Best of all, this casual approach lets AMVIV be in practice what it is in name: a vacation. You can go to AMVIV and just hang out by the pool if you want to. Read a book. Watch the Discovery Channel in your hotel room. Pull a slot machine or two. Go for a drive. Have a cocktail. (In that order!) It’s whatever you want it to be — four days of play time carved out of the normal routine of life, with leisure and indulgence your only priorities.