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Colorado Legislators Permitted To Drive Drunk

Don't know what the truth of this is, but, it is interesting.
Lawrence Taylor at the DUI Blog posted what purports to be an excerpt from the Denver Police Department Operations Manual:
205.07. Violations by Colorado Legislators.

(1) Pursuant to Article 5, section 16 of the Colorado Constitution, no member of the Colorado General Assembly may be arrested while in route to or from legislative sessions, except for treason or felony violations.

(4) In the absence of felony violations, should an officer have reason to believe a legislator is driving under the influence, the officer may cite for a violation which caused an accident or was the reason for a traffic stop. For the safety and welfare of the public and the legislator, the officer will arrange for other transportation for the legislator and his/her vehicle will be parked and locked.

If this is true think of the implications of what a Colorado Legislator can do on the road so long as he or she is on his or her way to the State Assembly. Rule learned for the average citizen - do not drive around the State Capitol when the Assembly is called into session.