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How Do You Outfit Your MINI For The Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombie Destroyer - MINION1wandrur @ NorthAmericanMotoring.com, who is one of the Moderators, asks:
The apocalypse is nigh. The plague of the undead grows closer by the minute, and you swear you can hear their howls in the evening stillness.

And then the glass shatters. You slowly open your apartment door and peek out and to the left. You know it was the security window to the stairwell entrance two floors down because you remember that drunk guy breaking it last month with his empty Olde English 800 bottle. How you wish it was just him again, but the moans are different. And there are too many of them...

Two floors. A steel security door. And then evil. Thank goodness the window is too small for those brain suckers to get through. Best guess--30 minutes before they find their way around to the glass revolving doors of the main entrance, and then it's all over. They'll break through without effort.

30 minutes. You look down the hallway to the right.

The stairs down to the basement parking.

30 minutes.

Your MINI is only five or so spots from the stairs. Easy access. And the mesh gates have been closed for hours. No undead menace there yet. Hopefully.

The question...what to do?


And so I leave you with this question. Your answer should have at least two pieces: 1) the most appropriate model MINI for the zombie apocalypse (including the reason(s) why) and 2) what to include and how you would pack your survival kit into your car (as well as your loved ones, if applicable).


What are your answers?